Media Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has vowed to not have any more children out of wedlock. The father of six-Justin, 16, Christian, 12, twins D’Lila Star and Jesse James, 3, Chance,31/2, and Quincy, 18- says that marriage has never been an option for him because “opportunity wasn’t really knocking at my door for marriage.”

“I don’t condone having children out of wedlock but they were my circumstances and I’m a proud father and I take care of them. I’m involved in their lives and I take care of the mothers of my children and when the day comes I’ll get married. I’m not gonna have any more kids until I get married,” he tells UK host Jonathan Ross.

It should be noted that Diddy has five biological kids and one, namely Quincy Brown, who he acts as a father figure to.





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  1. How will he prevent himself from having more kids, will he take birth control? Women are clamoring to get in his pants I’m sure, and to hold him and his money by having kids. He needs to think about that.

  2. Diddy is an equal parent just like Kim and Sarah. How Diddy chooses to spend his time with his children (outside of the mothers) is his business. The mothers cannot dictate that to him. Even if they asked and hoped that they respected their wishes, he is not bound by that. Now with the mothers do with their children, on their time, they have total control of. I doubt they would retaliate by keeping those kids away from him. I just don’t get that vibe in this situation and if by chance the case, that’s what the courts are for. I am also not familiar with Kim’s supposed quote but if that was the case, just refer back to my original comment above.

    Sherley wrote,

    But look on the other side…if he was to take Chance, Jessie & D’lila out together after the(their) mother said not to; they can retaliate by keeping the kids away from Diddy. Diddy could be trying to keep the peace by not allowing them to be seen together.

    • @Fashioned You are so right! I don’t know why people think whatever Mommy says is law. Daddy has equal say unless a court decides otherwise. What it really comes down to is the woman’s pride. It’s humiliating for some (maybe, most) women to have “ghetto twins” (or in this case “ghetto triplets” or any “side baby”) so they want to limit their kids’ access to their own flesh and blood. If the other woman threatened the kids or was doing crazy things then I’d understand, but the fact that your man “cheated” (AGAIN) is not the children’s fault. I’m not saying Kim should babysit, but if Sean wants to have all his kids together during his time with them it should be fine, it’s not for her to decide.

      • @Mimosa, thank you Ma. I totally agree. It seems as though people don’t like that she may feel a certain way because the child is innocent. I disagree and have my own beliefs, but to make it like she is physically or mentally preventing whatever people may believe is occuring, is crazy.

  3. Fine Diddy, I’ll marry you.

    But I want a dam good prenup and a divorce right afterwards.

    It’s your loss tho. See all you had to pay at first was child support. Now you got child support and ALIMONY.

    But hey, I ain’t complainin. GET MONEY! GET MONEY!


    Like a give a hoot about getting married. GET MONEY! GET MONEY!

  4. That’s what i’m talkin about. Having a bunch of kids out of wedlock is like a dang epidemic in the black community.

  5. I grew up in a family where my father had a secret love child that none of us knew about until later. This ‘Chance’ thing has got to stop cause the reality is that life is not as simple as it may seem to some. Just because all the kids have the same father – does not mean they can just suddenly all get together and have a ‘all our kids have the same father party’ Folks need to lay of Kim – she is probably still recovering from the pain and betrayel that Chance did not cause but it’s pain all the same. Even now I don’t think I could face the daughter My father had with his mistress – yeah she’s my blood but guess what? She’s a reminder of a very painful situation for my Mother and my siblings, the fact that she is innocent does not take the pain away. I can undersatnd why Kim would want to protect her kids – they are her priority and one day she is going to have to explain to the twins why their half sister is the same age with them. Shame on Diddy for his selfish behaviour – he created this whole mess let him fix it.

    • Thank you for that post. I have said this many times when so many posters keep insisting that “no Matter” children should be accepted into a family, and especially when that child is the result of an indiscretion. I thought that I was the only one who saw things that way. So thank you for restoring my sanity as far as that is concerned.

  6. “opportunity wasn’t really knocking at my door for marriage.” ok KIM PORTER take note, he ain’t marrying you.

    Second, it’s about time and although, marriage doesn’t equate to being a good father, it shows moral stability and it shows a child how to conduct themselves.

