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  1. @shayshay they used to wear her clothes alot on her show. I like baby phat for my daughter. She wears it alot. The only thing is her clothes are made small. So I alwayz have to buy the next size up from what size my daughter wears at the time.

  2. love how they are always dressed alike but not exactly. that is soo cute. funny thing though, Russell is always reppin his clothing line but Kimora never dresses her girls is the baby phat girls line. Baby Phat girls to me is too grown and a bit tacky. I tried to explain this to my 10 year old niece who was dying for some baby phat boots, they were multi-colored and tackly, i asked her do you see kimora dressing her kids in this…no…so why do you think you should have them. Her girls always look like little girls but she make clothes for other little girls to look like tacky hood-rats.

    • oh plz shayshay just bcuz their mom is kimora lee does not mean they have to dress all prissy and [stuff] if u think about it that’s how ur normal kid will dress(comfortable in their own skin)

  3. The girls are sooo cute, love that they are holding hands. Sisterly bond reminds me of a little Malia & Sasha

  4. I know GenTics are funnY because Aoki dOesnt LooK Asian at aLL! LoL.. Look @ her xpression in the 2nd pic haha..they are soo cute. but Yoki may have a chance of passing Ming in height!

      • REaLLy! hmm..maybe a LittLe in the eyes. lol.. if I saw her for the first time i would probabLy say Black and hispanic or something.

  5. i honestly feel happy when i see pics of these 2 little girls on bck. it’s so nice seeing them grow into nice young ladies. love how they’re always dressed so age appropriate, not in any body’s hurry to be grown. i guess kimora and russell are doing some things right.

  6. i like the way they are dressed. it used to be fun to dress like this in my childhood and nobody said anything about it because they also thought this style of dress was the way children should dress sometimes. childhood can be so much fun, often, as the girls look like they are having whether they be in accord or disaccord in opinion.

  7. Ming and Aoki are too precious!! Ming looks like a mixture of her mom and dad. Aoki looks like her uncle Rev Run!! Lol!! Genetics are something else. They are being brought up so well by both of their parents. Kudos to Russell and Kimora. I love Ming’s spirit. =0]


  8. looks like ming is about to have a growing spurt a month ago her and aoki were the same height.I wonder ming is talking about looks like Aoki is not feeling it LOL Look at aoki’s facial expressions

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