It looks like congratulations are in order for rapper Mystikal and his belle. While on the red carpet for the 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Mystikal proudly showed off his girlfriend’s baby bump.

“The Shake It Fast” rapper was released from jail earlier this year after serving six years in prison on sexual assault charges.

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  1. i think yoll is biased and are highly hateful.
    The fact that yoll are here typing up stuff shows that yoll are looking to make yourself feel better.
    he is living life.
    and you are hating.no life.


    why yoll hate like he ‘raped’ you?
    i dont think that woman was tied down.she knew she was going to go to jail.

    I say Mystikal should go on and live life.
    he has more houses and more cars and more everything.

    I bet you there is more woman looking to have his baby knowing very well that he is having a baby with another woman.

  2. Desperate women in want of a celebrity sperm of a endangered species that they get with a known rapist. shakes my head.

  3. HE a “celebrity” females don’t care about anything else, shew!jail, abuser, drug user broke what ever as long as they were or are a celebrity that’s it. Not to say she doesn’t “love” him.If he just got out when did they form a relationship. jail has harden his face..lets see if he will get a record deal or will his cd’s sell..hint hint chris brown

  4. I for 1 do not condone the actions of either of the party. The accused or the accuser. The woman was 40 years old. Come on now. 40. She had a choice. If I was given that ultimatum I would have just told them to call the cops on me. I’m just saying. Mystykal’s on the other hand being of celebrity status should have used his head & called the authorities on her. In the end he paid a heavy price for his very poor decision. At the end of the day it”s not our forgiveness that counts.
    I wish him & his lovely fiancee the best. I hope this talented young man will have a healthy,happy baby. Congrats Mike!!

  5. I’m confused by his sentencing. Shouldn’t it be bribery/extortion? If someone demands you perform oral on them, or they’ll report you for thievery, I feel like that should be bribery/extortion. Not that I’m judge or jury and this case isn’t already dunzo.

  6. I believe Mr. M and this young lady were both desperate. First of all, he just got out of the slammer, and she is overweight and probably believes her chances for obtaining the right guy are slim or none at all, therefore, she put herself in this position to go out like this. I am looking at the whole picture. I do not mean to be rude, but this is a free country where speech is concerned. How did the two of these two individuals meet? On the other hand, they may not have been desperate. Still, if they were in love, why did they not marry prior to procreating? Girls, we got to wake up.

    • She’s overweight? *quizzical look* Maybe they knew one another before and she was there for him during that time. I don’t know.

  7. Rock Princess…I agree with you partially but….US WOMEN….have to raise our standards! Yes…brotha’s need to do better but it is up to us to Demand and Expect better….In all regards!

  8. PlainMean, Leo and FashionedbyGod33….ladies, I’m back from the show. Maxwell and Jill Scott killed it!!! The show was magnificent. Please go check it out. Luv.

    • Girl, I know you had a good time. I know the Jill Scott and Maxwell line-up is sold out here in NYC; unsure of Maxwell and Badu but I would prefer Jill and Max. *sad face* Next time.

  9. Are we this desperate sistas that we would procreate with anybody with sperm? This [GUY] looks like a clown. A grown man on the red carpet looking like he was kicking it with the boys in the hood and somebody brought him along to this event. On the redcarpet wearing a doo-rag, faded jeans, plaid shirt and athletic footwear? Seriously, diva? This is the man of your dreams and father of your child? SMDH! Brithas, we need y’all to do better.

    • You make some valid points and observations, but we must cut this poor brother a little slack…he was locked away from society for awhile and probably has to re-learn or re-adjust to the appropriate way to dress and/or act in different and varying social settings.

      Hope she will or can teach him better.

  10. Wow you people amaze. The only people that know what happened is God, Mystikal, the chick and the other guys that were there. Even if he did rape that girl, no one here has the right to judge geesh. I swear some of ya’ll think ya’ll are God or something…

    • You forgot the people that viewed the videotape? And you don’t have to be God to have morals. I mean seriously, you take the time out to argue in defense of someone who sexually assaults a person and likely damaged them mentally and emotionally for the rest of their life? Maybe you should have a talk with God.

      • @Plain Mean Do not make it seem as if I’m condoning what he allegedly did. Get that straight first of all. Secondly, morals and judgement are two different things. @Leo, even if it were pookie from the street, if he went to jail for a period of time, hopefully he learned his lesson but I’m not about to walk pass him spit on him, curse him and tell him he’s a piece of crap because of what he did in the past. I’m sorry but that’s just me.

          • Hope she feels that way when a convicted pedophile (the real deal child-rapist, not the had-sex-with-a-16-year-old-at-18 ones) is released into the neigbourhood. After all, he served his time. Let’s forgive him.

    • Would you be so quick to say “don’t judge” if it had been Pookie from the corner? I bet you’d be giving poor-butt Pookie a wide berth and a side-eye if you saw him coming up your street.

      Celebrity – the ultimate cleanser.