    P.Diddy seems like he’s a good father…

  7. Never know what the story is about diddy’s relationship with chance, but misa have said out her own mouth that the kids should be treated the same and kim can’t accept chance but misa accepted christain.Like misa said kim was her friend who was messing with her friend’s man, and sarah has been around the same time as kim. People on here are so quick to be on kim side but really don’t know how much a mess she is. Diddy might buy houses cars and whatever she wants but he also knows that in order to be marry to a women she has to accept all of his children.Kim has the right to keep her kids away from their sibling,chance nor sarah is losing any sleep,misa or sarah are not bitter people & their kids are close.

  8. I’m wondering if Mr. Diddy watched the Michael Jackson interview with Martin Bashir. I think if he did he would not have consented to this interview with him. It is my personal belief that Mr. Bashir is out to degregate and belittle any famous black man. He gains your trust and then betrays you in the interview. To all black men: “Think twice before consenting to an interview with Mr. Bashir.”

  9. We all learn from our mistakes,but the past is the past and all we can do is move forward. I have no problem with diddy being a great father. The only thing I don’t agree with is he say he has 6 kids but we only see 5 of them.I understand it may have hurt kim when he had a baby on her,but she choose to continue seeing him so that’s on her doing.There is a lot of men that raises other men kids,but also don’t treat their own child different.I’m not sure why diddy treats chance like an outsider,by never showing his love for her like his other kids,but if it’s because of kim,then no he doesn’t need to marry her. If kim cannot accept chance & he has taking care of quincy all of his life.It shows she isn’t a real women.Yeah the child support is good but kids know when you treats your other kids different than them.I just hope diddy will gain a relationship with chance before it’s too late and far as kim I would hate to be the women who kept a father from his child all because of being imature.

    • How the hell is Kim keeping Diddy from seeing his own child?! She and Diddy aren’t even together anymore, and they live on opposite sides of the country. Kim couldn’t keep Diddy from seeing Cassie and probably a host of other women, yet SOMEHOW she manages to interfere with him seeing his own daughter by another woman? Come on, now! Even if he and Kim are back together, I’d jump on him more than Kim for his lack of presence with Chance. After all, who is her parent? It’s ain’t Kim, that’s for sure!

      Kim can keep Chance away from HER children, but I don’t see how she can keep Diddy the Grown Man from seeing Chance. The only woman who can do so is Sarah, and even she would need a court order.

      • Thank you Leo! Very well said! SMH at these redundant Kim bashers who spout off the same REDUNDANT theories on every Diddy post.

          • How do we know that this man doesn’t see his little girl. He doesn’t have to advertise when he sees her. Maybe at the request of the mother there are not pictures allowed when they are together. Really, I don’t think Kim has a say in that. And perhaps the mother doesn’t want her daughter exposed in pictures where Diddy is with his crew of children.

    • @Nicole – I think Diddy sees Chance, and they do have a relationship. From what I understand, he has mentioned her and even had her picture on his Twitter page. I also heard that Chance is CRAZY about her big brother, Christian!

      Again, unless we know these people personally, we really don’t know anything about their lives. I’m sure Sarah makes dang sure that her baby is taken care of and has everything she needs. I have no idea why we’ve never seen pics of Diddy and Chance, but maybe they just haven’t been published. I’m sure they exist. Why do we keep blaming Kim for this?

      • @ Teri, I agree. Diddy claims all of his children and has put out pictures of Chance and refrenced to her. People love to make negativity when there is none.

    • Bebe, Kim is immature and definitely a hypocrite. That’s really bold to be okay with Diddy claiming and providing for Quincy and then for her to have an issue with Chance. What if Diddy had said his kids couldn’t be around her son? SMH at the foolishness. I’m sure it was hurtful when she found out Sarah was pregnant (first! Lol) , but she knows Diddy is a womanizer. I hope her mindset has changed from when she said her kids wouldn’t be allowed to know Chance.

