knowlesA judge has ordered Matthew Knowles to pay $8,200 a month in temporary child support for the month of February, even though he may not be the father of baby Nixon.

Alexsandra Wright claims to have had an 18-month affair with Knowles and that he is the father of a boy named Nixon, born February 4. Matthew is set to take a DNA test on March 1st, but until then, he must follow the judge’s order of $8,200/month.

According to documents obtained by TMZ on Tuesday(February 16th), Matthew has already paid Alexsandra $10,000 in January to cover uninsured medical costs and baby expenses and he now must pay an additional $20,750 for that month.

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  1. “even if he is not the father” yeah right! these courts are getting stricter and MAKING these men take DNA’s. We know you’re disgusting Matthew whether or not this kid is yours

  2. I think Beyonce and Solange will come to know their little bro or sis in due time – I can only hope. That hasn’t happened with Jessie Jackson 10 year old and the kids he had from the marriage. That is sad.

    These kids and the mommas don’t have to ‘accept’ anyone, but they can be cordial about it the same way Diddys baby-mommas are trying to be about it.

    It seems like Mathew was a philandering whore, and Tina stayed with him as long as she did for her children and their careers. Now that they are grown with lives of their own, she feels she can finally leave and that baby was the culmination of her desire to finally divorce. There are going to be MANY of these long-marriage divorces now and in the future. In a way, I’m kinda glad. Marriage as an institution needs to change, I think there should be termed marriages to only last 3, 5, or 10 year intervals and then renewed on contract if the couple decides it so.

    This legal-monogamy-until-die type of marriage may have no place in this society anymore. or maybe they should go back and allow polygamy or somethng. I’m more interested in the termed marriages but polygamy might work for some.

    • Comparing this woman and her marriage to Diddy and his “baby mammas” is apples and oranges. Diddy has made no commitment, leagally, to any of these women, so he’s fair game. albeit a bit vulgar bedding friends. I don’t see anything wrong with marriage. If you don’t like it you simply get a divorce, as many do. He was the one who wanted to play around, so he should have filed for divorce himself. There’s usually a hope that things might work out. But he knew he was going to continue to be a player so he should have filed for the divorce before making other children. Anyway, I don’t see why people have such a deep desire to see Beyonce or Solonge create a relationship with this child, if it is their father’s son. Every man who creates a child outside his relationship, their other children are expected to jump on board and embrace this child…..it all seems such a silly expectation. I really don’t believe that most of the people who spout this stuff has ever experienced these situations. I guess if they don’t jump into the lives of these other children, they are all evil. That’s just silly.

  3. Khrish you said a mouth full in response to Sherley. I am totally with you. As it’s alredy been stated, every woman is different and may approach and deal with something like that differently.

  4. Maybe he will make his little boy into a superstar like he did with Big Sis Beyonce. Matthew reminds me of Joe Jackson now in more ways than one. Classic show biz Dad.

  5. Isn’t saying that a newborn looks like Matthew Knowles another form of insulting a child??? LOL!!! Seriously, cute baby.

  6. Sorry BCK didn’t mean to post twice, I just thought it didn’t post the 1st time. You can delete the second one if you’d like. :)

  7. How can the kid look like Beyonce when Beyonce doesn’t look like her Dad? I mean she is the exact clone of her Mom, it’s not even possible for this kid to look like Beyonce. Especially given the fact that he’s anew born which means he looks like no one, at this age all new born look alike.

    • @TIANA If you hold your head to the left and tilt it just a tad, then lift one eyelid and close the other you too will see that the baby LOOKS JUST LIKE BEYONCE! LOL

  8. Why shouldn’t they embrace the child? I can understand them not liking the other woman, but what does the child have to do with it? It’s not the child’s fault. They should be pissed at their father because he’s the one who is putting them through this, the one who knows better.

    My sperm donor has a son & daughter after me. My step-brother & I have a good relationship. My step-sister & I does not because she has this ill will against me. Not my problem.

    The law says the child is presumed to be yours until proven otherwise. So Mathew Knowles has a son until he can prove otherwise. Therefore he must pay child support for that child until he can prove he’s not the father. If he isn’t the father, the judge can have her pay him back.

