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  1. the One called, yes, “fairest of ten thousand” Created, yes, all, may all little ones in belief on Love be blessed

  2. Mommie must be nice because Arsenio, you may not have been able to do this by yourself. By the way, where is mommie dearest? I would like to see her. On the other hand, she does not have to be nice to create a beautiful child. I don’t mean to sound fasicous, but I thought Arsenio was gay.

  3. Thank goodness Arsenio’s son is a cutie, because he most certainly missed out on that, however, it is not all about the looks. What occurred according to sourses in the news gossip world, Mr. Hall had Louis Farrahkan on his show when told not to by many folks who were supposed to be in charge. Appeared that Mr. A allowed his ego to rule him, ignored what anyone else said about Mr. LF’s appearance on his shhow and allowed him to show up anyway, and he has been in hotwater eversince. It is like he has had a great fall and can not really get back up again. He is still a great comediene. I love ya, Asenio…..

    • But how would that have any bearing on his relationship with Eddie Murphy. They were doing great films together and seemed to have been quite close friends. That friendship seemed to cool before he left his show.

  4. I believe the mom is Italian, judging from the name “Bonacci.” Whatever her ethnicity, Lil Arsenio is a handsome lad.

    • what difference does it make? are you _________ put something there.in hollywood his mother could be nationality.

      • You need to fall back, sweetie. I asked because he looks Ethiopian to me and I’ve never seen his mother. If you didn’t have an answer to my question you should have kept it moving.

      • I’d like to RECANT the previous statement (for another post – doing 2 things at once lol) I do not know her ethnicity (not that it matters anyway) but for a PICTURE of Arsenio and Cheryl Bonacci you can go to

        [google images]

      • Men like Arsenio is always playing the “black” card; except when it comes to other race women. And,I include lighter tone bw. Then there is no issue.

        I remember telling a friend of mines that Arsenio was in for it when he had Frarakhan on his show because he allowed Frarakhan to make blanketed statements and he did not chanllenge any of his views. A month or two later Arsenio was gone from the air. I believe if Arsenio would have chanlleged Frarakhan’s views Arsenio’s show would have lasted longer.

  5. He is such a handsome kid! He looks just like his daddy. also, Arsenio got money coming from somewhere, they both look nice neat and well feed. Good to see father and son bonding.

    • Well at least it has shape and style……not like some of these other children who look like they have keys and a lot of other stuff stored in theirs. LOL

      • Some people get twitchy if a boy’s hair is more than 1/2″ in height.

        As for me, there is a big difference between a boy or man with a well-shaped and maintained Afro (as shown here), and a boy/man with his hair out.

    • What a gorgeous afro! The beautiful smile coupled with his hairdo makes a fabulous photo! He is wearing his hair naturally – as he should, the way God designed. Perfection! No one else’s opinion matters.

    • His hair is beautiful! Naturally beautiful. The way God intended it, so who cares if you do not like it?

      He is wearing that ‘fro, and he is proud of it – despite the fact that there are those who have issues with it. It just shows that he is not interested in whether or not you like it. He is a proud and beautiful African-American young man. And uh, you don’t have to like it. Nobody cares what you think.

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