      • Kim doesn’t have anything to do with Diddy’s decision regarding his relationship with his other children. Diddy has to deal with that gilt regarding Chance not Kim. Same thing with Eddie Murphy and his daughter Iris with Mel B…. Eddie had to make that final decision to have a relationship with Iris, which doesn’t have anything to do with Nicole or Mel B. Eddie has to deal with that gilt that finally sat in and now he wants a relationship with her. I’m sure Diddy will do the same with Chance with the gilt hit him. I hate when the finger is pointed at the women when these men “Impregnate” these women outside of their relationships, and then conceive a “Love Child”.

    • Not that im taking a side, but Quincy was in the picture when Diddy met Kim – he knew that Quincy was a part of the package and chose to be in his life.


      Diddy impregnated Sarah while he was wit Kim! She was celebrating the upcoming birth of her twin babies, which would have been Diddy’s first born daughters, and then finds he already had another woman pregnant!

      See the difference? No? Ok!

      • Co-signing w/you PlainMean, your statement is too logical for some though. Only thing they want to hear is “where’s chance”, and “Kim did blah blah blah—how dare she do that!?”

        I’ve said it before and I still believe a lot of these folks got daddy abandonment issues. So sad…

      • Doesn’t matter. She knew what type of whoremonger Sean Combs was and she was okay with it. She knew about all his other people he sleeps with. She is just one of those women that doesn’t care what their man does as long as they can get paid, be seen as his “main” girl, as long as he comes back home and as long as he doesn’t have kids with anyone else. He broke rule # 4, but she waited until later to get mad or at least to publicly show her behind. She wasn’t so righteous about it when she was doing those spreads with him in Essence before and after the twins were born. She’s just another Jennifer Lopez wanting to use him for his shine because nobody is checking for Kim Porter for real. Essence never would have done an interview with her nor would we know she existed if she wasn’t with Diddy.
        BTW: No telling who all Kim was/is letting hit it she just either hasn’t gotten pregnant by anyone else (yet) and made sure not to have anyone else’s baby. Anyway, she doesn’t have to be around the little girl, but to say the kids can’t is just wrong.

        • I agree ..You been victim throughout the whole relationship and now he impregnated Sarah , you are up in arms . PLEASE …Goldiggers are always left with a broken heart!

      • Now PlainMean, I agree w/you, except….Chance has nothing to do w/the situation. Kim needs to direct her anger at Diddy & Chance’s mother.

        This should not stop Jessie & D’lia from having a relationship w/Chance. Now if she doesn’t want Chance around Quincy, fine, but the innocent children should not have to pay for the adult mistakes.

        • Again, thank you PlainMean. Diddy is the common denominator and it up to him to foster that relationship between his daughters. If Kim and Sarah choose to be amicable or whatever for the sake of the children fine, but that is not Kim’s responsibility and she has the option to choose not to.

        • I am in agreement with you. Diddy is the only one to blame period.

          But look on the other side…if he was to take Chance, Jessie & D’lila out together after the(their) mother said not to; they can retaliate by keeping the kids away from Diddy. Diddy could be trying to keep the peace by not allowing them to be seen together.

          Now…don’t quote me but I believe after Kim found out Diddy had another child with Sarah, (this was after they appearred on the cover of Essence together), it was published Kim said she didn’t want her children around the other child. I don’t know if Kim actually said that but I believe that’s why people are believing Kim is the culprit.

  10. Im pretty sure i read that P. Diddy’s child support payment for Justin is the highest in NY history. He’s on child support for all of his children. I’ve never heard him whine or complain about this, and he does extra for them and spends quality time. With so many men who refuse to take care of their own children, Diddy gets respect from me for taking care of another man’s child – especially when he and Kim aren’t even together! I think he’s a very respectable man.

    Sn: Funny how Quincy and Justin resemble each other and they aren’t even blood related! Yet Christian looks nothing like either of them (and it has nothing to do with skin complexion ppl).

