Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry took her daughter Nahla,2, to Griffith Park for a day of fun with friends yesterday.

Halle Berry

Nahla went horseback riding while her mom watched on the sidelines.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Later on during the day, the mother and daughter duo went for a train ride and had lunch with some friends.


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Photos:GSI Media for use on Blackcelebkids.com

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  1. O.M.G., there needs to be a law for being way too cute. the top pic id ADOREABLE! Haley can dress me as well….cute stuff!

  2. Love these snaps and especially the outfit that Nahla is sporting. I love horses as well and so did my children.

    • Hello Khrish! How are you, dear? I was wondering where you were. And I agree with you, I love these pictures of Nahla on the pony and her mama gazing adoringly at her. Take care. Hope all is well with you!

  3. i love how halle has learned to not let the pap’s taking pic’s of them upset her. she used to try and make a run for it and i just knew she would have another accident or end up like princess di. now she will look at the camera and know that the pap’s are out there snapping pictures but she seems to take it all in stride and not let it upset her or her daughter! she knows they are always watching and unless she is going to shut her and her daughter away from the world then she will just go on about her business.

  4. A handler was holding the pony’s leash there was video on [another site]the guy was wearing a blue shirt. As protective of Nahla , Halle is do you honestly think the baby would be riding the pony alone.

  5. These are absolutely adorable shots of Halle and Nahla! I know how much fun riding a horse can be. My mom and dad took me riding for my eighth birthday, where I rode ‘Cody’ the horse. It was so much fun! I still have the pictures, too. :-) Best of all, Halle’s building great memories with her daughter. I guarantee when Nahla is a grown woman, she’ll look back on these times and smile. :)

    BTW, if some people are so over seeing Halle and Nahla, that’s not exactly their fault–they can’t help being famous, they can’t help photographers taking pictures of them, and unless they plan on moving to a cave, they cannot help that these pictures show up on the internet. What’s Halle supposed to do, never take her child out to have fun?

  6. nahla is gorg. as usual.as far as ppl who r tired of her.why would u click on a post about her if u don’t care!

  7. Love Halle’s shoes…cute.

    Safety concern? Nahla is strapped on the pony who is walking down a guarded narrow path. Letting your child ride a bicycle w/o a helmet on a city street w/o supervision is worse than that.

    Nahla looks so much like her father in the 1st photo, 1st time I’m noticing that. Love her outfit.

    • Sherley you are bugging!!!

      The child is only 2 years although she looks older, she falls off that pony she is breaking something!

      That’s a pretty big pony look @ the distance from where she is sitting to the ground that’s a much higher distance than falling off a bike!

      No one was fussing or making a big deal we were just stating the fact that it would make more sense to be a bit safer.

      That’s all boo boo, don’t stir the pot!

      • Stir what pot? Over a damn picture?

        You think she’s unsafe. I think that kid riding his bike not wearing a helmet who darted out in traffic causing me to slam on my brakes & thus causing him to hit the front of my car & sliding across the hood was more unsafe.

        I don’t believe I asked anyone to agree nor disagree w/me.

        Pls do not assume I get worked up over pictures & other people’s opinions.

  8. I am so sick of Halle and this kid…..next. So over Nahla and mommy. BCK, plzzzzzzzzzzzz put the spotlight on other celeb kids that we hardly see. For one I would luv to see Kesha Cole’s little one.

    • The guns are going to blaze but whatever, I share this sentiment as well. They are cute and the pictures are sweet, but they do seem to be on a lot. I’m just saying.

    • How can BCK produce pictures of children that the parents aren’t showing off? Does BCK pull these pictures out of their A..?

      As much pictures I see of Jaden & Willow Smith; Kimora & her children; Monica & her boys, Melanie & her crew…I just know you guys aren’t complaining about Halle being out & about w/her child. If she wasn’t living her life, yall would complain she’s hiding because she’s depressed or keeping Nahla from her father.

      If celebrities do not have their children in the spotlight, yall complain. If they are in the spotlight, yall still complain.

