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  1. It’s not necessary for them to be followed and video taped that way going about their business. It’s like they’re in a zoo or the paps are on safari, like, “Come see celebs with their children in their natural habitat!” Shameless.

  2. They won’t want to get at Nahla just for her looks..she’ll be rich, too, and that brings another whole set of issues she’ll be confronted with.

  3. BP……..dont know what rock u r under honey, but u need to crawl from under it. I have neva heard such ignorance. Do u really believe ur statement? have u really looked at the beautiful african american children up here whom aren’t mixed? I have seen many unattractive mixed people, no how bout I have seen alot of them,lol. I really would like to know the ages of some of u on this site. No, apologize, take that back, because just as many ignorant older people whom think the same way. Like I said before, Nahla would be beautiful if her father was Halle’s first hubby Justin. Halle’s second hubby Eric Benet or any of her past bf’s. Have u not noticed that Halle’s men have always been very attractive men.

  4. Just once I would like to see a pic of Halle & Nahla & not see a parade of comments about mixed race, biracial or any other off the wall comment.

    Why can’t we just say, pretty mom & baby & leave it at that?

    • *shrugs*
      It’s something I’ve come to expect from BCK:

      Combs Twins post – Expect “Where’s Chance?”

      Chance Combs post – Expect “When is she going to meet her sisters/Kim Porter is the Devil for keeping Diddy from seeing his daughter (wtF?!)”

      Michael Jackson’s children post- Paternity argument out the yazoo.

      General bi-racial/mixed children post- “Black people being bred out of existence/Mixed children are prettier/Black men don’t marry black women once they get rich/etc”

  5. Can somebody explain the “black vs. white thing” because I really don’t understand.

    I’m pretty lost here, I feel hatred from blacks towards whites, and black women dying to be with a white man;

    What is the point in America, has it something to do with history or what?

    • Hi Cutily,

      I am West Indian (Jamaican) but I live in the US, so I will try my best to explain from one Caribbean to another…I was disturbed by this myself after living here but I have come to understand how black Americans feel towards white American.

      In this country, there is a rule called the “one-drop” rule, this was created about 100 years ago by the American government so that mixed-raced people could not claim their white ancestry and benefit from it, so if you have “one drop” of African in your ancestry, you are considered “black”–unlike the Caribbean where to us claiming another ethnicity or race is OK because we recognize that most everyone has African-descent, so there is no need to broadcast your blackness…

      but here in the US, to black people, if you broadcast your mixture or date a white person, then you are betraying the “black race” because of all the disrespect black Americans had to suffer and their struggle to have the same human rights as white Americans. I think black Americans suffered more historically than our ancestors in the Caribbean, we fought for self-rule, black Americans fought for dignity…so the stigma has never gone away..this mentality is passed on generation to generation…

      on the flipside, lighter-skinned black people are seen as more attractive (of course most people will say “no, that’s not true” but we know it is because this mentality is pervasive in most coloured societies. Here, it seems as if most successful black men marry women of other races, so in a silent way, black women feel as if successful black men are trying to say that black women are no longer good enough for them…this is just my opinion of the situation…hope it helps

      • I didn’t know about the “one-drop” rule, thank you!

        If only they could just try to forget all this!

        But, well, I think it’s not necessary to try to explain why we don’t have the same vision as west indians.
        But here in France we can feel it from some black women, myself I often heard “She is with a white man, she thinks she is better than us”, and I always wanted to tell them, that’s right I’m with a white man, but I know my cultural background better than you do, and this white man, is as white as 2 on my grandparents, and some cousins.

        But, I’m ok with nappykat about one thing, a black women cannot have a stable relationship with a white man, if the is not self confident.