  11. Wait how can you say diddy is not a bad father kids going to clubs getting lap dances when they were younger on there b-days come on he is not a good father his lifesytle

  12. Marriage has alot to do with everything. First it gives the child a sense of security. Especially if parents love each other and child is in a stable family. I wouldnt advise anyone to stay in unhappy marriage or relationship. Just saying we should stop sending out this negative message to our youth. We have more kids born outside of marriage than any other race. If you get pregnant and not married, well it happens all the time. To keep doing it and then send out message that marriage isn’t important just doesn’t sit well with me. Puffy couldnt marry any of his babies mamas, but was willing to marry JLo, why? I know why just want say. JLo didn’t even have any kids by him. This chic thought she was pregnant by every guy she dated within the first month,lol. I knew Ben wasnt gonna marry her, knew it.

  13. What is wrong with having a child or kids out of wedlock. Just because you are married doesn’t mean that your kids are better and that they will do extraordinary things in life. I came from a single mother (never married) we were poor and we all finished school I got 3 college degrees (no kids) and live a good decent life(I know many others). Just because a kid is born out of wedlock isn’t a big deal and doesn’t mean that the child will not succeed in life. And just because both parents are in th home doesn’t mean that the child will not fail and could still do nothing with his/her life ( I know some people like this as well).

    Give me a break and leave this man alone. Its not our business anyways.

    • @Mena, look around and take note of many children that come from broken home in our community. Since AA’s have the highest rate of unwed parenthood, many of these children live below the poverty level and have no relationship at all with their fathers. It is out of control. Of course there are many kids that are born out of wedlock and do well, but the vast majority grow up without fathers in the home and end up in a lot of trouble or have other issues. All it takes is some research. There are always exceptions to the rules. Even our president has addressed this. People keep trying to justify this madness. If a person wants to have a million babies out of wedlock, so be it. It’s a personal choice, but dang it, make sure those children are FULLY taken care of, and I’m not just talking about material things. Also, why would someone want to have a child or multiple children by a person they wouldn’t CONSIDER marrying? What’s the difference between “playing house” or just getting married?

      Mena, people are going to have their opinions. That’s life. Just because you cosign something, doesn’t mean everyone else will. We take to heart comments made about celebs we don’t even know. Unless I know them personally, I’m not going to get so defensive. Diddy, himself, said HE DID NOT CONDONE having children out of wedlock, and said he wouldn’t do it again. If it was all cool, then why wouldn’t he continue the practice?

      • Right Teri. Exactly. Of course there are productive, wonderful people who were born out of wedlock (myself included), but that does not mean that this should be praised or an acceptable practice. As soon as someone brings up marriage, people start up with the same type of defenses or responses. Sometimes I wonder about or community and what we compromise on and find acceptable.

    • Mena, part of the reason you all were poor is because your mother was doing it alone. You say you have 3 college degrees and no children and I bet a HUGE factor is that you grew up in a poor, single household and want things to be different if/when you have child/ren. And if you feel it’s not your business then you didn’t need to read and you certainly didn’t need to reply. The point of this blog is to read and comment.

      • Exactly Mimosa. Also, why people get so defensive about varying opinions and discussions that go on a public site/blog is beyond me. I’ve seen people have their point of views which would probably provoke a good dialogue, if they presented it differently.

        • @Mimosa and Fashionedbygod – I don’t understand either. I don’t understand why people take other’s contrary comments and opinions so personal.

          I’m sure Diddy, Wayne, or anyone else isn’t reading our comments and taking it to heart. They are going to do what they want do in spite of our opinions anyway.

        • They get defensive because the argument hits close to home. There’s a proverb where I’m from that goes, “You throw stones into a hog pen; whichever one gets hit will squeal”.

          What gets me cracking up is when they bring God into it.

          • Yes Leo, like they heard it from God personally.

            People tend to think I take their comments personally, becasue I am passionate about making a point. That is so far from the truth. I couldn’t care less about the celebrities nor the person taking stabs at me.

            This is a forum to express opinions & discuss different views. Most of the people on here, would not repeat the same things they post on here in person.

        • You’re criticizing other people over their alleged defensiveness yet you (and some of the others criticizing and disagreeing with Mena) are also being extremely defensive about varying opinions. In fact it the defensiveness did not come from Mena at all but from the people who replied to her. She wasn’t rude and did not insult the people who disagreed with her, she just stated her opinion.

        • Whether or not it’s true I think it’s kind of a kick in the stomach to the three women he had kids with to say that “the opportunity never knocked.” Not cool in my opinion.

