Actress Phylicia Rashad and her daughter Condola Rashad,23, posed at the premiere of “Just Wright” on May 4, 2010 in New York City. Condola’s dad is former NFL wide receiver and sportscaster Ahmad Rashād, whom Phylicia married in 1985. The two later divorced 2001.

Phylicia also has a son named William from her first marriage.

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  1. I believe when everyone is the same hue, we will get over the color struck, as you say, thing. Americans are colorstruck period. I believe if they left this country and go spend time in anotherone, they would have a different perspective on color. Afterwards, once they have taken that trip, they will find that they will have risen above the conversation of hue, period.

    • @Somebody – seriously? You really believe other countries aren’t colorstruck as well? Did you know Indian from India have a caste system? The darker the are, the lower they are seen. You know that Asian women spend millions of dollars trying to get that “Western” i.e. white woman look. You know that darker skinned people were always seen as inferior within many nations. Colorism and racism are not American issues only. Just saying.

  2. I have noticed that when a celeb child isnt as bright as people would like……it is neva many comments on the child. More comments on Phylicia than her daughter. Oh she looks like her dad or she have grown up. Black people are our own worse enemy with this color struck [stuff]. Let the girl have been light, would have been so many dayum comments on her look. That girl is absolutely stunning and have always been a beautiful child. I betcha the ones that isn’t handing out comments is her complexion or darker. When are we gonna get ova this light to bright crap? when?

  3. Wow Phylicia looks amazing. Her daughter is very pretty as well. I like her hair. BTW am I the only one who thinks the woman in the background looks like Kelis?

  4. i was shocked to learn that phylicia and her husband divorced. I heard he’s now married to the late Casey Johnson’s mother and is raising Casey’s daughter.

  5. I absolutely LOVE Phylicia Rashad. I guess because physically and internally she reminds me of my own mother. I’m only 21 (22 on Monday) but i have the first three seasons of the Cosby Show on DVD and always laughed at the creative ways they hid Phylicia’s stomach. Her daughter looks like her father. I’m glad she kept her married name because I never realized da Ayers-Allen name in the first season til recently.

  6. PhyLicia has not aged a bit! omgg.. and her daughter is pretty as well. I LOVED her on the Cosbys and on PoLLy! she is one of my fav. and we have the same bdaY! yaaay :)

  7. Yes feeling rather old right now as I remember too her being preggo on the Cosby show with this daughter and I’m not talking about the re-runs but the original airing. Nice to finally see her all grown up.

  8. her daughter just looks awkward and uncomfortable perhaps she is not used to premieres and posing. Mom looks efforltess and gorgeous as always. I love her daughter’s complexion, beautiful! she looks like kelly rowland to me in the second pic

  9. The funny thing that comes to mind is that Phylicia was pregnant with her when she was hiding her pregnancy during the 3rd season of the Cosby Show lol

  10. Yes, I agree – Condola looks a lot older then 23. I wonder why she is not smiling in the pics….Hmmmm…..

  11. WOW I remember when she was pregnant with Condola. I just never saw any photos of her until now…She’s very beautiful and go on Ms. Phylicia you look fabu!

  12. Phylicia looks great and has lost so much weight! I can’t believe her daughter is 23, I remember when she was pregnant with her too!

    • As well as her beauty, that’s what I am looking at too. She really got rid of that weight. Wish I could be a fortunate.

  13. Condola looks like a model! What is your secret, Phylicia? You look incredible!!! I bet you attract men half your age.

  14. I had forgotten about her daughter and who she was married to. I remember her as a little girl, but then again she’s not much younger than me.

  15. Phylicia is still a beautiful after all these years. Go on, Ms. Lady! I remember when she was pregnant with Condola.

  16. Phylicia is a beautiful woman.she has not change much.baby black don’t crack.I never seen her daughter untill today.Great pic of mother and daughter.

  17. Pretty girl! Not surprised. She had two very good gene pools from which to dip from. Lovely mom and handsome dad. Love her hair and complexion, its so smooth.

    Boy oh boy. I remember when this little girl was a baby. Feeling really old right about now–lol.

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