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  1. EVERYONE who is judging needs to be checked. Skylar and Ej didn’t go to prom together. You guys are rude for judging people because you will be quick to defend yourself when someone is judging you. My brother is bomb and whoever thinks he isn’t clearly doesn’t know what bomb is. Sorry, I couldn’t read these RUDE & obnoxious comments and not have the urge comment back.
    The majority of you guys who comment on here are extra noisy anyways.

  2. stop being so damn mean , he is 17. you guys go straight to what you think are flaws. you dont [even] know him. GROW UP

  3. ok why does magic Johnson son have his eyebrows arched,and have his hands on his hips??? tappered pants on and no socks and shoes that look like slipper? WHAT, WHAT!!

  4. Very nice lookin pair…but that 2nd pic …thought the skinny leg pants were bad enuff till I looked down at the geenie of the lamp slippers.

  5. Nice first picture. Pretty girl! Won’t comment on the other one; guess one could say, “hmmmmm..” rock both ways if you know what I mean. Hope she had a great time!

  6. Ignore my last commetn I didnt see the part where it noted that…
    Anyway does anyone know if this was his prom or hers?

    • No, her date was the first guy. That’s why BCK put him first. That other website likes to make things up for shock value. BCk is right(i follow her on twitter and she said that was her dayte. His name is Omar. I hope that answers your question.

      Omar is cute! Michael Johnson’s son is such a goofball-lol

  7. I was like nice until I saw the second picture.

    I mean soooo many things can be said about that picture right there but I’ll behave.

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