kekeTeen actress Keke Palmer and her mom are featured in the May 2010 issue of Family Circle. Here is the article feature in full, courtesy of Family Circle magazine:

According to Sharon Palmer, the minute her daughter Keke, 16, heard about the earthquake in Haiti, she asked how she could help. “That’s just Keke,” says Sharon, 42, a former theater actress turned high school teacher. And now that Keke has made a name for herself with roles in Akeelah and the Bee, Madea’s Family Reunion, and Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP, she’s putting her fame to good use: In January 2010 she answered phones at George Clooney’s Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

“The funny thing is that when we first got to Hollywood people told me to get her involved in a charity,” says Sharon, who, along with her husband, Larry, moved the family from Chicago to L.A. so Keke could pursue her career. “But our family was volunteering long before it was in vogue.” Keke grew up seeing Sharon and Larry, a minister, serve meals in soup kitchens and deliver food to the homeless. “My parents showed me the value of humility and hard work,” she says.

Keke attributes her confidence to her mom. “Being on TV is hard because people expect you to be perfect,” she says. “But my mom tells me no matter what happens, she’ll always be there for me.” That self-esteem boost has helped her navigate a public adolescence with ease. “I think the reason Keke has so many fans is that she’s real,” says Sharon. When Keke wore her glasses recently at the iPop! Awards Showcase Gala, girls wrote letters thanking her for showing that lenses can be beautiful and glamorous. “To see Keke have that kind of impact on girls’ self-esteem,” says Sharon, “is what makes me really proud.”

Source:Jonathan Skow(photo), Family Circle

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  1. Ke-Ke Palmer is such a beautiful & talented young lady……I love her, she has such a great attitude & she is very well grounded!!! It’s good to see a young woman of color being displayed in such a positive way because the media has a way of making anybody look bad :-( Ke-Ke’s parents has done an AMAZING job with her & I give them credit for a job well done because God knows it’s NOT easy to raise a beautiful, respectful, well mannered, God fearing child in this day & age. I’ll continue to pray for her because I already know that she has a great & promising future ahead of her. God bless Ke-Ke & her entire family :-)

  2. gorgeous picture. she really is the best role model these days for young girls. too much garbage going on in the media and she stays true to herself. good for you KeKe

  3. Keke is a amazing young woman who is making name for her self in a business that don’t to much value black woman as much as white.I’m proud of ke ke.I think she will continue well in this business.time and time again you see this white are Hispanic young girls get the awards like at this yr Nick kids awards.keke is the new raven symone I think her career will be like ravens.

  4. Kiki was a cute little girl that has grown into a lovely, beautiful young woman. I do agree – she is a true role model.

  5. She is a great role model to a lot young girls…I see where she gets her beauty from…this is another good example of good parenting…and I love the way she dresses!!! 😀

  6. I see where Keke gets her looks. Keke and her mommy are beautiful. This is the look of great parenting right here. Go’on girl!

  7. Love Keke!!! Hats off to her mom…..We need more involved parents like this (Not to take away from parents who are actively engaged) !

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