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Singer Chilli and her son Tron are pictured at the nationwide Sprite Step Off competition event last weekend.


Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas will soon be starring in new reality show called ‘What Chilli Wants’, which is expected to premiere Sunday, April 4 at 10:00 PM ET/PT, 9:00 PM CT on VH1.

To keep up with Chilli, head to her twitter page! The working mom usually tweets about motherhood and healthy living.

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Photos: PhotographerFreddyO

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  1. And I know Chilli would have NEVA minded if she’d had a son or a daughter by MJ! She even has said, “Michael Jackson is my man. He’s my husband!” I do wish Michael had married a fine black talented intelligent respectable woman like Rozanda, and she’d have given him BUNCHES OF BABIES, tons of good lovin’ and lots of deserved respect with no problem. Go ‘head on, black people!

  2. her son looks just like her. I thought that was her, I was thinking ‘Chili cut her off and gots locs? That’s different.’ She still looks the same as she did in 1992 or thereabouts. Wish I could have aged so well. Must be nice to have money.

  3. Wonder if Usher second guesses himself on the decision he made to leave her for his now ex-wife? She’s beautiful though.

  4. chili looks great….and Tron looks just like his mama….the first picture…his smile looks just like mama┬┤s

  5. Wow! Talk about a spitting image! I’m usually awful at the guess who things BCK does, but I know if they’d done one of Tron I would have known he was Chilli’s son!

  6. When I glanced at the first picture, I thought it was a younger pic of MJ from the “Beat It/Thriller” days. Cute young man; looks like both parents.

  7. Chilli is so pretty and I have always liked her b/c I never hear anything negative about her. I will def be watching the show.

  8. Chilli and her son look great. Not feeling the hair on her son, but that’s my problem. He looks like his Mom to me. I will watch her show.

  9. Chilli looks great! Refreshed, not stressed and very youthful!
    Her son looks just like his dad (Dallas Austin)

  10. Chilli looks great! Her son looks just like his dad (Dallas Austin)
    Chilli looks as if Tron could be her younger brother or nephew!

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