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  1. Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Wayne was on the Wendy Williams show. He is dating a black woman. Wendy took note and he got very defensive. She would have been a hypocrite if she let it go without saying anything. He claims he has always dated a variety women. In real speak that means he dated black women when he was poor and struggling then switched up to Asian and Latin women when he became rich and successful. He did not say he dated white women. Depending on the Hispanic woman she could pass for white. Oh well if you have a chance to see the show please look.

    Body language, facial expression and what was not said speaks a million. I do think he handled the question better than Tiger Whore would have but that is not much of a compliment. 99.9% of men are better than Tiger as a husband. haha

    A picture of the new girlfriend was shown. She is lovely, independent and an actress with 2 college degrees. So she is not some gold digging skank.

    His daughter reminds me of Teresa Guidice’s little girl Gia. Need I say more. Thank God her parents will instill the importance of a good education.

  2. Pisces you are off da chain on this post…and i mean that in a good way lol! i’m still scratchin my head tryna figure out did Wayne attempt to do her hair on his own? cuz it looks like a disheveled hot mess. a simple ponytail would have sufficed lol!

    • @bck reader, You’re right! She would have looked adorable with a ponytail, because like starr08 and others said that oufit was so cute from the dress to the sneakers. Like your observation, Wayne must have tried to comb her head while she was with him for visitation overnight. But she is cute in an atypical way. Future exotic model.

  3. A lot of kids facially look like Gary Coleman to me, when he was a little boy. What you talkin’ bout, Pisces. I guess it’s the cute cheeks, Arnold.

  4. shez cute! Love the outfit on her…its so her age lol.. i wonder if she got it from JusTice! i Love that store..hehe..

    • @K you’re quite welcome! Glad to make you smile. Someone else though, before this post goes away, is bound to attack me personally for being so immature as to mock a child. Oh well, can’t please everyone, so I don’t really try to.

      I have some long haired little Yetis in my own family.

    • Wookie? Chewbacca? I loved the Star Wars series back in the day.

      I would put her hair in pigtails and away from her cute little face.

  5. Yes she does look aborigine and yes she is unique looking. I love Wayne on Let’s make a deal. I find him quite handsome.

    • She looks like a typical little aborigine girl from Australia to me. Nothing like her dad. What has he been up to lately? He can sing a little I know, but his jokes are usually cornball.

        • My comment was neutral. I saw a pic of an aboriginal girl that looks like her. I’ve not been to Australia to see one up close and personal, what is your verdict?

          Did you mean to say she does, or she doesn’t look like one since you noted I am “crazy” could be the good kind, could be the bad kind–lol.

          • I was saying your crazy (in a funny way “like girl you crazy”) for saying she looks Aborigine. You are CORRECT she does look Aborigine. She looks just like the young kids I saw in the outback in Northern Australia.

          • no prob. Want to make sure my comment wasn’t misconstrued. Some folk take a comment and run all the way ’round the world with it adding base intent where there is none, just simple observation.

            Still lovin’ those high tops.

      • Oh, you’re right. I do see an Aborigines resemblance. And Pisces… Lol giiiirrrl, i’ve been trying to be on my best behavior, but you know we think alike.

        • PlainMean, we are kindred spirits here at BCK on so many levels! I know this man (especially him) and his wife are “crazy” about this child’s long straight hair, but that style is to grown up for her.

          It doesn’t help that she’s going through her snaggle toothed stage of childhood. It’s also the shape of her nose that also adds to her exotic indigenous Aboriginal appearance, which is not a negative at all.

          • I think children are their cutest when they loose those two front teeth. Wish he had pulled her hair back so I could really enjoy that toothless smile. LOL

  6. She is a cute little girl. I have never been able to like any of the things this man has done. He just doesn’t click with me.

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