    • Why should they embrace the child. You are right, it’s not the child’s fault, but it is the fault of their father while in a marriage with their mother. They do not have to dislike the child but they also don’t have to have a loving relationship with the child. Their mother should be their first concern. The child is an innocent result of infidelity to their mother and their parent’s marriage. The father is the only one who owes loyalty to that child, not his children. I was always told “A trick untried is hard to be justified” but I don’t think that I would have the desire to spawn a relationship with another child who had been the result of my father’s infidelity to my mother. Now if this child was born before their marriage or after their divorce, that would be a completely different situation. I had a strong feeling that Elizabeth Edwards was not going to stay in that marriage when she found out that John was really the father. It would be very difficult to forgive your husband his indiscretion when it stares you in the face everyday. I will be greatly surprised if her children will be playmates or even associates with this child; especially while their mother lives. I feel it is the desire of the outside child, but not a realism for the children of the marriage. That’s just the way I feel about it. That has nothing to do with the child, per say, but the situation and human interaction. I just don’t think the average person is that open minded. I certainly don’t think that I would be.

      • I’m still at a lost as to why the dauhgters have to dislike the little boy. He did not do anything wrong. It is not his fault his father cheated on his mom & he is the result. Besides, if the Knowles where married in name only, he technically did not cheat, but I digress.

        His daughters do not have to loooooove their brother, but to shun him or even hate him, isn’t right either, for he did not do anything wrong.

        That’s one of the many things wrong w/this world, adults taking their issues out on children. My son’s father cheated on me; he has a child w/the girl he cheated with & I welcome the child spending time w/my son. They are innocent & do not need to be in this adult mess.

        • Sherley that you speak from experience shows that you are not merely flapping your gums and that it is possible to extend that olive branch. That is big of you I might add. It is just not that easy or simple for some. I know it would not be for me and I have been thankfully spared such a scenariou. I think both takes should be respected. As long as the wayward parent is upholding their end with outside child without interference, that is more than half the battle.

        • @Sherley, yes, it can be done. My father had a child with another woman while he and my mom were still married. Even though I didn’t grow up with my brother, I saw him periodically and accepted him. I don’t think my mom had any ill feelings toward HIM either because the issue was not with the child; it was with the two adults involved in inappropriate behavior. Now if I were in the same scenario, I can’t say what I would do. Obviously, I’d be hurt beyond believe, but I don’t think I could ever blame the child. Yes, the child would always be a reminder of my hubby’s infidelity, and I would have to work through those feelings.

          • I don’t think any mature person would dislike or hate the child. We know that the child is the result of the cheating. I’m simply saying that I don’t think that I could accept that child readily into my immediate family. As I said before, a member of my family went through this thing and I saw her children try to accept some of the children born during her marriage. She didn’t like the idea of those children associating with her children and being brought into her home, even though her husband and their father was then dead. The children didn’t understand because, as adults, they wanted to know their siblings. They did not seek out these children, the children sought them out to tell them that they were siblings. However it was still a hurtful situation for my relative because it was the opening of old wounds that she had tried to heal to keep her marriage in tact. These children were the tangible result of indignities dealt her during the time she was trying to rear her own children and carry on through all the town rumors. I cannot say that she was wrong but I can say she didn’t seem to hate or dislike the children but did not want them involved in her life by them informing her own children that they were siblings. She was quite hurt to find her children embracing these children and told them so. To me, I feel that my mother’s feelings would have come first. I saw a marriage go from love to abhorrance while she stayed for the stability of her children. Right or wrong, there was no divorce and the constant lying of her husband in denial of these children. But it’s never happened to me, so I can only think how it might make me feel. I do know that the average male will would not accept a child outside the marriage while he is still with his wife; and women are so much more willing to do this with a husband.

    • Sherley, those are you half brother and half sister. Step siblings are not blood related but through marriage. I don’t even like the term half. Too bad your sister has a stick up her butt, but like you said, that is her stick to deal with-lol.

      • No, my step-brother & step-sister are related to me by blood as we share the same father, well they have a father, he was a sperm donor to me.

        Now my mom married a man (my dad) who had 4 older sons, they are my step-brothers related only through marriage. I consider them my brothers as well.

        • GTSA is correct. From what I am gathering, you are referring to your half-brothers and sisters as your step siblings which they are not if you guys share the same father.

    • @Sherley, yes, it can be done. My father had a child with another woman while he and my mom were still married. Even though I didn’t grow up with my brother, I saw him periodically and accepted him. I don’t think my mom had any ill feelings toward HIM either because the issue was not with the child; it was with the two adults involved in inappropriate behavior. Now if I were in the same scenario, I can’t say what I would do, but I don’t think I could ever blame the child. Yes, the child would be a reminder of my hubby’s infidelity, and I would have to work through those feelings.

      Thank you.

  9. That’s a beautiful baby pic. Newborns look like themselves, family resemblance usually becomes evident later. I don’t see any Matthew yet, thank goodness.

    Sounds like he has already moved on from the 18 month relatiohship. At least he is owning up to the possibility that this may be his child. I believe it is and I was nowhere in the bedroom that nite-lol.

