The View co-host Sherri Shepherd, sans her four-year-old son Jeffrey, attended the Clifford Be Big Campaign kick off at FAO Schwarz on February 11, 2010 in New York City. Meanwhile, Sherri’s ex-husband Jeff Tarpley wants his ex-wife to stop talking publicly about his past indiscretions  for their “son’s sake.” In an open letter obtained by RadarOnline, Jeff writes:

“Sherri’s career has sky-rocketed, and regardless of how she’s unfairly treated me publicly, I truly wish her the best. She is, after all, the mother of my son. I’ve owned up to the mistakes I’ve made and I never claimed to be perfect. All I ask is that that she no longer dwell on the past; and instead, let’s move on with our lives while providing our son the best possible care. Can you imagine if I were the one with a hit daytime talk show and trashed her at every available opportunity; or created a character in a sitcom for the sole purpose of attacking her reputation? I know Sherri, and she would have spoken out well before year five [of our marriage]; probably before hour five.”

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“The issues in our marriage that Sherri continually refers to happened around the time that Jeffrey was born. One thing Sherri never can deny nor has denied is the deep love and close bond I have with our son. Jeffrey will soon be socializing and interacting with other children, and eventually he will be able to search the Internet, where he’ll find article after article and countless video clips of his mom exacting a public revenge against his dad. Jeffrey does not deserve to grow up knowing that his mom used her notoriety to paint an inaccurate picture of his dad for the world to see. If not for me, it’s time to move on for the sake of our son.”

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  1. Sherri Sheperd should say all the bad things she want too. He is a poor excuse for being an ex husband and a father. I don’t think he should have been given a dime for spousal support because he was the spouse that cheated. He should not take her and the child money to only give it to the cheating baby mother he cheated with. Sad Sad Sad what a ….

  2. The double standard on here is amazing. I can tell this is from a group of ladies.

    He’s getting spousal support…so? If it were the other way around & he was making more money than she was, would it be wrong for her to ask for spousal support? Would everyone on here still be mad at Jeff?

    I had a premature child & while my son was in the hospital, his father was under the covers with a couple of females. When I found out, I left him. Sure I was pissed! I took him to court for child support & cursed him out every chance I got, for the first 3 months. Then, I got tired of being mad all the time. I focused on my son & my life. Now, 10 yrs later, all is well. All is so well, his father wants us back. Apparently, the women he was cheating with “cannot compare to what he had at home with us”; did I mention he;s married to one of them?

    That is the best revenge. Sherri will realize this & move on, hopefully, its soon. I agree with Jeff, enough already, after all it has been 6 years.

    You guys realy think she’s not saying anything negative in front of her son? You guys think just because her son is “slow”, that means he cannot understand what is going on? My son is “slow”, yet he understands everything clearly. So clearly, he simplifies it to the point, it makes you say “oh”.

    • I once heard Sherri say on the show,that she does not badmouth her ex in front of her son.She also said that she is civil towards her ex when she brings her son to California for his visitation with his dad because her ex’s other child is there too.She mentioned that the two children get along well with each other,and she doesn’t want to do anything to damage that bond.And not all divorced parents are that spiteful anyway.Some parents do have enough decency and restraint not to make negative comments about the other parent in front of their child.My parents divorced when I was a year old,and the whole time I was growing up my mom never said anything negative about my dad.It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I found out the reason my parents split up,and other issues.Besides,Sherri does all of her venting on the View, so by the time she comes home form work,she has already gotten her emotional release.

      • And if you are paying him alimony after he was the one who did all the dirt, it takes a bit longer to get over it because writing that check re-opens that wound every month. I really don’t care what he feels. The whole thing was obviously built on what “he feels’. She will get over it when she’s over it and that’s the deal. He still wants to call the shots and he can’t.

  3. So she has been cheated on? Who hasn’t?

    So she has been hurt by a man…what female hasn’t been?

    It’s been FIVE years (not months, YEARS) since he cheated & they broke up. How long is she going to be mad? How long will she continue to be a bitter, hurt, scorn female? How long will she continue to bash him for hurting her? Isn’t there something else she cares more about the discuss? Isn’t there someone else worth her time?