        • cutily, I detect some mild condescension from you regarding African American blacks. If that is not the case, I apologize in advance. I pose a question about a general feeling I get at times and that is, why is it that SOME west indians, even SOME west africans and some other non-American blacks appear to have their noses turned up when it comes to African Americans like they are so ABOVE certain things? I get the fact that the “race” issue may not be as entrenched as it is here in the States, but given some background and education, I don’t think it should be that much of a leap to “get” why such ill feelings and baggage still exists. Yeah, some of it needs to be let go, but one NEVER forgets and for an “outsider” to simply say “shrug” it off…

          Linda did an ok job at trying to explain a few things to you, but things are never that cut and dried. Its complicated, as they say and I am not about to start a novel here going into further details and analogies regarding. Will say that I am glad to hear that things appear to be a little more relaxed as far as identity and race relations over in France, but I also hear from time to time of some political upheavil over there regarding immigrants so it appears the French are not wholly immune to racism, etc. I just hope you never get a rude awakening that however refined/subtle or evolved a society may appear to be, people are still going to categorize and profile, there will never be a truly color blind society at every level I don’t think.

          Also, I think it is ok to know who you are and be proud of where you come from and celebrate that, be it your country of origin, gender or “race”, addressing your comment and I quote:

          “You can say “I’m proud to be black”, because, you’ve been put so down, that it became a pride.” “I’m not proud to be black, I am black, period. Just like I’m not proud to be a female, or to be born in Paris!”

          Affilliating and associating have been going on between humans since the dawn of time be it affilliating within an age group, company of employ, or “race”/culture. I see nothing wrong with that if it is not taken to the level of “we are better than you” because of it–unless of course we are talking something along the lines of a sports affilliation like Knicks vs Lakers–lol. I admit that where the lines are drawn and who or what we chose to affilliate or associate with can be suspect at times and arbitrary but that need–to belong, be part of a community/something, to associate/affiliate is not necessarily a pathology on its face.

          Having said that, I am not offended in the least that you noted you are likely to feel more “kinship” with a fellow white French, than an African American or other black per se just because they are “black” I kinda “get” part of where you are coming from actually. But for me I am still able to associate on a certain level with other blacks (American and other) because I do sense a familiarity, yes, some of it is superficial (appearance) and presumed re: shared racial categorization, and yes, the shared history of oppression/colonization or otherwise being categorized as a minority. That said, more and more I am trying to look beyond to the heart and soul of the matter on a case-by-case.

        • @ GTSA

          I’m really sorry if you felt this way, but the first reply to my first comment was an attack, and that’s not the first time I experienced that on this site.

          To be honest I don’t feel comfortable at all with some of the women statements here, because I feel an excessive pride, and I know that most of the time it hides very bad feelings.

          France is not perfect, but I try my best to live without considering that.
          You know, in France as a west indian, I can tell you that above some racists whites, the worst enemies I have encountered were black africans. I don’t know why, there is a king of rivalry, they think that because we are mixed we are nothing, and that they are pure, but it’s often in fact because we are lighter, we have curly hair, or I don’t know what.

          I find these same attacks here and I feel like some african-american women are just like these african women.

          Once again I’m sorry if it hurts but I’m not proud of my color, I feel like I have a beautiful one, I won’t change it, so life goes on.

          And no I’don’t think I’m above you, in some ways I admire you, but at the same time, I hate some of your feelings and opinions. I hate the fact that you cannot understand that you are wrong when it comes to black-white relations, because, I mean it, everything has been done to divide you in the USA, and you don’t really know each other. And at the same time, I personnaly think you have the some of the worst racists white people of the world.

          So, I just want to tell that if you had bad experience with white people, that’s not the case for everyone. Being black doesn’t mean rejecting the other “races” and live just with yours, it’s just to know where you come from and who you are, and not date somebody because he is black and that’s good for the race.

        • cutily, thanks for so eloquently replying my comment. I addressed your initial comments, but was also speaking in more general terms as well.

          You bring up some valid points as well. I didn’t get that some of the other comments were meant to be of a separatist nature? I didn’t get any excessive pride either. But sometimes people view things differently. I for one have nothing against interracial couplings, the children of the couplings etc. I harbor nothing against whites on a whole either. I understand clearly that the change I would like to see, starts with me.

