Rapper Common stopped to talk to a friend before taking his daughter to the movie theater at The Grove Los Angeles, California over the weekend. His daughter Omoye Assata Lynn (born 1997) waited patiently as she sipped on a slurpee.


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Actor Donald Faison was spotted shopping with his kids at the Grove in Hollywood, CA, today(June 14th, 2010). Donald is pictured with his twins, daughter Kaya and son Dade Faison (b. 1999), and his son Kobe Faison (b. 2001), all of whom are with his ex-wife Lisa Askey.

Click here for a picture of Donald and his son from a previous relationship.


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  2. I wonder if those kids are even Donald’s. They look nothing like him. Now his oldest son from the New York picture looks EXACTLY like him! Very curious what the moms look like of all these kids

  3. Bubbs!! Love it, I also loved him on the wire. His little cutie does have her own style. Oh I love Andre’s curls…Common is just beautiful sigh*

  4. dang! Faison gettin old! I still remember when he was a boy playin on Amen or some show.

    COMMON IS HOT! Cute daughter.

    btw, Serena dated a host of white men before she winded up with Common. Some people choose to exercise their OPTION and CHOICE to date and marry whomever. Not everyone who dates or marries outside their race has a racial hangup about their own.

  5. Common is one of the true brothas left that is why he date a sistah like Serena. His daughter is so pretty, when did she get so big? As for Donald Faison kids, uuggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. What is with these black men and marrying outside their race? Yes they always seen to marry the non black woman before having kids. Why did that man talking to Common allow his daughter to come out looking like that?

  6. Dade Faison – Donald Faison son looks like the little boy from Meet The Browns..In the that pic…Just saying…

  7. Common’s daughter is pretty. Wonder why she’s not having a gril convo w/the other girl?

    Not feeling those sandals. Not just on her, but in general.

    Those are Donald’s children? Whoa…I didn’t even know he had children & if I saw him on the street…I’d have thought he was babysitting.

  8. just because black men dont have a blck mother doesn’t mean their ashamed of their race. who cares if they dont have fully black children.

    • These children no longer want to be considered black. They want a new race category of bi-racial. They would NEVER marry black so what happens to the next generation? African heritage completely obliterated. You don’t think people like any other animal, can become extinct? Pretty soon we will be like the native americans. It’s a shame when there are so few of you left that you are given control over gambling because you are an endangered species. I know, it’s too much for the average mind to comprehend. All they see is the ‘good hair’.

      • They are bi they are of two races. Most know who they are. They don’t always marry white. My daughter married black.

      • Wow lwade, you have officially made the most ignorant comment I’ve ever read in my life. It’s pretty obvious from your comment that you don’t know very many bi-racial or multi-racial people so I don’t think you have the authority or insight to be able to comment on an entire groups marriage habits. Knowing who you are means acknowledging ALL aspects of your heritage, not denying everything else and identifying as black. It’s time for everyone to leave that ignorant, “one drop” nonsense behind once and for all.

        “Race” as indicated by skin color is fully a social construct. There is no biological determination or basis for it. There are no subgroups under Homo sapiens sapiens that indicate what race a person is. So no, a race cannot become extinct. Races are not species.

  9. Can’t a child look like their mother? I guess now it is required for any child that pushed out must look their father, especially if their biracial. I must agree that the little one is on the heavy side. Common daughter is dressed so cute, I wish there was a better picture. Little mama standing w/ Andre Royo has her own little style going on, cute.

  10. Common’s daughter is dressed so cute in afforable items at that! Would love a better view of her face.

    I can’t believe Donald’s children’s ages. The boy in the green shirt is only 9?!!!!! He’s got some big kids.

    • Yes he kids don’t look their ages. The 9 year old is “healthy” looking. He is probably going through his chunky stage.

  11. Donald also has a 12 year old son “black” son named Sean that looks just like him. You can search it on here.

  12. ^^ I’m there with you – I think it is Andre Royo.

    Common’s daughter is a beautiful young lady…Check her style, get it gurl!

  13. donald’s kids look NOTHING like hime!
    and common’s baby mama must be dark chocolate, because his daughter doesnt take after him very much

    • I agree with your first sentence. I’m looking and looking but..*shrugs* I see a stronger resemblance between his and his other son, though.

      I am surprised the Paternity Police aren’t swarming all over this post. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx it.

    • Why is it that no matter what movie or show he’s in; No matter what type of scene(serious or not) Donald always has that big coonin’ a– grin on his face? “sugar hill” grinnin’ being yelled at by Denzel in Remember the titans ‘grinnin’ damn!

  14. Wats up with all these black men in HOllyweird. Making kids that look nothing like themselves. Almost as though they’re ashamed of their race and heritage.

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