    One cannot receive the blessings the Lord has for them if they are harboring ill feelings. Her true love cannot find her & she cannot be wrapped up in that new love if she is constantly wrapped up in this bitter hate state.

    Let it go…my goodness. She needs to be a role model for her son & show him forgiveness & strength, not how to carry a grudge.

    I do to watch the View nor her show. Who wants to hear her bash her ex all the time?

    If any of my friends kept harboring on about how their ex has done them wrong, she would be talking to herself until she’s over it.

    • It’s not just the fact that Sherri’s husband cheated.It was when he cheated that she had a problem with.It was the timing.Sherri was having complications with her pregnancy which ended in a premature delivery.Her son was in the hospital fighting to survive, and that’s when her husband was cheating.On top of that,he got the mistress pregnant,and after the divorce,Sherri had to pay him spousal support.There are a lot of elements to this story.It’s not just about the cheating itself.What Sherri needs is closure.That’s why they need to sit down face to face in a neutral location,and she needs to tell him how deeply it affected her.Then they will be able to move on,and the two children involved can have a peaceful environment to grow up in.But the bottom line is,he chose to feed his own selfish desires instead of being there for his family.So he has to accept the consequences.Had he thought more about his family during his son’s health crisis,he wouldn’t be dealing with this right now.He created this mess himself.

  4. There really are no winners in this situation,and Sherri got a raw deal.First her son was born prematurely.Then,while the baby is still in the hospital fighting for his life,her husband cheats on her instead of being there when she needed him.Then he ends up getting the mistress pregnant.And to add insult to injury,they went through a messy divorce where he had the nerve to ask for spousal support.Can you blame her for being angry? It was so unfair what Jeff put her through.I believe he is remorseful for what he did because he got caught and because it was wrong.But I don’t think he understands how hurt and abandoned she must have felt.I don’t think he has put himself in her shoes.I don’t think he gets it yet.And if Jeff is a private person as he says,then he should have emailed her the letter,or send it regular mail.Maybe he already tried to communicate with her directly.But I think they need to find a neutral location,and sit down face to face.They don’t need to relive what happened,but Sherri needs to tell him how it made her feel inside.And after that,they should agree never to bring it up again.Because there are two kids involved,and when they get older they will find out the truth.But the kids don’t need to be surrounded by tension and hostility in the meantime.

  5. Oh, the irony. So, you state that one day “my son is gonna read the internet”, yet you rant about it ON THE INTERNET. Please. You cheated, and she has the upperhand now. You cheated when your son almost died and conceived another child. Who cares if her son reads or hears about it one day. Before then, you should be man enough to tell him the truth. Their son needs to learn about his dad’s imperfections, and maybe one day he can become a better man than his dad. I don’t know why people think things should be sugarcoated to children. He wasn’t thinkin about his son when he was cheating and conceiving. Get out of here. Sherri, keep doing your thing and capitalizing off your pain. Jeff, keep crying because no one’s buying. My only hope for Sherri is that she finds happiness one day again, if she hasn’t already.

  6. I just saw Sherri’s ex-husband being interviewed on Inside Edition. I agree that Sherri is human like anybody else, and used her ex-husband in her comedic act, to help her deal with the hurt he caused her. Although, on the ex-husband’s behalf I agreed that it has been 6 years and it’s time to move on. For the sake of the son, it is sometimes better to act more mature when a child is involved. I believe that there are 2 sides to every story. He said on Inside Edition, he chooses not to bash Sherri or put in personal business in the media about their marriage. I believe it is time for her to do the same. Give it a rest.

  7. I understand what Jeff is saying, maybe it is time for her to move on. I read her book and she mentioned her ex quite a bit. But for him to say it’s for their sons sake is a little wishy washy to me. Their son is going to know that his father cheated on his mother, because of the outside child that is right around Jeffery’s age. Unless your going to keep up the story that the stork drop that child off. Sherri has also said good things about you, it’s not her fault sometimes people can only see the bad.

