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Nigerian-born model Oluchi Onweagba and her son Ugo(born April 2007) are pictured at Luca Luca’s Fall 2010 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park on February 14, 2010 in New York City.


Designer Luca Orlandi of “Luca Luca” and Oluchi have been married since 2005.



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  1. who cares if she has a white guy? her son is cuter than d both of them. kudos to her. i guess they are stil together, she rep wel. so proud of her. im black and i might nt get married 2 a black girl. why? first love, then choice. its dt easy

  2. Some of the people on here seem so rude. Who cares if her husband is white or blue or green? The kid is cute, and thats not because he’s mixed (nappyk), its because he is just cute. Theres nothing wrong with saying that a mixed kid is cute, gosh. Also, why do certain people always judge one’s worth by the attractiveness of their white partner?? Maybe thats why there are so many problems with love in the Black community, people should be looking at character A LOT more than color or looks. smh.

    Lots of Black women these days are with white guys. I see it where I live more than Black men with white women. Black women and white guys also have the lowest divorce rates in the country, proving that many of these couples are together because they like each other.

    Anyway, Oluchi is beautiful. I think she’s great and a great representation of Black African beauty. I love her.

  3. uh I’m now convinced that a lot of your commentators are young and ignorant…since when was a white guy a “brotha”

    hmmmm “I’m just say’n…..” smdh @ such stupidity!!!

    and black women who date out of their race is because most black men are either gay,locked up,with other races,or messed up in the head and so forth.I have a black man in my life but there are very few good ones out there for single black women who are very well-educated and there are too many who are but cant find a compatible black man…that is when other races come in.Its all about luv.People need to stop with the cheering just b/cs a black woman has a white man.white men are not trophies.Lets get it together girls!!!!!!!!!Grow up and stop behaving like a bunch wild ignorant animals!

  4. nappykat
    Also black men and white women are popular in north america. In europe white men and black women are way more popular.

  5. nappykat
    your comments are so stupid it is not even funny. Nothing you said is true i have mix friends there all date white guys it all depands how and what cultures you are more around. I am black and my boyfriend is white i only date white guys except this one time this guy was 1/4 black he passed for white :)Anyways so many white guys date mix race girls maybe not where you live. Also robin thick wife is mix not light skinned sister lol who says that. I also have a son that is mix he looks more like his father except he has olive skin he will not call him black because both his father and i made him. Maybe black women date outside of there race because black men do not want to marry them. Black women have the hightest rate of being unmarried in america why is that and there are so many of them that are raising there kids all alone asked why? yes so call black men do your jobs properly and stop pissing me off. We black women are so strong we been through thick and thin with you black men all we need is respect maybe more cultures will even have more respect for black women.Anyways i felt i had to put all this down.

  6. This is soo cute of them two! I never heard of her either..but she is beautifuL. :) i wonder if she knows Kimora.

  7. If it aint Robin Thicke then non of these white men be lookin that great to be havin babies by. Robin Thicke is HOT! Plus he got a light skinned sista, I was thinking that white men only like dark skin sistas for the contrast and their closer-to-Africa-looking level of attactiveness. Aint nothing wrong with that, but i was beginning to think that white men weren’t interested in lighter sistas.

    And I think this couple is getting kudos because it’s a black women with a white man, as oppose to the ever popular black man/white female couple. Either way, it all looks like boink to me.

    Whomever asked what ‘swagga’ is – is like suave, sophistication, jenaisequa (sp?). Black men (and women) have a uniqueness of attraction that is all their own.

    I ain’t gonna say nothin about the kid because he’s a mixie and I know how yall swooon over mixies and any little piece of ‘exotic’ looking mix. He’ll get enough complements from the peanut gallery.

  8. Ugo for some reason reminds me of Mike’s son Blanket.
    I agree with what everyone wrote, I hope Luca is treating her RIGHT. She is VERY pretty.

      • Yeah it’s mainly the big chocolate eyes but I see it in the nose and lips as well! This pic reminds me of Blanket’s pic from the Grammys.
        Your right both beautiful children.

  9. Oluchi used to sell bread on the streets back in Nigeria just to support her family. She has come so far and i am so proud of my Nigerian sister. Her son is so adorable, they are a good looking family.

  10. Baby looks just like his dad.

    Dad does look tired but when you are a high fashion designer & a father of a young child, I’m betting you don’t get alot of sleep.

    I’m so over the black/white issue. As long as they are happy & taking care of their children together, they can do their thing.

  11. the model and the baby looks good, the husband is a different story he looks tired. I prefer my black brothers, they got swagga.

  12. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Another black sister with a white brother. I’m all for freedom of choice and being with the one you love.

    Cute baby ++++.

    • Wanted to say, don’t quite know what you are yeahhhing about, race shouldn’t matter, right?

      Just hope the “bro” is treating her right.

    • OMG!!! Does the baby get the extra “plusses” because he is bi-racial? *smh*.

      Amiee wrote,


      Another black sister with a white brother. I’m all for freedom of choice and being with the one you love.

      Cute baby ++++.

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