  10. I realize that when an unplanned pregnacy comes about the children are not to blame. However, I find it strange that no matter why, even if it is infidelity in a marriage; people on this site always want the family of the man to accept and make that child an intimate part of their family. Sometimes I think it unrealistic that people expect the partners to accept a child regardless of it’s birth, into their families. Sometimes that child, not being its fault, is the result of the breakup of the marriage. I just don’t believe that all who express those thoughts are being truthful and if they were in that situation would not act accordingly. I feel that, though I may have no ill feelings towards a child that was created while I am married to a husband, I don’t think that I would readily accept that child as a part of my family and as one of my children. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that I would. And I certainly don’t understand why Beyonce and Solange would be expected to embrace a child as a brother or sister that may have caused hurt to their mother. Exactly why do they need to embrace this child. I feel like that would hurt my Mom. Maybe I’m just not of the popular “I’m ok, you’re ok” sect.

    • I agree 110%. Like with the John & Elizabeth Edwards mess. It’s one thing to cheat, a lot of wives forgive that for the sake of keeping the family together and that “til death do us part” mess, but to impregnate another woman is the ULTIMATE betrayal and EMBARASSMENT to the wife, the family, the home, and the name that they built together. I don’t think any woman with any sense of self-respect or self-love can accept that, and Solange and Beyonce are grown women who i’m sure identifies with and sides with their mother. They shouldn’t be expected to accept this child as part of their family because he isn’t. Matthew should step up and be a man and support his son, as i’m sure he will, but if I was Tina you couldn’t speak that child or Matthew’s name in my house!

    • I totally agree with you. I feel the same way. I’ve seen quite a few posts where people are saying that the wife or girlfriend (different situations) should make sure the siblings know one another and yada yada. I am like………yeah okay. Some women do and some don’t, but I don’t feel that it is necessary to do or some sort of obligation. Just my opinion.

      • My dad cheated on my mom when they were married and he got his then girlfriend pregnant now she is his wife. They have 2 children together. So total my dad has 4 children 2 with my mom and 2 with his new wife. I am glad that my mom did not keep us from knowing our siblings. I know some people are just not able to handle the betrayel but I think brother and sisters should at least know each other. I am not saying they have to be best friends but they should at least have some type of relationship.

        • Mom of Five, that type of betrayal even though the child is innocent, is hard for some women to cope with. If a relationship is to be fostered between the siblings, if anything, then it needs to be through the dad. That’s nice that your mom did not stop you from knowing your siblings and you seem to appreciate that and that’s fine. There’s really no right or wrong answer here I guess. I just don’t feel like it has to be some sort of obligation.

          • I so agree with you. There should be no obligation. That is something that will be worked out with the families. However, if the mother and father had remained married I’m not sure that things would have ended up as they did for her. The mother, obviously felt it a great betrayal and moved on to divorce leaving them free to create a family relationship.

    • You’re right, as usual. Some of these folks are the biggest hypocrites. Always internalizing and demonizing what they don’t agree with , understand or fits them like a glove.

    • I feel the same way. I definately could not and would not do it. But, If I was a sibling, I could see myself accepting the baby, but definately not the mother. At one time, we believe my father had fathered a son and we wanted to see and be around the child. But, the mother disappeared. She put the baby on someone else. So, we do not have a clue, who the father is. My sisters and I were ready to accept the baby. Because it is never the child’s fault, like you stated.

      Matthew should be ashame of himself. Alot time people feel like money buys, power. But, this time it brought shame unto his family and legacy. Also, a bunch of money hungry women and users. He probably got alot of groupies on his trail, now that they see he can still reproduce. Crazy but true!

      • @TIANA I don’t care how old you are, your father is still your father and when someone has something to report, like this it does bother you. Maybe they had been separated but when he decided that he wanted to make babies, by not protecting himself sexually, he should have filed for divorce. Whatever he did as their father, people will always make you know him by describing him as their father and the same had it been their mother. It is still the family.

    • I agree with you on this one. Mathews daughter don’t have to “embrace”, “except” or any of the above, though that would be nice in any situation, it’s easier said than done. Now to comment on this post, I do feel that this could have been handled in private and probably would have been if the mother wasn’t trying to put her self and her child out there (which I think is dangerous considering who he could possibly be related to) by turning this into a public matter and selling the baby’s pic to blogs when the kid is only a couple weeks old. Also I really don’t see this as a “Scandal” that some blogs are trying to make it because apparently his and Ms.Tina’s marriage have been over for a while now, but they just never got a divorce to make it “Official” they just stay separated instead (which I’ve noticed older couples tend to do) and this doesn’t have anything to do with his daughters so I don’t see why it would affect their “image’ (mainly Beyonce’s), they haven’t done anything wrong so I can’t see why it would. Further more they have no control over who their parents (in this case their Dad) have “Relations” with and probably don’t even think too much about that.