          I will say that I do wish that some of the comments about Nahla and other mixed raced children would ease up here on the politics unless there is a more obvious entree to the topic. I don’t see one here, I just see a mother and child out and about and feel a little odd that she is being videotaped pumping gas and such other mundane, but oh well, the price fame I guess.

          Have a good one cutily.

  6. For my beautiful babies….

    My children
    Sleep peacefully through the night
    Dream of mountains you will climb,
    Songs you will sing,
    Feats you will accomplish.
    Know that you are loved
    Know that you are important
    Know that you are beautiful
    Know in your heart that you were born from love
    Know that you are you, no matter your shade
    Know that you are unique in your own way
    You can not be categorized
    You are not just a color.
    My children
    Wake into a world of harmony
    Hold hands with all the children
    Whether they look like you or not.
    Search for friends at the playground,
    Not little faces that match yours.
    Know what’s important is what you cannot see
    Do not judge someone before having a conversation with them.
    My children
    Own this world
    It is a gift to you
    Do not be afraid of challenge
    Challenge it back.
    Do not be afraid of ignorance.
    Educate the feeble minded.
    My children
    Know that you are defined by your mind.
    Never try to just fit in.
    You are so much better than average.
    You are whoever you want to be.
    And when someone has the nerve to ask “What are you?”
    Smile at them and say…
    “I am me- Beautiful, strong, one-of-a-kind me, and you can’t label me so don’t bother trying.”

  7. What is all this talk of “crossing over”,”black and white”,& “mixed race”? Race doesn’t exist! It’s a label of perceived potential based on what we look like given to us at birth by the government, & consequently by society. The concept of race is rooted in racism!

    Our skin tones are not mere gradations of colors; it’s how our diverse cultural backgrounds & rich ancestries have been chosen to be reflected in our genetic code by God. This past should be learned about and passed on to the future generations, REGARDLESS of what we or our children look like.

    This is the Halle should be telling Nahla; not just that she’s “black and white”. That’s a grotesquely empty description of who she and humanity is.

    Eliminate race and you eliminate racism. Every time we think/speak race (or color) we should replace it with culture/ancestry because looks are quite deceiving and can NEVER fully reflect our ancestral past.

    • Amber, you have a great point and I understand what you’re saying, but in my humble opinion, I think that there are too many people in society who can’t grasp the concept. We can say there’s no such thing as race, but the concept of different races is so ingrained in societal behavior and thought-processes, that it probably wouldn’t be eradicated any time soon. What I’ve come to believe racism is truly rooted in, is not necessarily rooted in there being different “races”, but in many people’s innate disrespect and intolerance for diversity and greed.

      • …”people’s innate disrespect and intolerance for diversity and greed” Whoa! I think we’re getting to the heart of it now (addressing the true root of of a nonsensical stigma)!

        My mom always defined race as a “political construct meant reserve limited resources for a select few”. This being the case, “race” certainly reflects not only greed and intolerance, but the deeper more feral criteria: the primal need for SURVIVAL. The doctrine of race supports the “survival of the fittest(lightest, blondest,etc)” instinct.

        You are right also that this way of thinking will probably never be stripped from society. It won’t happen because race feeds on primal aggressions and false evolutionary theories, while the elimination of the race concept requires a spiritual evolution above what is earthly attainable. Only strong minded people are capable of this.

        If we start accepting/respecting people for their ancestry/culture (seeing a PERSON living WITHIN a body), we would also have to start accepting that everyone is worthy/capable of progress, success, wealth, intelligence, happiness, mercy, compassion, kindness etc. This is what we are refusing to accept when we perpetuate the race illusion.

        • Amber and Victoria, I have enjoyed reading this brief exchange btwn the two of you.

          I come here for the pics and gossip mainly, but nice to read some of the entries from other posters from time to time.

          • Wanted to also add, I appreciate some of the points brought up, but I also think we can celebrate and acknowledge differences and work with the wiring that’s inherent in all humans to differentate btwn two or more things and compare without assigning value to everything, particularly an arbitrary way good or bad along the lines of skin color for example or country of origin, etc.