  11. For the uninformed, this is what actually happened :

    Rapper Mystikal was sentenced Thursday by a district court judge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to a six-year prison term for sexual battery for attacking his former hairstylist.

    Judge Anthony Marabella also required Mystikal (real name Michael Tyler) to register with the state as a sex offender. Under Louisiana state law, Mystikal will be eligible for parole after two years behind bars.

    Mystikal had originally been charged with aggravated rape and extortion on July 18, 2002, after police arrested him and two bodyguards for threatening to turn his former hairstylist in to police for cashing $80,000 worth of unauthorized checks from the rapper’s bank account if she did not have oral sex with them (see “Mystikal Charged With Rape, Extortion”). In Louisiana, aggravated rape carries a mandatory sentence of life without probation. On July 19, police revealed that they had found a videotape of the assault (see “Mystikal Videotaped Alleged Rape, Police Say”).

    After numerous meetings with the state prosecutor, Mystikal’s lawyer J. David Bourland was able to whittle the charges down to sexual battery in exchange for a guilty plea.

    In early December, Mystikal’s lawyer filed a motion to withdraw his client’s guilty plea to sexual battery of the infirmed and no contest to extortion when he learned that prosecutors had given judge Marabella the videotape of the sexual assault. As part of their negotiation, the prosecutor agreed the tape would remain sealed and would not be admitted in the case as evidence. However, when the judge asked to see the videotape, the prosecution gave it to him to view.

    “I cannot say in good faith the state deceived us, but there may have been a misunderstanding,” Bourdin said. “They said they were not going to use the tape to increase the sentence and we took that to mean the tape would be held confidential forever. The state did not bring the tape up to the judge; he asked to see the tape before sentencing.”

    Though he is convinced he could have withdrawn Mystikal’s guilty plea and started a new trial, Bourdin said he decided not to do so because the charges against his client would have been escalated back to aggravated rape.

    Judge Marabella read Mystikal’s sentence on Thursday with disdain. “The court is convinced that the defendant believes he is above the law and can take the law into his own hands,” he said, according to the Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate. “You received a significant break when the district attorney reduced the charges. … If it weren’t for the victim [agreeing to lesser charges in exchange for a guilty plea], the sentence would have been the maximum 10 years.”

    “We are satisfied with the sentence,” Bourdin said. “Sometimes a bird in the hand is better than two in the tree. The videotape of the incident is so inflammatory that it would have been very damaging if it had been presented in an aggravated rape case.”

    Prosecuting attorney Sue Bernie is also happy with the decision even though the judge made it clear that he would have sentenced Mystikal to the full 10 years had he not copped a plea. Like Bourdin, she sought to keep the videotape out of the courtroom, but for a different reason.

    “Our goal was to save our client’s dignity, and if we could avoid that particular tape being made public and still get justice, that was the goal,” Bernie said. “If we were to proceed with the aggravated rape charge, the videotape would have had to be played and it would have been made part of the public record.”

    Before criminal negotiations between Bourdin and Bernie began, Mystikal underwent sexual-assault counseling and did community service. He also settled with the woman for an undisclosed sum in order to prevent her from filing a civil suit against him.

    As part of his decision, Judge Marabella also ruled that when Mystikal gets out of jail he will have to serve five years of probation for extortion. This means that Mystikal will have to pay $100 per month to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Division of Probation and Parole to defray the costs of supervision; remain employed; undergo substance-abuse evaluation and follow all recommended treatment; remain alcohol- and drug-free; submit to random urinalysis at his own expense; and maintain no contact with the victim or her family. If he violates any of the terms of probation, Mystikal will return to prison for up to 10 more years.

    The two bodyguards who took part in the assault also pleaded guilty. Vercy Carter will spend up to four years in jail and Leland Ellis will remain in prison for up to three years.

  12. What type of woman dates and becomes pregnant by a man that rapes a woman and has the nerve to videotape it? ::side eye::

    • Oh my lord!!!!! I didn’t even know he raped someone, before this page and now to find out he taped it WTF? His fiancee needs SERIOUS help, why honey, why? Plenty fish inside the sea…mus’ have one “good one” for u…what kinda b-s is this?

      • Miss Evelina Rae! What has come over you today? I have NEVER seen you write and abbreviated cuss word before. Funny girl.

        • Pisces i know what you mean…it’s out of character for me, but i’ve never read anything like his story before. It made me mad ’cause i commented and then i learned the horrible truth. I just don’t see why his fiancee is so happy, well i guess the pregnancy, but look who you allowed to be your childs father. What will she say to the victim? Sorry for what he did
          to you, but he’s done right by me? What will she tell her child especially if it’s a girl? Don’t trust men…look what daddy did…
          That’s the role model she wants for her child especially a son…oh thats daddy, but don’t follow in it footsteps be a better man, promise!?! IT’S REAL SAD ‘CAUSE NO ONE SPEAKS OF THE POOR LADY THAT CAN BE REALLY DAMAGE FOREVER.

