Actress Lisa Bonet, along with her boyfriend Jason Momoa and their daughter Lola, 2 1/2, were spotted out on a picnic over the weekend  in Santa Monica, California.

In all, Lisa has three children: Nakoa Momoa,1, Lola, and and daughter Zoe Isabella, 21, with musician Lenny Kravitz.

Below are also pictures of Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz and Zoe Kravitz at Entertainment Weekly’s Party to Celebrate the Best Director Oscar Nominees held at Chateau Marmont on February 25, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.


Photos: Flynet Pictures/Wireimage

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  1. WOW!!! her man is…..DARN GOOD LOOKING!!!!…Finger licking good all right!!

    She still looks good. Daughter is very pretty too. Sexy Lenny.

  2. Wow! Her kids are adorable. Lisa has changed from the young and perky Lisa to the weary-eyed Lisa. My comment was not intended to offend Lisa or any of her beloved fans.

  3. OMGG LoLa Looks JUST Like my FiLipino/Persian god-daughter! its soo scarey..and her name is LeyLa. Lisa has beautifuL chiLdren. she looks the same from the Cosby show.

  4. They have shown pictures of Nicole and Sophia together without Lionel. Why try to make a big deal out of nothing.

  5. Jason is good looking but I loved Lisa with Lenny. I think they match so well. But hey I gotta give it to Lisa…she can’t go wrong either way! :) Oh yeah and the kids are beautiful.

  6. Hippy ki-yay. Hippy ki-yo. Those top pics, boy. They each still manage to look gorgeous despite the beach bum clothes. Little lola is too cute.

    Lisa’s current man has a nice body and face. Lenny Kravitz was no slouch either, lucky her :-).

    My favorite pic of the bunch is of Kravitz, Bonet and their daughter Zoe. Zoe is a great mix of both, leaning more towards Kravitz in the looks dept.

  7. Beautiful!! Lisa knows how to pick her men lol…I really like the family pic of her, Kenny, & Zoe!!

    A little off topic but how come BCK never posts pictures of Nicole Richie’s kids?? Isn’t she biracial like Lisa?…(no one take offense, I’m just wondering)

    • Probably because it turns into a big debate about what race Nicole really is. And should she be on included or not included…

      I personally think Nicole & her kids should be, so should Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor.

        • @ Shaunie thanks…& i agree

          @KHRISH they only future Nicole Richie’s kids only if Lionel Richie is in the picture too. Unless I missed somethin. Like BCK didn’t mention the fact the Jole Madden had Little Harllow with him while he did We Are The World song/video. I thought that would be BCK worthy since it was for a good cause

          • If you check the archives you will find pictures of both women with their significant others and with their children. Lionel is not in those pictures. And Alba’s child with her husband/lover. As a matter of fact, it was through one of the posting that I found out about Alba baby’s grandfather.

  8. Those definitely some great pics! Lola is too adorable! BTW…am I the only one that noticed that she has a prosthetic leg??? Either way regardless of if she was born with a disorder or recently underwent the loss I am glad the lord managed to bless her with a happy life! She is a beautiful child!

    • Where did you see this leg. In all of her births the media has always reported the children and I have never seen anything about there being a problem with any of her children. Had this been one who needed a “P” I feel certain the media would have reported it, unless I missed that one.

    • I think she might just be wearing tan socks (that are similar to her skin tone).

      Which might make it look like the joint that connects the foot, and simulates an ankle on a prosthetic leg.

    • @INDYpendentTHOUGHTS….That baby does NOT have a prostetic leg! What you are seeing is the color of her socks that just happen to blend in with her skin complexion. Her socks appear to be chocolate brown/tan patterned low rise anklet type socks. Please don’t speculate without knowing facts…this is how horrible rumors get strated.
      Just sayin’………

  9. the baby def takes after her mummy.

    Jason Jason Jason mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh what can i say, you scrub up very well.

  10. Damn, Lisa went from Fine to Fiiiiiiiiiooooone in the mens department, lol!!! Her daughter is growing up nicely! Very happy to see that all are doing well and happy!

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