      • Victoria, you know that many of them look weird. I’m not debating that a model is attractive. I’m talking about the bunch that don’t end up in videos and magazines.

  8. Nahla is adorable as always! However, Halle is looking a little stressed, lately. I hope she’s getting enough rest. I know it must be hard work caring and looking after a little two year old, but from what I’ve seen, Halle is doing a terrific job as mother! :)

    • bp, I understand where you’re coming from, but a child inheriting the traits of both parents is definitely not specific to being mixed-race. I’ve seen mixed-race people who are beautiful from plain, unattractive parents, and mixed-race people who are plain, unattractive from both attractive and unattractive parents. It really just depends. I think beauty is found in all cultures. I’m mixed-race myself, but I definitely don’t think people of this background are “especially” beautiful because of that racial mixing.

    • I think you are wrong!

      I know some mixed kids who are not beautiful at all! That’s the case for every color.
      How can somebody be beautiful, just because of a color mix?!

    • I’ve seen some downright fugg mixed children in my life. I remember some people cooing over how ‘cute’ a particular mixed child was, and I was wondering if they bypassed the skin colour and the hair texture and actually LOOKED at the child (or if there was another child there that my eyes could not see). Some people are so rigidly colour and ‘pretty hair’ struck; the person in question could look like Alice the Goon but they’re considered pretty once they have those two traits. Light-coloured eyes? Icing, sprinkles and M&Ms, baby!

      I’ve seen gorgeous, pretty and questionable looking children of all races and all mixtures, so the idea that mixed = pretty is as false as dark skin + nappy hair = hideous.

    • tj, actually, I think those looks [pale with black features, dark-skinned with blue eyes] are pretty striking and unique, like many other looks within the Black community! :) A particularly striking Black woman with looks like what you described, is a model called Christelle St. Louis Augustine–she is from the Caribbean and has pale skin but extremely coarse hair, like what you would see with many West African women. One of the things I love about Black folks is our enormous physical diversity!

      • Striking unique bizarre odd-looking all mean the same to me. BTW, Christelle St. Louis-Augustine is atrractive looking. But my point was most aren’t. Just like with any other race of people. 10-15% are good looking. The myth that mixed people are somehow more attractive then those who are not is simply just not true. Most look weird just like most people look weird. But they can be exceptionally weird if they have clashing features like white skin and an afro or darkskin and pale blue eyes. Please note, that Christelle is an exception, she’s a model.

        • Point being, it’s a lottery. Clashing ethnic features can very odd looking and far from attractive. If the features don’t clash then the mix can be attractive. But when they do, and I see it all the time, the nicest words to describe it is “unique”.

        • Chrystelle may be a model, but I’ve seen photos of average, every-day Black people with looks similar to hers, and a great many have been quite beautiful. In my experience, there is beauty in nearly every sort of physical look under the sun. There’s so much beauty to be found in humanity and within God’s creations. :)

  9. Nahla is beautiful b/c her parents happen to be beautiful(genes). Its not b/c she is mixed raced and that goes for Halle too.
    It will never cease to amaze me with some of the comments people post. I don’t see white people making comments like that. Cute family btw.

    -Just to clarify, I’m not saying two less attractive people can’t produce and beautiful child or vice versa. I’m just saying that imo that is the case here. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  10. Tee I can understand what you saying about black women dating outside of their race. What I don’t understand is what you’re trying to say about our kids. We don’t have to have a biracial or mixed child for our children to be gorgeous. I can betcha anything ur black. I don’t know why so many black people think? that anything with wavy, curly or straight hair and light skin is the best thang God put on this earth. Yes Nahla is a dollbaby, she would be gorgeous no matter what race she was. Why is the paparazzi following Halle like that? have to be very uncomfortable. To much is just to much.

    • I don’t think that’s what she meant, even though it’s tactless.

      Some women are so over black men that’s it’s sad. I’m a black woman, say “I only want black men” would be a good thing for blacks, but say “I only want white men” would be a crime to my race!

      Stop it, stop waiting for THE perfect black man, he may never come to you. So live your lives girls, don’t care about race.