      • I also read where the Knowles have been married in name only for several years now. Maybe this baby is just a culmination of many years of “creeping” on the part of this man.

        But why keep up the guise of marriage and for who. It just further makes a mockery of the institution. Just like folk say that shacking up does not equate a marriage “officially” between a couple, so it goes that NO divorce papers have been signed to make the marriage OVER officially for them, so Mr. Knowles DID essentially go out and have a baby on his wife.

        I am sure on some levels, marriage in name only or not, that Tina Knowles is not happy about this latest development. Why not continue the marriage in name only than file for divorce proceedings as she has noted to have done back in December of last year if that was not the case.

        I do believe that Beyonce and Solange will embrace their younger sibling (if he is indeed proven to be so). Thank goodness they are both adults so it minimizes the splitting of allegiances and affections between two family of siblings under these circumstances.

    • Khrish, if you were addressing my post, I never said I thought they SHOULD embrace this baby. I said, “I wonder if this baby, if proven to be Matthew’s son, will be embraced by Bey, Solange, Jay, and the rest of the family? I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t because that’s up to them.” I didn’t make a judgment one way or another.

      If you were not addressing my post, disregard this comment.


  12. Welp, that’s an expensive lesson that I hope men of the world learn (I doubt it though). Keep your penis in your pants unless it’s your wife! I wonder if this baby, if proven to be Matthew’s son, will be embraced by Bey, Solange, Jay, and the rest of the family? I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t because that’s up to them. I guess time will tell. I don’t feel sorry for him or any other man who puts himself in this position. I guess having babies from wealthy man is the new welfare. Shameful!

  13. If he has already given her funds, chances are he believes he could be the father. If the test finds out that he is not; he can sue to recoup his funds but he certainly can’t sue to remove the embarassment he has cost his family. These old men need to stop trying to prove how mancho they still are. What a slap in the face of his wife and family. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. He should be ashamed of himself to be led into a relationship where he doesn’t take control of a sexual situation by protecting himself and his wife. He is far too old to be acting like a young, inexperienced jerk.

  14. That’s some shiggidy! You can get knocked up, claim someone is the father, and the court makes him pay child support before a DNA test? This must be in California!!!

    On a sidenote: most men wouldn’t pay a penny in medical costs for a baby that they doubted. Matthew know he the pappy!

  15. I’m not liking the idea of paying support BEFORE the results come in. It’s his fault for lying with the woman, but suppose the child isn’t his (not highly likely, but I’m just saying)?

  16. The baby is cute,but I’m still laughing at how old he is having a baby,solange and beyonce may have a brother,and julez may have a uncle.Not sure if it’s his baby but, the baby looks alot like beyonce and her father.I wonder will beyonce and solange will get the baby and baby sit?

  17. Even Maury can tell that Matthew………YOU ARE THE FATHER! Beyonce got her a little brother! He is a cutie pie. Welcome Nixon!

    • It would be so funny if they went on Maury for the paternity results. I wonder how he would react when Maury says whether or not he is the father…YOU ARE THE FATHER!! WHAT!!…That would be a memorable show…lol

  18. If he’s paying support he is admitting that he’s the father. I think the baby favors him alot. Matthew should know at his age that if you play, you pay.

  19. i don’t get why he is ordered to pay for the child before they’re even sure it’s his. but then again by him already paying her medical costs voluntarily, it’s kind of like he is acknowledging that this child is his…or could possibly be his. ooh, i know Beyonce and Solange are HOT! lol! as for momma Tina, i think she moved on long time ago, before this alleged affair even started.

    • That’s the question I need the answer to. Why make him pay CS and he may not be the father? And if he isn’t, will he get his money back cause that’s not right.

    • That’s a good question. I think that at this point, the best thing for all involved is for Matthew to go ahead and get a paternity test immedialty so there is no question if he is the father. Since he has already been ordered to pay, there is no point in stalling any longer (if he was in fact stalling in the first place).

      At first glance I’m always shocked at how much these celebrity father’s have to pay in child support. But when you do the math, it’s really not a lot compared to what these men actually make. I’m sure that Matthew is a very wealthy man because of the work he has done with Destiny’s Child and then Beyonce later.

      I wish our men would do better. If they are going to mess around, I wish they would atleast protect themselves in every possible way so that they aren’t brining children into the world that they can’t be there for (physically and emotionally) on a day to day basis. These kids need more than just their father’s money, they need their father’s themselves. And the mother’s that get pregnant by these men are no better. Anyway, I’m going to get off my high horse. It’s just sad to see time after time.

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