It’s been nine months since Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou welcomed their son Kenzo Lee Hounsou, and now the couple are working on having another baby! In a new interview with OK! magazine, the mogul mom talks about motherhood, her post-baby body, and more!

On wanting another baby:

Definitely. We practice all the time, and it’s a lot of fun. I definitely can see myself having more. I know Djimon wants more. I would love to have another little boy.

On Djimon as a father:

He’s totally amazing. It’s really changed his life. Seeing him change a diaper and get up in the middle of the night…he’s very nervous.

On how much weight she has lost since having the baby:

About 40 to 50 pounds, but I really go by how things fit. I’m still working on my body. It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s[not just about weight]. It’s about peace of mind, healthiness and happy living.

On how Kenzo is different from the girls:

Two very girly girls. He wants to crash things and bash things. Boys are definitely rougher and more aggressive.

On what’s coming up on the new season of Life in the Fab Lane:

We just aired a baby special with little Kenzo. And the regular season stars March 21. Obviously, life with the new baby is totally crazy. My girls[Ming Lee and Aoki Lee] are 10 and 7.. so having a 9-month-old makes it a little different.


Pick up the latest issue of OK! magazine to learn how the model mom lost all the baby weight.

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  1. Ok I’m stealing him from all of you!! He is sooooooo handsome!! I love this family! Keep up the good work Kimora & Dijmon!!!

  2. I’ve really come to like Kimora. She turned me off some years ago when she bragged about her $50,000 handbag! She seems less pretentious and more mellow now. I love how she’s raising her girls and I know she will do an equally great job with her son.

  3. I must admit when Kimora and Russell broke up I was heart broken and it took me awhile to except the new man in Kimora’s life lol even though he is a great guy; but I’m slowly and steadily getting use to it and they are so bueatiful together and that baby of their’s is simply precious with those juicy lips lol….

  4. This is sooo beauTifuL! you can tell Ming and yoKi are soo attached to and LOVE their baby KenZo. I Love their family pics ALL the time..and i hope Kimora and Jimon have moRe BLasiaN babies to come! =)

  5. I love her and I love this couple. I kind of worry about the girls having so much media exposure, but they seem to be very well adjusted. And, Djimon is simply the best looking guy out there with the sexiest voice – Kimora is a lucky woman to be able to sleep with that every night.

  6. he is a beautiful little baby and he looks just like the older sister..yes kimora have more…bless the world with more beautiful kids : )

  7. Goodness he has gotten so big, he’s teething right now, cuz he is putting everything in his mouth LOL!!! he is so CUTE!! and the gilrs are just beautiful what a beautiful family. I would love to see her have more children she is a great mom!!

  8. i just had to leave another comment! Kenzo is sooooooo cute. He’s getting bigger and more handsome. I bet girls are calling already lol

  9. Beautiful family. That little Aoki is always posing and Ming seems like a little 2nd mommy, she adores that baby and it shows!

  10. @Plain mean ~~

    I agree with you, he is totally handsome. But, the title of most gorgeous has to go to my girls D’lila and Jessie Combs.

    However, all babies on this site are beautiful and I’m sure you agree.

    • I disagree with you in harmonye, Maybe for the girls, but Kenzo is the cutest little boy I have seen on this site, Next to Hedi and Seals second son. I forgot his name. Kenzo wins in the boy’s bracket.

  11. There is my lil’ man. He is one the cutest babies I’ve seen so far at BCK and that’s saying a lot because this place has a boatload of beauteous kids :-)

  12. Thanks Djimon for putting it down for the dark people. You truly are an example for dark people everywhere. THANK YOU.

    • I know I think I am gonna have to give him the title. It was between Kenzo and Hedi and Seals second son. But Kenzo is the best cutest kid in Hollyweired of all the boys to me.

  13. Gosh this family is gorgeous. And Kenzo is simply adorable. I for one would love to see them have more kids.

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