Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs poses with his sons Justin,16, Christian,12, and his bonus son Quincy Brown,18. Quincy’s biological dad is singer Al B. Sure. In the past, Quincy has said that Sean Combs is who “he appreciates as a father.”

“Albert Brown, also known as “Al B Sure!” is my biological father, but Sean Combs, also known as “Diddy” has been a father figure in my life for as long as I can remember. Sean Combs is the person whom I look up to and appreciate as a father. He is the one who help mold me into the person I am today and will always try to live up to his expectations. He has always been supportive of me and I will forever love and respect him. As far as my biological father goes, the “spitting image” is all I have taken from him (Source).”

Click here for archived pictures of Diddy and his kids.

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  1. i keep wondering if kim stuck justin on p. diddy..he looks nothing like him! and its not even his skin color…look at his face!

    • Kim is not Justin’s mom. His mom’s name is Misa Hylton and Justin is spitting image of her. You must be thinking about Quincy.

  2. When we are shown pictures of celebs and their children; why do we always end up talking about the ones who aren’t in the photo? We really have no idea what Diddy, Murphy and the rest of these people feel about these children. Since we don’t why do we always take the negative point of view? Besides this article is entitled Diddy and his boys…..so why are we expecting to see Chance?

  3. aaaww NiceLy said Quincy! :) im sure Diddy is pRoud to have you as a son. Theres some young kids out here who dont even appreciate the things that their “so called not bio fathers” do for them..even as Long as they have raised them!

  4. Diddy’s son’s, all three of them are so handsome. Apparently I didn’t miscount as I read Quincy’s remarks. I think that is great that Diddy has stepped in as a stepdad/father.

    I have a feeling that maybe the relationship between his bio parents was contentious and resulted in a bit of a riff between bio father and son, that is unfortunate, but as Diddy has truly stepped in apparently to fill the void, not wholly something to dwell on or pity.

    We are not privy to all the “behind the scene” stuff. Hopefully he has developed a relationship with Al B. He can look at it now as a near adult hopefully and be able to put a more positive spin on things cause pity parties serve no purpose and look at it as having two dad’s in his life.

  5. chrstian is just so cute to me. He is going to be a handsome man. I know most of yall favor justin, and he is cute, but that christian gonna be a heartbreaker.

  6. I dont believe Guincy made that comment about his el dad .

    Theres alot of pictures of him and AL B to suggest they have a bond or whatever you want to call it .

  7. Whoever said diddy isn’t a nice person, their right even misa has said thathe act a jack at times just because she wasn’t letting him come over when he get really he was giving more to kim kids and misa wasn’t having it.

  8. Hmmm…I’d be shocked if ‘leah’,’Tony’ and ‘kylie’ were NOT the same person.
    They all post similar far-reaching rhetoric,same unfounded theories, same broken English. Sarah’s relatives/friends sure are going hard on this post lol!

  9. No we don’t know why diddy keeps chance hidden, but I found it hard to believe if sarah did not want the public to see her child with diddy she wouldn’t post pictures.And FYI Misa said that all the children should be treated fair on the radio,they all belong to him,but it’s ok because chance will have a stepfather in her life that just don’t gave money but spends time with her & calls her his daughter.

  10. Maybe, just maybe, it’s Sarah who doesn’t want Chance photographed? Maybe she doesn’t want them out together because of the media attention it would bring? Maybe, behind closed doors Diddy has a wonderful relationship with his daughter and an agreement with her mom to keep the media attention to a low? Maybe she’s sort of bitter and doesn’t want HER daughter around him or his other kids? I’m just saying, don’t assume it’s Diddy who is doing wrong when you have no proof. He claims all of his children and proudly states that he has 6 kids that will be taken care of.

  11. Well from a man’s point of view, you can’t deny your own seed for a child ain’t even his.It seems to me he has quincy every where with him, I remember when I use to see him with justin and christain,and man you got a beautiful daughter in Atlanta how you can treat her like that,she’s always by herself, man come on I couldn’t image not being proud of showing off my queen.

    • WTF do u mean she’s alway’s by herself? dat sound’s so stupid,and u don’t no how much time he spend’s with her.i am sure if he was’nt doin [stuff] her mom would make it known!

  12. You sound very hypocritical on one hand you are speculating about Kim, Al B. Sure and Quincy and how that all took place. And on the other hand condemning Diddy and Chance relationship (something you know nothing about) We don’t know if it is her mothers choice not to have that baby in the limelight or what is going on. She is obviously not dragging him to court so it would seem they have amicably worked that out.

  13. I just popped up to re-echo the confusion over the continued use of the word “bonus”. Yes, like someone stated above, there must be a better word to use, or maybe no word at all – I’m sure the information in the parenthesis should suffice.

  14. Al B Sure should really be upset. To father a child that is your clone in looks and have him refer to someone else as his father figure while you are still alive says a lot about how sorry a father he must be. That is really sad. I, too , don’t get this “bonus” title that is being applied to those who act as parents. It seems so cold….like talking of an inanimate object. There must be a better word than “bonus”.

  15. If Al B. Sure had money like Puff Daddy, Quincy wouldn’t be saying all that negative stuff about his biological dad at all. He’s just sweating Puffy because of that “dollar, dollar bill.” I know Quincy knows how Puffy treats his mother…I sure wouldn’t be gloryfying him at all but money talks.

    • i don’t feel that if al b sure had money he would feel differently. he is clearly stating that diddy has been a FATHER FIGURE, it has nothing to do with money. al b sure could be the richest man in america, but he isn’t being a father too his son.

    • why is it about money?quincy has said in da past dat his dad AL B never really tried 2 be part of his life,how can he be sweatin a man dat’s raised him like his own since 4 or 5?maybe he’s closer 2 diddy cuz he’s alway’s been there 4 him.al b popped up again after quincy sent out dat letter.what took him so long?

  16. why do u have 2 call quincy his bonus son,ppl know he’s not his bio son by now.nobody care’s,anyway dey look good and as usual justin is gorgeous!

    • Diddy deserves nothing but respect for the fatherly role he has played in this child’s life and the life of his own. Regardless of anything else, that man is ONE HELL OF A FATHER!!! MUCH RESPECT

    • I agree with you bey-leivea, they did not have to say “bonus son” that sounds like an insult. Especially since Quincy goes on to make his comment that Diddy IS his father. Please change that.

  17. Quincy’s quote just further cements my belief that just having a sperm meet an egg doesn’t make a man a father, and just carrying and pushing a baby into the world doesn’t make a woman a mother. It’s how you love, raise, support and positively influence the child that counts the most.

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