          • It’s okay, Evelina Rae, I totally understand and agree with you. You are a grown up.

            I read more about his background, too and tragedy has beset this man and his family for a while now. I read that his sister, who sang with him was murdered (stabbed to death) by her boyfriend who is one of the Neville brothers (Charles Neville’s) grandson.

            I hope Mistikal (Michael) has changed for the better and learned how to better treat women/people in general, so that some goodness and light can come into his life with this new baby coming.

          • pisces..if something happen to my sister such as murder by a man…i would at it like i need to do better for these brothers not harm the sisters

          • @sad case… I agree. I hope Mystikal is able to heal from all of the strife in his life. It is tragic and sad. I feel sorry for everyone involved. Thank for your words of wisdom.

    • Celebrity Status is a helluva thing, PlainMean. The only thing that washes sins away better than that is the blood of Jesus.

      • Hahaha, Leo! They just keep on coming about this dude! Cracking me UP over here! My weekend is starting off great because of the fun of these posts. Now tonight I’ll be seeing Maxwell and Jill Scott in concert, and this day will have been complete bliss! Have a great weekend, Leo.

        • @Pisces, why must you hurt? Did you really have to reveal that you are going to see my husband tonight? LOL. Kidding have fun chica. I know they are going to rear it down. They will be in NYC sometime this month and they added another date with Maxwell and E. Badu.

          • HOLD ON NOW! This is gonna be a 3-way brawl because Maxwell is my man! Lol. He’ll be visiting my little town next month, super excited because we don’t get many big-name (black) artists here!

  13. I use to love his music! For those who believe he was a rapist you don’t know what happened with his case or with the victim. You only hear what has been said and reported in the news. If you want real facts go to Louisiana and get his Probable Cause Affidavit and Charging Information!

  14. Who did he rape? didn’t know he was in jail. Why oh why? sistahs do we always get knocked up without papers first? That is where alot of ya make your mistake. Other races of women get that paper than have the babies. Then again……brothas r always quick to marry anything that isn’t black anyway, lol.

    • @luvbug – two things. Women of other races have babies out of wedlock, and as far as black men marrying everything else – the majority of black men are married to black women. Please don’t let the media fool you. Just saying.

      The information below is from an article I read online dated May 20, 2009:
      In America, 40 per cent of births are now to women out of wedlock, and the majority of these are to women in their 20s, not teenagers, says a report, titled Changing Patterns of Non-marital Childbearing in the United States, which was released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

      From 1995 to 2002, the birth rates for unmarried black mothers dropped by 12 per cent. There was no significant change in the rates for non-Hispanic white and Hispanic mothers during these years. In the last years, from 2002 to 2006, birth rates for unwed non-Hispanic white women rose by 14 per cent and for African American women by 9 per cent, while the rates increased by 20 per cent for Hispanic women and 24 per cent for API women.

      The report also showed that among 14 countries analyzed by the National Center for Health Statistics, the percentage of all live births to unmarried women in the United States – 40 per cent in 2007 – ranks somewhere in the middle. Other countries include Iceland (66 per cent), Sweden (55 per cent), Norway (54 per cent), France (50 per cent), Denmark (46 per cent) and the United Kingdom (44 per cent).
      You see what I’m saying? It’s funny because my sister told me that not too long ago on Dr. Phil, there was a white girl who had three different children by three different men. She got to be on Dr. Phil. Just saying again. No shade :-)

  15. For the record, she’s his fiance. Welcome home, bruh. New Orleans missed you.

    And for those who will talk smack: Unless we give the death penalty or life sentence to a rapist, we must allow them to have a second chance at being a productive member of society. I’m not saying I would marry him, I’m just sayin.

    • I agree we must give people a second chance, but i too wouldn’t be marrying him let alone having his baby. Only God and judge Mystical for his wrongs, but it’s each persons choice to not like him for what he’s done. I’ll say i hope you’ve learned something Mystical and i pray the person he’s hurt/violated is doing well, God bless her.

    • yeah okay… say that to the sex offender registry he’ll be a member of for the next few years…

    • Could somebody introduce them 2 Jesus! Pray for them PLEASE! Another child born out of wedlock, how many now Mystikal? R u taking care of the others? Poor children!

      • Girl, I’d be hard pressed (no pun intended) to even sleep with a man who had been in prison for 6 years. My sister has worked at 14 prisons, and let’s just say, I wouldn’t do it, especially UNPROTECTED. You never know where…anyway, I’m sure they have both be tested so I’m not trying to throw shade on this bro and his lovely fiance. Just saying.

        • TERI, your comment is filled with clever puns and double entendres. You’re brilliant..it just rolls off your typing fingers. I can picture you plugging away typing and smiling! I love it, too funny in such a smart way!

      • Lol. Im guessing he was in business during those 6 yrs.

        I don’t know what he did to serve time, but it doesn’t look like his grlfrnd seem to mind.

        I was wondering what happened to him…now I know.

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