      I’m french, from the west-indies, and never gave a damn about race, this is how have been raised, I’m mixed myself, and my complexion is not an issue.
      Because I’m culturally closer to a white French, rather than a black african, or an african-américan (except for the creoles of Louisiana).

      • Many black women don’t need to have babies with black men because they are so dam color struck they would just mess up the kids, and those kids would take on their insecurities about their color and hair texture.

        I saw this episode of Tyra where a black woman had 3 kids by a black man and was trying to bleach their blackness away. I was left wondering ‘WHY DID YOU EVEN BOTHER HAVING KIDS BY A BLACK MAN?’

        I already know. Her lonely butt wanted love, and settled for whatever came her way, which was a black man. Insecure people are ALWAYS starved for love, and we know she was insecure because she was dark and not happy with herself at all. So she settled upon a black man, had 3 babies by him, and now all those kids think that being lighter and whiter is better. Dam shame.

        Take your insecure and messed up selves and get you a white man. It’s good you can’t find any brothers because you don’t need them anyway – you’re too color struck. And believe me, no decent white man is gonna want a weak and insecure black woman, so he’s gonna have some insecure issues too. Might even be a racist. A good decent white man will want a strong and proud black woman when he chooses to cross over.

        • Have you read what I wrote?

          The “I only want white men” was to say that it’s as stupid as to say “I only want black men”.

          Come here with us, carribean, and you’ll see it’s completly stupid, beeing black for us means nothing! That’s the same in France.
          We don’t have communities like you have, so this whole black thing is stupid to me.

          As I said, color is not an issue to me, I don’t feel like I have to prove anything. You can say “I’m proud to be black”, because, you’ve been put so down, that it became a pride.

          I’m not proud to be black, I am black, period. Just like I’m not proud to be a female, or to be born in Paris!

          I think you’re wasting your time with all this. Live your lives.

          • I have to disagree with you. If you are black and choose to date just your race, whats wrong with that? However prefering others over your own? Something got to be wrong. My opinion tho. Dont tell me about preference its a whole lot of bullocks excuse my english.

          • And I also disagree with you, I don’t care about the race of the guy I date, and honestly I have a lot less problems than a lot of women here.
            First of all I don’t have a vision of white people above me or like enemmies, I’ve been brougth with them and I have white people in my family. Just like I have black people in my family and I identify myself as black. But to me it’s just color.

            I’m not american, maybe that’s why you cannot understand my point, and date a guy just because he is black is stupid.
            I’m closer to some black people and to some whites, or arabs, anything, it has nothing to do with color, that’s why I don’t understand.

            So well, my elder sister is married to a black man, I’m with a white man, and maybe my little sister will with an asian.
            But my mother never allowed us to say “I only want black men” because she knows that’s completely stupid, and don’t put what’s important first: LOVE.

  11. Awww…nahla is so cute
    I could not be halle berry…I could not handle people following me doing day to day things like pumping gas…I wish these people who are doing this get a life…lol
    Both nahla and halle are beautiful…

    • I just saw the video & I agree. Did I realy need to see a tape of Halle & her daughter walk down the street & get into the car? Was that realy breaking news & something we needed to see. I watched it thinking it was of something important, but I should have known better.

      I know it goes along w/the territory of being a celebrity & while I do not mind seeing pictures of them, I will pass on videos of them leading every day normal life.

  12. I love this picture of Halle and her daughter. I so much respect Halle even more, as well as her parenting, after reading an excerpt from a previous ESSENCE Magazine article. It’s as follows:

    “As a biracial woman, Berry made her choice to identify as African-American because she says, “I always felt very Black. It was easier to connect to that side because that’s what I look like.”

    And while Berry wants daughter Nahla to make her own decision about how she identifies herself, she’s clear that Nahla won’t ever choose to be one race over the other.

    “I doubt my daughter would have that type of identity crisis, because I will not allow her to grow up that way.” she says.

    “I’ll have many talks with her about race starting at a young age, so she’ll know and be a lot more sophisticated about these matters than I was. She’ll definitely know about the Black side of who she is and be able to relate to it and celebrate it.”