      If you do not want to see a picture of Halle & Nahla, pass the posting & go to one you want to see. That is what I do w/Monica & her boys & now MJ’s children (because of the nut-sos who comment regarding paternity & race). It’s not that darn complicated.

      • Lol, Sherley. You are so smart! You took the words out of my mouth. I agree with you 100%. People always complain about nothing… They complain about every darn thing. Good to know there are some wise ones among us.

      • @ Sherley, I can only speak for myself, I don’t complain at all no way. Having spirited discussions, cracking jokes is all good, but acting as board police, on a public site, is crazy. You’ll are funny.

        • I have a wonderful sense of humor, on here & in life.

          It irks the daylights of out me when people argue, belittle, demean others over pictures of people who do not care about them.

          I also get irk when people attack the children. They are innocent children for goodness sake.

          I come on here to see pictures & to read about the great things our future is producing right now. If I want to deal w/idiots, I go on those other sites.

          • Understood, but in this case what you mentioned didn’t happen. About 3-4 people stated basically being over seeing so many pictures of Halle and her daughter back-to-back. The aggressiveness in the post was like okay take it down 2 levels or so. It bugs me out though and I’ve seen it before where a person makes a comment and someone responds well you shouldn’t have clicked on that post, but by the same token that person (the one who responded) could have easily bypassed that person’s comment as well. Whatever though. I don’t get too caught up in issues and back and forth too much on this board.

        • Pls..like I said don’t make the mistake of assuming I give a crap about people’s opinions on this or any other site.

          I was responding to the comment of wanting a picture of a child that his parents are not producing. You decided to respond to something else & I responded to that.

          Yes its true I could have passed by the original comment, but I chose not to just like you could have passed on my comment & chose not to.

          You’re tired of seeing pictures of Nahla & Halle, pass them by. I do not care much for Monica & her sons, so I pass them by. What was the point in clicking & typing you are tired of a picture when you could have spent that time looking at something you wanted to see? You & your poopy followers agree w/me…ok…and???

    • It’s safe to say we all agree that we’re done with the NahlaHalle updates. I must say i wouldn’t mind seeing her have some fun with daddy, but BCK don’t over do it 😉

    • so do u want them 2 bust up in Keisha’s house & take pic’s? u can’t take pic’s of a kid that ain’t been seen since it was born!

  9. For $34.00, that lunchbox better wash and pack itself.

    I’m jealous of Nahla, though. The closest I had to pony rides at her age were plastic merry-go-round horses.

    • Leo says:
      June 3, 2010 at 3:20 pm

      For $34.00, that lunchbox better wash and pack itself.
      Leo – you are a mess! I almost choked on my milkshake. Isn’t THAT the truth.

  10. Too cute and I love how little Nahla is wearing boyfriend jeans-she is a little Halle indeed beacuse Halle is notoriously known for wearing those jeans. Lol

  11. Adorable pics, but shouldn’t a handler lead the pony? Nahla’s only 2 years old!
    Halle – don’t give the man any room to call you out on your parenting.

    • She had a little “seatbelt” thing on maybe that’s why no one was leading it. Anyways Nahla is too cute for words

  12. Halle is beaming with pride watching her daughter ride the pony. The little playdate girl is cute, too, with her look- a -like, fly- away pony-tail hairdo, like her buddy Nahla.

  13. I like Halle’s shoes :)

    Nahla and her friend could almost pass as sisters or cousins, family non the less…in my opinion.

    What a happy pony riding day, seemed fun 😉

  14. I loved the day lil Nahla is dressed, she’s so cute. She’s most def a lil Halle Berry.

    $34 for a lunch box?? Aye she’s a celeb she can afford it, me on the other hand get a lunch box from walmart for $12.99 :) lol

    • Trisha, there’s nothing wrong with that :) I got my child a disney character lunch case on sale for $1.49 (not at a dollar store) from the previous weeks sale of $5.49 I’m hating and i believe A DISNEY CHARACTER IS BETTER THAN A RANDOM MONKEY WITH A BANANA LOL

  15. how cut is that! Nahla is a fearless little girl. sitting on that horse like a big girl :-) looks like a fun day.

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