          As for his having children out of wedlock, I wish each of those children could come home to both their parents every night but from the public angle he appears to be a very good dad. A lot of dudes would just fall back and send checks, hell a lot of dudes would fall back and not send checks at all so I’m glad that he’s apparently there for them not just as a faceless check but as an actual dad.

          I think everyone should make smart decisions when it comes to parenting and starting a family. You shouldn’t just jump into it with any cute person you meet who you get along with for a little while but I also realize that unplanned pregnancies are never going to completely disappear and also that not everyone wants to get married.

          It’s great when parents stay together but if they don’t it doesn’t mean that their child is destined for a life of misery and poverty. Some yes (and I’m aware of the statistics so I don’t need any of the self-declared experts to share them with me), but not all. There are children who are the product of married couples who are poor or who have issues or experience problems. Being a good parent and being a good spouse aren’t synonymous. You should take time in deciding who you marry, just as you should take time in deciding who to start a family with, and make sure they are the right one. But unfortunately sometimes the wrong decision is going to be made and that relationship is going to end.

          • My bad. Wrong spot for this one. This was supposed to be a reply to the main topic itself, not to any particular person.

          • The sentence that you quoted, “Opportunity never knocked” would have been a real sting to me had I been one of the mothers of his children. As I posted above I am wondering when he does feel that opportunity is knocking, will he choose one of those mothers or will he choose a woman who has no children.

    • Mena, there is so much “wrong” w/having children out of wedlock. My mother had me out of wedlock but married my stepdad, who I considered my dad, prior to having more children. She didn’t plan on it, but it happened. It was very hard, we were poor & I’m grateful I had someone I could call daddy.

      Years later, I too had a son out of wedlock. It also wasn’t planned, we broke up when my son was 2 for various reasons. I do not regret that but I do regret he not being a part of my son’s life (by his choice). Although I have a college & masters degree, it is still very hard doing everything by yourself. When I hear my co-workers say their child is sick & they are taking 1 day off to stay home w/them & their husband is the next day off, a little twinge goes threw me because I know when it’s my son, I have to take both days off myself.

      These are small things but they do matter. Now I do not judge people who have children out of wedlock any more than I judge people who are married but do everything as if they are single moms, just to be able to say they are married. I will gear my son towards having a wife but should he choose not to, I will make sure he’s a prominent role in his children’s lives.

  14. Okay Diddy. I remember him stating that if he was to get married, it would be to Kim. I guess she’s not marriage material. Yes, there are circumstances at times but I guess he feels some sort of way now and realizes that this is not really the way to go or live.

      • @Leo – you ain’t never lied. I read on another blog that each mother gets $20K per month! Must be nice for just laying down and getting pregnant, huh? I don’t know how true it is, but I’m just saying…

        *Looking upward*** boy, what I could do with $20K per month!!!

        • Is that how you value yourself? I mean none of us know what else they women have to do for that money. To me, the idea of Kim having his child and watching him on the town and in all the mags with JLo would have been a bit more than 20K worth self esteem. But that’s just me.

  15. People always say, “Don’t judge,” but sometimes I think people make moral judgements. We do that everyday. Is a person judgemental only if it’s negative? If you make a positive “judgement” are you still considered “judgemental?” I think people throw around that term when they disagree with someone else’s assessment or opinions.

    Anyway, I don’t know if Diddy is a good father or not. All we know is the personal persona and what is presented to us. Hopefully he is, but one of the traits of a good father, in my opinion, is one who leads by example. Maybe he does that. If he’s a wonderful father, more power to him. At least he doesn’t want to have more children out of wedlock. That’s a good thing.

  16. If Diddy says Quincy is his child let him handle that. Everytime I read something about Diddy and his kids they always feel the needs to say Quincy is not his “REAL” child. If the man say thats the boy is his child and he treats him as such what diffrence does it make. Get over it. If we had more men to take that role, alot of our young black men would not stray away.

    • I agree. Even in his new movie, GET HIM TO THE GREEK, he says ” i have 6 kids”, which is not doubt QUINCY, Justin, Christian, Chance, Jesse and D’Lila. Let it be. Quincy says that’s his daddy and Sean says that’s his son, no one elses comments really matters, just what the two of them think.

