Former NFL Player Emmitt Smith and his family posed  during the NBA All-Star Game as part of the 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend at Cowboys Stadium on February 14, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.

Emmitt and his wife, former Miss Virginia USA beauty queen Patricia Southall, are parents to son Emmitt IV,7, and daughter Skylar,6.  Also pictured are Emmitt’s daughter Rheagen Smith by his ex-girlfriend Hope Wilson and his bonus daughter Jasmin Page Lawrence,14, Patricia’s daughter from her previous marriage to comedian Martin Lawrence.

Photo shows L to R: Jasmin, Emmitt, Patricia, Rheagan, Emmitt IV, and Skylar(Gettyimage/NBAE).

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  2. I’ve seen Emmitt’s family before but have not seen Martin’s oldest daughter in a long time. Wow, she got so big & is very pretty.

    Nice looking family, love their smiles.

  3. Nice family. I really like Smith. This is the only child that doesn’t look like Martin’s clone. She is very pretty.

  4. For some reason I didn’t picture Emmitt married to a black woman! I’m from his hometown and there’s this perception of him being sort of a jerk. I must admit, I like him a bit more now that i’ve seen his family!

    • Wow you seem like a jerk. why would your opinion change based on race of his wife. A jerk is a jerk whether he marries outside his race or not. Aren’t we all part of the HUMAN RACE!!!!! I feel your comment was very racist.

      • I have no problem with your thoughts. I had a woman tell me oh how great the President looks and to see a man in this position with a dark skin woman, is so unsual. I could not tell if she was being positive or negative as to say this does not happen. Go Obama. Michelle is a all natural beautiful black woman. No surgery, no died fried blonde hair. Beauty comes in all colors and i am glad she appears comfortable in her skin.

      • Well check out your history books because our president is the product of a BLACK man and a WHITE woman. He is a BI-RACIAL man By the way he was raised exclusively by his mom’s family. 1/2 the celebrity babies on this BCK site are BI-RACIAL. Black women with white men too……

        • Sounds to me like he was the product of human beings. I wish people would get up off the word “bi-racial”. You have to be a human and something from another species to be of two races. Why do we continue to use this “stupid” description just because some stupid arse used it first. We are supposed to be a progressive people. Oh and The president states that he is Black, not “bi-racial”. And he knows this to be true because of the way he is treated even as president.

        • Counterpoint and an assumed manless status gets put on blast-lmao.

          Why rifle through an old 20th century arsenal to pull out an ineffective putdown.

          Can’t speak for Plain Mean, but I am a Black, newly single female in her 30s with a lot of company. Who just happens to be VERY opinionated WITH and without a man-lol.

        • Lol check my history books to see that my President is bi-racial? Well, if you check history books they’ll tell you that being half black and half white simply means you’re black, and Amerikkka made that rule, not I. Master’s half black kids didn’t get treated much better than the full black slaves. Bi-racial people have been “put in there place” and been called N’s right along with the rest of the “full black” people.

          Last time I checked, the signs at the tea party and republican conventions referred to President Obama as an African monkey, …, a coon, monkeys with nooses around their necks, and swastikas. HEY I HAVE AN IDEA! Why don’t you run out there and say “HEY GUYS, BUT HE’S HALF WHITE!” See if that makes a difference. And what the hell does him being raised “exclusively” by his white mother’s side have to do with anything? Does that make him less black?

          Also, i’m in my 20’s and sometimes I wish that I DID NOT have a man lol so come again!

          …. i’m not attacking interracial relationships, just saying that i’m proud of my culture and I enjoy seeing black people loving black people, hence my being on a website entitled BLACK CELEBRITY KIDS!!!

        • just because obama lives and breath in america he is black? hes not black no matter what just because white people call him the n word he is black? no! its like saying syrian is a turk! i live in sweden we dont have this race rules but out here biracial people identify themselves as mullatto/biracial thats why every single newspaper out here in europe call him the first president of mixed ancestry or the first mullato/biracial president cause if you call a biracial person black they will be quick to correct you that they are mixed black and white and its not that they hate black people its because they want make sure you acknowledge both their parents and obama is using iam black just to get votes from black people and if you follow a rule that racist white people made then you are stupid point blank

    • I went to school with his younger brother. I can cosign on folks from his hometown not liking him very much. But he does have a very lovely family. His older daughter looks alot like him but his younger daughter is all mom. Jasmin looks like her dad as well.

      • Nope, we don’t like him! When he was on Dancing With the Stars, he actually took them somewhere in Texas for his hometown! Lol dissed us.

  5. wow, look how big Jasmine is! i would have never guessed this was her mom and that she was with Emmitt now. seein as i don’t keep up with these ppl anyhow. cute kids all around tho.

  6. A beautiful family photo. Jasmin Lawrence is combination of both her parents Martin Lawrence and Patricia Smith. Reheagen Smith looks exactly like Emmitt and has that beautiful smile like him. Emmitt IV and Skylar look a lot like there mother.

  7. They are a lovely family. Pat is from my hometown and she was one of my church members. I met all 3 of Pat’s children. They are all cool. And little Skylar is athletic already!

  8. Emmitt and his wife (she is very pretty) make a lovely couple and the children look great here. Nice family pic.

  9. I love how this family blended. Emmitt seems to have been there for his daughter from his girlfriend and accepted Martins child. all the the best I wish them well.

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