Actor Forest Whitaker, his wife Keisha, and their daughter True,11, stopped by Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood yesterday.

A few years ago, Forest and True shot a PSA for PETA.  In the PSA, Forest and True reveal that they are vegetarians.

“Life is full of choices, and many years ago, I chose to become a vegetarian, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made,” says Forest.

“I love animals and I love being a vegetarian,” adds True.

Click here to watch the PSA.


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  1. i see some ppl saying VEGAN and some saying VEGETARIAN, which aren’t interchangeable terms. they’re 2 different things. vegetarians don’t eat meat, but will eat meat substitutes. whereas vegans don’t eat meat, or any animals byproducts. Forest and True are vegetarians, which means they don’t eat cow meat, but they can still drink cow milk and such.

    having said that, Forest is looking mighty thin these days. i guess it looks worse in pics, b/c it wasn’t as bad or noticeable in the movie Our Family Wedding. but he does look older and dryer or somethin…

  2. I think Forest may have had a gastric bypass procedure. His wife has always been very thin. Vegetarians that still eat a lot of dairy (milkshakes) concern me. The milk comes from a cow which is an animal, and considered pork.

  3. Forest still has that big teddy bear head–lol –admire this guy, so please do not chastise me for that one.

    His wife is looking really thin. As long as she is healthy and happy. And good for them for choosing a healthy lifestyle. Vegan is not for everyone but more power to them.

  4. I was a vegan for 2 years and didn’t get skinny, but I did lose a nice amount of weight at the beginning and my blood pressure and cholesterol did get lower. There is vegan junk food though and I took advantage. I think that’s what stopped the weight loss! It was a good experience and if I could still afford some of the stuff I used to eat back then (I was single then, now I have a meat eating hubby) I would still do it.

  5. He looks good. If this works for him, great. I really need to try it but I’m too lazy to follow all the rules it has to keep fit as well a small. Carry on!

  6. She looks so much younger than Forest. I like this family. And I would never give up my meat, but more power to them for doing so.

    • it says “A few years ago, Forest and True shot a PSA for PETA. In the PSA, Forest and True reveal that they are vegetarians.”

      True is his daughter not wife, which means his wife still eats meat, as she is not a vegetarian.

      Maybe she is naturally thin, or has been working out to maintain her body. Unlike ageing women who put on stacks of weight. :)

    • I believe they are healthy. We are so use to seeing Forest
      heavier I guess as long as they don’t over do it, it’s okay!

  7. Good for them, I have no problem with the way people want to eat, If being a vegan makes you skinny, I need try it, lol, I know it does not always prevent cancer just because one is a vegan, or other health problems., but I believe in eating moderate not over eating.

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