  8. He is the mature one right now and he’s right. So what she’s a comedian. Monique ranted about her past too but not every chance she got. She doesn’t joke about her past relationships anymore because she grew up, found someone who loves her for her, and has children. She is happy. Even though that man did Sherry wrong, he is right about being a responsible father

  9. I cosign this, she obviously is not over him which is why she keeps dwelling on him. She needs to be on to the next one because she deserves better. The kids only lose in this.

  10. I’m sorry, I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. lol Yes, they have a child and he will read about this. But, Sherri has not lied on this cheater. Not only that he cheated, got a women pregnant, and get ALIMONY!! This is ridicilous! He is probably using her money to pay for the other women’s kid. I will definately be mad as HE!!. I watch both The View and her show. I think she is mild compared to what some women would say. She also jokes about it. I do not see Sherri as bitter, maybe hurt. She has a right to get over this situation in the best possible way for her. This could be a healing for her. If he wants to be upset, he should be upset with himself. Cheating on his wife and they have a disabled son together. What a loser! Sherri is just keeping it real and alot of women can understand and relate to how she is feeling. This guy should have thought about this before he got caught with his pants down. lol

  11. I 100% agree that dwelling on the past serves no purpose unless you are using that to strive and better yourself. However it’s his past marriage that keeps him receiving alimony checks. Maybe she’s bitter that she has to basically give him money for not respecting their marital vows before God and bringing in a constant reminder of that infidelity (a child) that helped cause the demise of their marriage.

    One day his son may get on the internet and see the things his mother has said about his father but the same way he will have to explain his infidelity and an outside child to his son, she or he can do it for his ex-wife “humans make mistakes and aren’t perfect”.

    Hopefully they can reach an agreement for the sake of their son.

  12. you are 100% right. Its been years and to talk about it like that while you have a child who sees his father. he was right to put this out there enough is enough

  13. I think he’s absolutely right. I think it’s often difficult for the spouse who is not a celebrity, when the marriage goes bad, because the public tends to take the side of the celebrity. And, he’s right, he has no way to counter what she’s saying. I’m divorced, and I never talked poorly about my ex in front of our son. And, I’m sure Sherri’s not perfect either.

    • She may not be perfect but she certainly was a better wife to him than he was husband to her. She’ll be over it when she’s over it and he has no controll over that. I don’t remember anyone saying that she talked about the situation in front of her son. As a matter of fact she says that her son is slow. You don’t hurt someone and then tell them when they need to get over it. Therapists tell people that everyday. Perhaps he needs to see one.

  14. Yes, Sherri does need to move on. However, he should have written the letter and handed it to her, not posted it on the Internet for the world to see. This makes the letter self-serving. He needs to sit down and have a one on one with Sherri. I sort of the felt the same way when her new show came on Lifetime. I thought she took things too far, especially since everyone and their momma knew from Sherri’s mouth that her husband cheated and got the jump-off pregnant.

  15. I don’t watch the view. What has she said about her ex-husband because this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    • I agree with Jeff, he did make a mistake but how long is she going to indulge the public with things from her past. Sherri does need to move on even if it’s only for the sake of their son. I understand that there is still a wound there, and no one can tell you how long it will take to get over something like that but, when is she going to start the healing process.

    • I can understand both sides of this scenario. Jeff did make a very costly mistake so Sherri does have every right to voice how she feels about the situation. However, there is a child involved in this and at some point you have to consider the affects that his parents indescretions will have on him. Sherri is obviously still bitter about the situation which is understandable but she needs to try and figure out how to get past what he did. If only for the sake of her son.

      • No one can decide when she ends the hurt. If talking about it helps her, then that’s fine with me. You can’t hurt someone and then tell them when to get over it so that you can feel better. She seems quite protective of her son and I don’t feel that it rolls over to him. But later he will come to know why his parents are apart and her husband should have thought about all that when he was having his minutes of bliss. He couldn’t have cared less about her nor his son at that point. He’s just sorry he didn’t have the backing to make money off the situation by doing a sitcom. Gon’ Girl!

  16. Matter of fact I like Sherri’s sitcome don’t watch The View. Alot of movies and tv shows are made from real life boo hoo!!

  17. he is just mad he got caught cheating. all the other comedians joke about their lives, she should have the same right. no one even knew who this guy was until he jumped into the media light. he is wrong on this one.

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