There is a new reality show in town and it features reality star Neffe, her fiance Soullow, and their six children:

“The Neffe and Soullow Family Tree” will consist of 8 family members who are all growing and striving to be the best they can be, shedding light on their community and trying to make a change. The show will depict how Neffe and Soullow get involved with their community while also aiding their children to follow their dreams as Neffe and Soullow pursue dreams of their own as they prepare for their wedding. Frankie will not be a part of this show as she is pursuing her own endeavors (Source).”

The show hasn’t been picked up by a network at this time.

Check out some more pictures of Neffe and Soullow and their kids below:


  • neffefam2
  • Starr
  • CiiiCii
  • Breanna
  • neffe-and-sollow
  • Dashee
  • neffefam




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  1. it always have to be a hater… Ok I understand everybody is entitled to their own opinion but who sits around & talk about kids?? Where they do that at? 9 times out of 10 yall look bad I think the kids is beautiful in their own way Far as the purpose of the show go, its to empower women believe it or not its alot of neffes in the world alot of women who have alot kids ,who’s from he hood who dont believe its more out there so neffe shown can encourage them & it also be a lesson 2 other young girls, it can show them what happens when u have unprotected sex & the struggle u have to face…nowadays people always want to judge someone for their faults instead of looking at things on the bright side…btw if she want to have ten kids so be it thats her pussy, yall dont have to take care of them so why r yall so concerned? SN: SORRY FOR THE TYPO

  2. Neffe’s kid aren’t gorgeous but they aren’t bad looking being that they came from her but she looks ok when she fix herself up not so ghetto looking.

  3. I’m happy for Neffe, she’s been through so much and deserves to be where she is now. Her children are beautiful and I am glad to see that she had her and Soullow’s baby girl. Hopefully now her and Frankie are on good terms and her and Keyshia have started talking again.

  4. The picture(style-wise) came out pretty nice. I think her chiLdren are beautifuL. I just have 2 see what shes gonna offer in this show now.

  5. omg i remeber that little boy when he was a newborn, wooooooooow, time flies lol && her older daughter grew too lol

  6. Yoooooo I remember little dude when dey 1st brought him on stage at the show…Im so glad she didnt give him up and this all proves that he/she say but what does god say but hes big and his little sis 2 peace and blessings to Neffe and her crew.

  7. Could someone PLEASE explain to me how the two older kids are “two close for comfort”??? They are standing side by side. They don’t have their arms wrapped around each other or anything. I see brother & sisters hug and embrace each other all the time, why does something have to be going on w/ these two. The photographer probably told them to get closer so they could be in frame, idk. But @ momo & onum2 you guys need help for thinking like that

    Like I said before, cute kids!

  8. Nooooooo, not another one!!
    I read elsewhere that Frankie is going to have her own rehab show. I know Keyshia probably wishes she hadn’t even done that show.

  9. You need Frankie for the drama. Or, go back to Oakland, CA and argue with the baby-daddy in the middle of the street with cameras rolling.

  10. Why are Neffe’s and Soullow’s lips so, so, greasy in the shot of just the two of them? Not such a good look . The eyelashes, not so much, either.

    Just my opinion.

      • LOL, GTSA..not to put them down, but you are so right!

        The two look like the just ATE some greasy fried pork chops.

        As a matter of fact, on second look, their mouths both look like exposed anuses and/or va-jay-jays.

  11. Neffe may be silly and does anything for money, but she is not bad looking. That is why she has beautiful children.

    • @Big Blue – not necessarily. I’ve seen some unattractive couples with some pretty babies. Genetics is a booga bear sometimes. You just never know what you’ll get.

    • Your sick to even think something like that. They may not be blood brother and sister, but they are still family. I guess brothers and sisters can’t hug each other or he can’t have his hands rested around her shoulders. smh

      Beautiful kids. The little girl Starr looks like she’s the energy of the family with that big, beautiful smile!

  12. This reality show fad needs to stop, esp. where Keyshia Cole’s family are concerned. Do we really need a reality show about a woman with 6 kids by multiple fathers? What would be the point of the show? Why don’t reality show producers do a show about black doctors, fireman, janitors or other hardworking people, anything besides the minstrel shows we’ve been seeing with people with little education and sense. Pretty kids but their mother does not need to be on tv.

    • Both of you are correct. I for one do not watch reality shows except for Dancing w/the Stars & So you think you can dance. There is nothing reality about watching what other people do inside their home. There’s nothing real about it…its all hyped up for the viewers.

      If there was a show about someone who isn’t a celebrity but a doctor, lawyer, teacher, living their lives & truly giving to their community & inspiring others, I may watch. Till then, I’ve got my own real life to live. Anyone wanna pay me to watch?

    • I agree with you 100 percent God know there are no really good role models 4 our kids 2 look up 2 on TV and this show will make it worse

    • ITA with kidh!!! what is the point of this show?? and there should be more to a woman’s life than “making beautiful children” with several different men!

    • Because they would have to pay some real money as well as be careful not the breach a contract. They can get these people for next to nothing and exploit them with any worry of being sued. I’m sick of these kind of reality shows. One has but to travel to the streets for these kind of reality shows. What’s to see?

    • Smdh ok you complaining about the fact that Neffe is doing a tv show or Keyshia’s family on tv period isn’t gonna stop it from being aired. Am I correct? So what purpose do you really serve? She is a black woman who obviously made some mistakes in her past but does what she has to do to take care of her kids. How is that not hard-working? I consider a black woman taking care of her kids one of the hardest working people there are. And so what if she had 3,4,5, or 6 different “baby daddies”! That is something she has to live with not you! You just make sure you have yourself in order before you pass judgement on other people! Smh and just because her children don’t look like something you’re used to seeing in a celebrity kid doesn’t mean they aren’t cute! Every one of those kids are beautiful African-American people point blank period. If you don’t like it, change the channel! It’s that simple! People always have something negative to say! #FAIL

        • Thx Teri.

          I’m glad someone likes me. Some of the people on here can be a bit touuuchy over someone expressing their real opinion. I didn’t know opinions came any other way.

          If you like this, you should here me during conversations. Sometimes, it just flies out my mouth. Can’t help it…it’s my ADHD’s fault.

      • LOL almost passed out at that 1,but i agree.i don’t see it either,but everyone has diff. opinion’s on what gorgeous is.

    • I def. see some gorgeous here and there for sure. Good looking bunch of kids overall. Yes, different tastes for the most is a good thing.

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