    This quote is from Halle Berry , made last year in the March 2009
    BLACK WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD 2009 article. I just love Halle Berry and her beautiful little girl all over again.

    • “I’ll have many talks with her about race starting at a young age, so she’ll know and be a lot more sophisticated about these matters than I was. She’ll definitely know about the Black side of who she is and be able to relate to it and celebrate it.”

      That quote from Halle is really wonderful. I think I can say as a person of mixed-race myself, that too many mixed-race individuals growing up, don’t get a healthy sense of identity and knowledge about their African-American heritage. I’ve encountered a LOT who’ve developed identity crises and in extreme cases, even start to denigrate their Black side. It’s really good to know there’s no danger of any of these things happening to Nahla with Halle around.

  13. Nahla is so cute.I love her top.Those kind of baby clothes are only in L.A.Halle does not look to happy with those people geting photos

  14. Nahla is so precious. Having the paps follow you is the price you gotta pay for fame and fortune. We can’t have it all.

  15. She looks so much like her dad and grandma. Kinda sucks to be Halle’s daughter and not really look like her!

  16. What a gorgeous child. I wish more black women would get a clue and get with other races of men instead of only waiting around on a black guy. Black men sure as heck don’t wait around on us. GO HALLE!!!

    • “The fact that he (Aubry) is White doesn’t bother her in the least, but she is aware that some may find her decision to date a White man problematic.

      She jokes away the criticism. “I tried Black men. I tried,” she wails in a mock Southern accent. “I married two Black men. You know I tried.” She laughs again before making it clear that “I don’t hold all Black males responsible because of the two bad eggs I got. I even dated Black men after my last divorce, but this is just where I found love.”

      Halle Berry quotes from ESSENCE Magazine, BLACK WOMEN in HOLLYWOOD 2009 article, March 2009.

    • Riiiight. We should all get with other races of men just so we can have cute kids. ****rolls eyes***

      Yall can be some of the most ignorant folks. I got flack for using the word ‘darkies’ but I love my black self and I’m proud of that. Some of yall cain’t much say the same thing because you all caught in self hatred and the cuteness of light skinned and mixed kids.

      If you wanna date a white man, you would date him for the same reasons you would want to date a black man – because he loves you, respects you, and treats you right. NOT because yall gonna make some beige-hopefully-cute-looking babies together. Not all mixed kids are that dam cute. Get a clue.

    • Not all Black men behave like that. Besides, interracial relationships and marriage [like all relationships] should be based on a solid basis like love, loyalty, and dedication. Also, the statistics speak for themselves. The majority of Black men who marry, marry Black women. It isn’t like every single African-American man in the country is wedded to a White woman. Possibly, what makes the number look more numerous is that many celebrity Black men are interracially married, but of course, that doesn’t represent the average Black man.

  17. It strikes me as odd that you never see Halle with any celebrity moms. She seems like a bit of a loner, she does her errands, she does the red carpet but I have yet to see her just hanging out!

    • You’re right. She seems to prefer hanging out at least in public photos with Gabriel and Nahla..not even so much her mother as much as in the past. Family closeness is a good thing. Halle and Nahla, if appearances are as we see them, are going to be tightly bonded together in their mother/daughter roles.

    • You’re absolutely right; I’m beginning to notice that too. You hardly see her with other celeb moms like Kimora Lee Simmons, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, etc. Halle also seems like a one-on-one mom–she’s a mother who really doesn’t seem to leave much of the child’s upbringing on the nannies. Good for her!

      • that’s because Halle isn’t new to the game. It’s just a job. She has friends but they are real friendships. Sometimes industry people, so called friends, can sell your information to the tabloids or spread rumors. When Halle did hang out all her info was in the street. I don’t blame her.

  18. Nahla is just too sweet for words. I love her top, reminds of something i wore when i was her age. Oh the 70’s lol. While i love to see pictures of Nahla , I think its sad that Halle can’t do something as normal as pump gas without having people following her and taking pictures.

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