In 2007, NFL player Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for running a dog-fighting operation. Vick has since served his sentence and is quickly making up for lost time with members of his family.

This week, the final episode of Vick’s docu-series The Michael Vick project aired on BET. The series starred Vick and his family, which includes his fiancée Kijafa, and his children Mitez,7, Jada,5, and London,2.

“I am not doing this documentary to show people that I’m back and unchanged by the experiences of the last few years,” Vick said of the reality show late last year. “I’m allowing the cameras to see the truth – the good, the bad and the ugly results of my decisions – with the sincere hope that it will positively affect others’ lives and prevent someone out there from making the same mistakes I did.”

Michael hopes that one day when his kids are older, he will be able to explain the truth of his imprisonment to them.

“I will be honest with them. I want them to be able to say, ‘My daddy stood tall, he took responsibility for the unethical things he did and he worked hard to find a solution to reconcile and make things right. He took wrong things he did and turned things around. He did a lot of good.’ ”

“The most important thing about making mistakes is to learn from them and to turn things around. You always have a shot to turn things around and you’ve got to work hard to take it(Source).”

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  1. okay this really kill me when mike vick did the dog fight whatever? he got suspended in the middle of the league but Big Ben rape this women 2ND OFFENSE twice THAT year and nothing happen to him that crazy if he was black the first offense he would of got suspended!!!!! tHE PLAYIN GAME IS SO UNEVEN IT CRAZY

  2. Regardless if the time didn’t fit the crime, he have no one to blame but himself. I don’t know why when some black peeps get money, they still bring that ghetto mentality with them. Now look at all that he have lost over something stupid. I don’t like to see animals tortured either, they feel pain just like we feel pain. With all that said, I hope and pray that good things happen for him and his family again.

    • This is like the 3rd post of yours that I’ve read with you saying something negative about black people! Who the hell are you???

  3. mike vick is so FINEEEE lord that man is sezy. cute kids. kijafa always have some crazy looking weave in her head

  4. Hope he did learn something by the way he was treated by the people he wants so badly to be one of. If his wife had been a Black woman, I’m not sure if all this crap would have gone down on him.

    You know I did’nt think about it that way until you wrote that but you are absolutely right cause now that I think about it MJ did a lot of the same to Jaunita but funny how he did’nt get 10% of what Tiger’s gettin,could be they’re just mad cause he came into THEIR sport and dominated it.

    Oh but this bout Vick:
    He is soo fine and his smallest girl looks just like him…lol

    • Yeah, they hate it and but can’t do a doggone thing about it because they can’t beat him. They want to make him pay for what he did to the “HELP” that he married. She’s walking around like she is so hurt but I betcha ole girl doesn’t plan to leave that money behind. But that’s Tiger’s stupidness. What world figure goes to visit a friend and comes away marrying the “help”. I have never stopped turning my nose up at that. If the friend had been Black and had a nanny, bet he wouldn’t have married her. God knows what had happened with the friend who hired her. And we will never know her indiscresions. However, I don’t get the idea that she was “snow white”. I still think that she should have been taken to court for domestic abuse. Had the shoe been on the other foot, I don’t care what she would have said they would have dragged his arse into court. I wonder if he will ever learn, even from this latest episode.

      • Hi Khrish, I am not coming to Elin’s defense at ALL. I do believe some things in the media were played to the hilt because she was a white wife scorned by an Othello.

        That said, Elin came from solidly upper middle class I read. She wasn’t just some steroetypical trailer trash “Sue”. She and her twin dabbled in modeling, and her parents wanted her to have exposure I suspect to working for her keep even though there might not have been a detrimental need for her to do so, I actually respect that. In addition she was in her early twenties when she and Tiger were introduced, how many young adults that age have truly trailblazed professionally?

        I will say that her being white and blonde and blue eyed sold her on Tiger (typical trophy wife scenario), won’t discredit that as I do believe that’s what he goes for. But whatever. Tiger would not be my type anyway if I even had a remote chance, still wish him all the luck with his return to the game.

