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  1. Gorgeous lady & daughter.. Uh-oh!!! looks like one of her toes didn’t want to take the picture. But, any who.. she is lovely and her daughter looks just like her. A name doesn’t define the person but she’s just as beautiful as her name and just like a butterfly, she is sure to bloom into a beautiful young woman.

  2. That is her twin, gorgeous just like her mother. But Kimberly looks a little tired, what with those lines on her forehead? A little bit of botox clear that right up.

    And Kimberly’s perm or weave is not looking that hot. She has a gorgeous face for a fro she would totally rock that!

    • I think they are character lines. Please, please, I am so sick of seeing a bunch of botox celebrities. She looks fine to me. I could certainly be quite happy to look like her.

      • Khrish, I am with you. What has hollywood done to the average person and their perceptions of what a real person of 40 something is SUPPOSE to look like? Elise is mid 40s and looks just fine here and real. Speaking of botox, I am so glad that Vivica Fox says she is laying off with the tinkering. I use to think she was a real natural beauty before all the ‘toxing and what have you. I am not against a little work or “freshening”, but sometimes a little can be much of much and some of these folk just don’t know when to stop.

        I’d rather show a little age than end up looking like the Joker from Batman or black barbie-lol.

    • I think the name is pretty. The other girl’s name is Aujeblu, I probably didn’t spell it correctly. But both names are pretty to me. It certainly makes more sense than some of these way out there names that I have seen with some of the entertainers children. But to each his own.

  3. I did not even know that Kimberly had a twin! Whats her name? I love both of her daughters’ names and Butterfly is pretty, just like her mama. I do think she is a very talented actress but just not in enough films. I think she would do good in a Tyler Perry film.

    • Stormy, she was in “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” w/ Shemar Moore, Cicely Tyson, and Tyler himself. She is a very good but underrated actress.

    • i want to say her “real” name is Jaela Rose. i read an article featuring Kimberly Elise some time ago. back when her husband was still alive and they were still married. this daughter must have been about 8 yrs old at the time and i think that’s what they said her name was. then i think i read an article that said she changed her name. which, if that’s the case, makes no sense to me to let a child change their own name. most likely not the same name she would choose for herself if she was, say, 30 and looking for a job.

  4. No. From what photos they have out of him and his biography, he’s black. Maybe one of his parents is of mixed race. He and Kimberly were also divorced in 2005 before he passed away two years later.

    • Khrish, I agree. She is a very talented actress. Just not enough roles. A few of my favorites just aren’t getting enough play, sigh.

      Her daughter is pretty, love her hair. Nice, thick and healthy looking.

      • Yes indeed. She needs more roles. I love her daughter’s name. Both of them. The other is away at school and I have never seen pictures of her. Would love to see pictures of the older daughter. I know that she is a widow. Is she seeing anyone who may be a possible husband?

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