obamas* Actor Jaleel White a.k.a Steve Urkel is a proud new dad!   He says, ” I am the proud father of a 7 mo. old baby girl. In the interest of child development, she lives a fame free life.”  Congrats to you, Jaleel.

* Singer Beyonce is not pregnant, so says her publicist. According to Rolling Stone magazine, “Rumors that Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child together lit up the Web and gossip pages today based on a [website’s report] that cites a “rock solid” source. The website claims the singer is “fine and resting now” and expected to “continue working through her pregnancy,” and that Jay-Z is “extremely happy to be having his first child” with his wife. However a publicist for Beyoncé from her record company, Sony, tells Rolling Stone that the report is simply “untrue.”

* For those wondering how new mom Keyshia Cole is doing: “She’s doing incredibly well. Everyday when we speak she’s in great spirits,” says singer Monica. “She’s really attached to Romello, my youngest son, so I send her videos of him singing and rapping and she’ll send me pictures of Danny with his eyes open and her holding him. Our relationship is far beyond music. Regular things that any other girlfriends would do, those are the same things we do(Source).”

* First Lady Michelle Obama, her daughters Malia and Sasha, and her mother took in a Broadway show over the weekend. The Obama ladies saw “Memphis,” “Blue Man Group” on Saturday night and a preview of “The Addams Family” on Monday night. The First Lady is expected to appear on the Kids Choice Awards this Saturday.

* Tons of celebrities and their kids will be at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards this weekend Saturday, March 27, at 8:00 p.m. so tune in and stay tune for BCK’s coverage of the awards show.


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  1. It’s exciting to see that the newer bloggers are once more aiming at delivering a more rounded info instead of just aiming on insignificant and junky articles. Like this the strengths of individual article are more probable to be exposed.

  2. I’m so glad the Obama girls got to eat pizza in Brooklyn. Those girls and the family go to places other Presidents and their families never even thought about visiting. I like that.

  3. If Beyonce is pregnant, we won’t know until she is like 7 months in… they don’t share anything about their private lives wit the public which is how it should be anyway. Paparazzi should be illegal. Those folks never get a moment of peace when they go out of their houses.


  5. Wow, good for Jaleel! I grew up watching him on “Family Matters”–he was so hilarious! I wonder if when she gets older, she’ll be watching reruns of the show, LOL. :)

  6. how cute are my girLs MaLia and Sasha! I love Sasha’s straightened hair..and MaLia’s twists. :)

    -omgg “DiD I DO THAt” had a baby! lol..jk..i Loved that guy maan. im sure his baby girL is precious.
    -okaay its getting oLd now with the Beyonce having a baby thing..Like geesh ppL GET OFF her tip! lol.. Let her be.. when she is ready then she is ready. If these ppL dont know for sure they need 2 stop spreading rumors about their PersonaL Lives!

    • Hi starr08…I forgot that was Urkel’s catch phrase, “Did I do that?” You must have been only a baby when that show was popular! Thanks for reminding me of his funny catch phrase and I love the way you associated it with him having a baby. :)

      • @Pisces: haha..i knoww riight. i probabLy was because it aired Like a yr. before i was born! lol And yeaa that phraSe was the ish back then! :) hes actuaLLy a cutie now.

  7. wow, so Erkel has a kid huh lol! congrats to him. all of 7 months later :-)

    Beyonce pregnancy rumors have been around since she was in her teens lol! i’ll believe it when i see it.

    i was just saying that we haven’t seen the Obama girls out and about in some time. understandable with all the healthcare stuff going on right now.

    can’t wait to see a pic of Keyshia’s baby boy. it’s good that her and Monica still keep in close contact. they both seem like really genuine people.

  8. MTO (the site that made the Beyonce claim) is known as a gossip site, but I swear they report stuff and then a week later it turns out to be true. If B is preggers, I pray the child takes after mom in the looks and dad in the brains!

    • Hi PlainMean! There we go, thinking the same thoughts again, exactly. Because Jay-Z has a camel’s face, literally. Not to be confused with camel toe. I think the combo of the two may have a baby coming out looking something like Chris Brown, maybe?

      P.S. thanks for ignoring the kill joys that always inevitably ruin the party some of us have going here at BCK! I been reading!

      • Lol hey Pisces girl! Yes, Jay-Z always did put me in mind of the camel on the pack of cigarettes lol, I think his name is Joe Cool. But I think that Ike Turner Jr aka Chris Brown is a cutie, I don’t know if B and J’s offspring would be so fortunate!

        • @PlainMean..hee hee AGREE!! Have a great weekend, my cyber buddy! :) BCK obviously LOVES you! Have fun with your many friends that I know you have in your life during Spring Break.

          Myself and two of my female friends are going to see Mo’Nique at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California on 4/3/10. We are so excited.

          I know why you and I both visit BCK frequently…BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FRIGGIN’ FUN AND GENERALLY UPLIFTING!

          I LOVVVVVVVVE this site. It is so positive and life affirming. Watching kids grow is so life affirming to me!

          Take care, Plain Mean!

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