        • I am aware from whence she came. Did know that her mother was top drawer, but when he met her she was still a au pair and again I state that had he gone to the home of one of his friends and the au pair had been Black, need I say more? And in the world of modeling, we have no idea who she may have been “rolling” with or her boss for whom she did childcare. You know men can be nasty. I still think that Tiger could have done a whole lot better; but I guess he got what he wanted the world’s dream woman, a Swede.

    • Lacy, what do you know…? I’d like the 411 myself… I hope this is not just a photo op. I do really wish Vick the best. Also, wonder what happened with the divorce and his daughter that was ill re: Iverson.

      I have seen a couple of your posts, do you travel in the circle of some of the celebs? Just curious. If that is you in your avatar, you look like a model or actress, none I know, meant as a compliment. That is all.

  5. Beautiful family, really enjoyed reading this. Redemption IS possible. And I hope Vick doesn’t allow anyone to hold his past over his head and more importantly, hope he continues on the right path and keep things moving in a positive direction.

  6. I agree the system did treat Mike Vick wrong… he’s paid his dues now leave him alone. They treated those dogs (and I am a dog lover) better than they treated him. Those dogs are mean creatures and are fighters/attackers. They attack each other and even people. Not saying what he did was right but I thought the time did not fit the crime. Just saying…

  7. I’m still pissed off at how Vick was treated. We have murderers, rapists, child molesters, and drug dealers who do less time than Vick did. They love to build our black celebs up, particularly the males, and then try to ruin them if they have the chance. Anywho, glad to see he’s doing well and getting his life back on track.

    • You are so right. When there’s a Black man who’s making more money than they feel he should, they have real dislike for them and want to make them pay as well as humiliate him. I am a dog lover and do not condone at all what happened with the dogs. But after he served his time, all that stuff about looking at his brain as if he were some kind of animal just made me sick to the stomach. Look at the brains of those who are beating the crap out of women. As well they have now gone to an all time low to punish Tiger Woods. They are rubbing his face in dog crap for something that had nothing to do with the public or his sport. He is still the best golfer and they can’t stand that. Hope he did learn something by the way he was treated by the people he wants so badly to be one of. If his wife had been a Black woman, I’m not sure if all this crap would have gone down on him. “NONE ARE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE”.

      • Of course Tiger would not be getting this kind of beating in the media if he were married to a black woman. Shaquille O’neal had jumpoffs coming out left and right with stuff on him. One even hired Gloria Allred, who is also representing Tiger’s whores. Yet no one cared about Shaq’s drama because his wife is black. The number of women claiming to have slept with Jesse James goes up everyday, yet he doesn’t get half of the media coverage Tiger gets. They are great at these modern day lynchings through the media.

        • The idea of the red faced cracker over the golfing thing standing up there on a news cast chastizing Tiger as if he was some little boy. The nerve of him and they don’t let women play on that course and just not so long ago allowed Blacks to play there. I wanted to reach through my tv screen and slap the spit out of him. White males have some nerve. The low down things that they have done to people, then have the nerve to reprimand somebody. Tiger did nothing that had to do with his golf game. I don’t know who I’m angrier with. His reprimand or Tiger’s saying that he was right to say about him what he did. I know he’s concerned about his money but they can’t take his ability to play a crushing golf game. He is the best and there wouldn’t have been anyone at the opening had he not been there. There’s just so much he has to take from them when they are depending on him to make them money. But then, that Tiger. What a pity! He should have told that man to take two weeks off and kiss his entire “arse”.

  8. Good for him…good to have him back in the league. He was an exceptional athlete.
    IMO the punishment did not fit the crime!

    • to me it did….if he was doping or anything….I will agree…..10000 percent….but he was torturing animals….some peoples say…oh they just animals….I say…they are god´s creatures as well….and a person who can do something like that to me belongs behind bars.

      with that said…I hope he learned from his mistakes…he paid his dues and is now back on a good track…may the lord bless him and his beautiful family

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