  17. What he do is his business. We should not judge. All my aunts and uncles grew up in a household where my grandparents were there everyday and still some did not marry and had kids out of wedlock. My point is, is that just because you grow up in a two parent home doesn’t mean that your kids will follow in your footsteps. Life is diffreent for us all and we should not judge this man.

  18. I know everyone has a lot to say a P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Diddy/Daddy, whatever he is calling himself, however love him or loathe him, you cannot call him a bad father which is the act I find totally unacceptable. Like he said on the Jonathan Ross Show (An English Talk Show), it is not a Good example and he does not condone it but that is what has happened. The next rsponsible thing he can do after those decision is to care for the Children and so far he seems to be doing so. Why are we so filled with venom towards him regarding this. We all make mistakes it’s just that many of us, our mistakes are hidden, like Hatred (without reason), Abortions, breaking up Relationships with our Lying tongues, Mistreating our Spouses etc. It’s worth watching the interview on YouTube.

    In the past when reading people’s comments regarding Puffy on BCK, there is always mention of “Where is Chance”? However non of us know where the Child lives in proxity to the rest of his Children and why do you think it will always be possible for him to be pictured with all the children at the same time when they are not from the same mothers. Grow up people.

    I am quite passionate about this because my Dad was also a charming man (and as I got older I realised why women loved him) who had four of us out of Wedlock (with different women) before he finally settled and got married. However he tried to be the best father and in my opinion was the best father I could have had! He supported all of us and he was not Rich but I guess because he was kind, GOD Blessed him and none of his Children’s mother hated him or spoke evil about him, when I guess people on the outside could be saying what a bad example and Player he was. That is why I am saying you should not Judge because you have no Idea what is going on behind closed doors. Now that my Dad is no longer here I do Value him so much and miss him terribly!

    • Just being a “good” parent doesn’t excuse people running around breeding like animals. In case anyone has forgotten, there is more that is the result of people’s refusal to be monogamous. Having multiple partners is why there are STDs. And going back to having children out of wedlock… I bet none of the women your dad had kids with wanted to be bred and left. Your mom probably thought he was really just with her or going to be with only her but she got taken by a womanizer ( what you refer to as “charming”). Have you ever asked your mom how she felt having to raise you alone? Daddy coming by sometimes is not the same as being there when a child is sick in middle of the night. Him coming to get you when he made time wasn’t the same for your mom when she needed a break right then or if she needed to run errands. Ask her.

  19. Better late then never lmao After 6 kids 3 baby mama’s now he wants to be married first. He should’ve married Kim Porter. He was young was young when he had Justin. With Chance…i don’t believe they were in a relationship more like a fling, but all 3 women have been “with him” from the get go, so they all could’ve been one of his wives.

  20. Marriage and fatherhood really don’t have anything to do with each other. I believe that Puffy does an excellent job caring for his children financially and emotionally and that is all that really matter to the kids!

    I personally know a husband/father that is in the house and in my opinion he is just taking up space.

    • I agree,

      I came from a home in which my Mother insisted on keeping my no good Stepfather in the home – he was not finacially supportive and his presence made no difference to our lives. All in the name of having a husband, my Mother refused to get rid of this man. Its rather sad, I beleive in marriage but not for the sake of doing what society expects of you. I do not agree with Diddy’s reckless baby making at all but I feel no one should be pressured into marriage if its just not what they want. Many people have spent decades being unhappy becuase their trying to please society and not themselves.

    • I respect the hell out of diddy you digg but the only question i have is why dont he ever ever make any public appearances with chance his eldest daughter? I sure hope it aint because of kim porter because i no he helped raise quincy and supports him but chance is his blood child not quincy. so he really needs to make public appearances with her like he does the rest of his kids .Kim may talk alil reckless at times but she really dosent strike me as the type that would mistreat chance if she was around her.In im not tryna bash quincy i think he is a very conservative young man kim and diddy is doing a great job with him. yo but aint it crazy that iq and justin look so much a like.i really digg quincy he dosent seem stuck up at all.

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