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It’s that time again! BCK would like to know who your favorite BCK dad is. Please vote wisely as your chosen team will be featured on Father’s day!

Disclaimer: Candidates were chosen based on data created by Blackcelebkids.com. Don’t see your favorite BCK dad? Feel free to nominate one!

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  1. Im glad our President won..he deserves that honor! Not only is he the father of two girls, but he is the head of our nation. Loving the banner also BCK =)

  2. Don’t know why Eric Benet isn’t listed. He is the only man in the music biz I know of that has raised a daughter alone. Something women say men can’t/won’t do.

  3. I see President Obama won. Nice. Congratulations.

    Ludacris should have been up there, instead of Tom Cruise.

    Cannot believe Puffy got more votes than Rodney Peete.

  4. Money makes dam near anybody a great dad.

    I love some Jolie Pitts…. but this will be the first time I actually voted for the president. He’s very IN the spotlight and really seems to love and enjoy his kids.

    Did I mention I love some Jolie Pitts?

    I’m also surprised to see Lestat in there too. Uh… I mean Tom Cruise. Oh my gawd, can we please get a sequel to Interview with a Vampire with the same two actors? I LOVE that movie!

  5. i say Rodney Peete! Everybody else is pushing their kids in the business! Obama is to easy and he’s running the country so I feel he’s to busy!

  6. I wish they wouldnt put the President and first lady in these polls becasuse they are by far the best out of whats up here and if someone is doing some they’re not so what he’s running the country and no body up here is doing a job that big. I love Will Smith though he is an excellent father and very into his kids gotta love that.

  7. Voted for Will! He’s a great dad. But Brad has all of those damn kids and he keeps up with all of them… Can i change my vote? Lol. Voting Brad!

  8. Lol. I like Tom! I also like that the kids that he and Nicole adopted together, live fulltime with Tom and Katie! Wonder why? I also never see pics of Nicole with the kids, other than the biological one!

    • I think it has to do with the whole scientology thing. When they divorced she left the organization/church but he wanted the kids to still be involved so they stay with him. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of her with their oldest daughter but not as many with their son.

    • I agree he is a great father. I think he’s not on because he doesn’t have any black or biracial children. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s my opinion.

        • He has a son? I love me sum Hugh Hackman, but I only seen pictures of him & his daughter, whom I heard was adopted. I didn’t even know he had a son. If he does have a biracial child, then he should have been on there, above Tom Cruise.

  9. I voted Seal, as a great father firstly to a child that was not his own – there from the start! and then to his own children.

    He never really knew his own father so I think he is truly doing a great job.

  10. had to vote for the head man in charge! lol! President Barack Obama absolutely got my vote. i don’t get Shanice’s comment about all the dads always working…isn’t that what they’re supposed to do, work and provide for their family? if they didn’t work and the woman was the sole bread winner then we would be calling them lazy no counts. *sigh* can’t win for trying.

    anyways you can see how much Malia and Sasha love their dad. even though he is probably the hardest working dad on the list, it’s all about the quality of the time spent with the kids, not the quantity.

    this was a hard one though. besides the President, i would have also voted for Terry Crews and Russell Simmons. :-)

  11. What a good list of celeb dads BCK. Many are heavy weight entertainers and of course the most powerful man in the world, our President. How do they manage? Really impressed with several on this list who appear to be good dads.

  12. I wouldn’t vote for any of them. They all are always working… I vote for Seal. And bump father’s day. Idc bout dat day anymore.

  13. i narrow my choices down to 3. Barak Obama,Rev Run and Russell Simmons. Mr obama is a sure win everyone will pick him naturally cause he is our country’s leader. i feel Rev Run is a good father he is both a father figure to his kids and also a friendly figure. he is always playing jokes on them and laughting. he such a great down to earth guy. Lastly, Russell Simmons very spritual always talking about his kids and spending time with him. i feel he handle his divorce so well and he respect the mother of his chidren as well as her man ( djimon). but my choice WON with REV RUN he should be father of the year.

  14. They are all good fathers but I had to vote for the president. Those girls adore him. It was pretty hard though because I had an urge to click on Will Smith lol

  15. Our President all the way all day. I am not saying there are not good fathers on there (i.e Will, Seal, Terry Crews) but it is hard to go against the President. Sorry.

  16. what’s da point in votin u know Obama will win.not dat it’s a bad thing but i’m just sayin,it’s pretty much a waist 2 vote 4 sum1 else.*kanye shrug*

  17. although i love our president im not sure how great a dad he could be seeing he has to run our country, i vote will smith, he was born to be a dad…

        • No I’m comparing traveling the world while working. Will Smith travels the world to shoot movies & can be gone for up to 3 months. President Obama travels as well dealing w/issues for work but he is not gone for that long of a time period. In fact he stated he tries to get home every night if he can.

          Therefore, comparing one working father to another, my point still stands regardign your question.

  18. I voted for the president because of what First Lady Michelle said. Michelle said that as a first time parent she never lost sleep. Our dear president was the night time parent. Mr. President let Michelle sleep and he took care of Malia’s feedings, diaper changes and comfort. That’s a GOOD father for you!

  19. I’m sure Obama will win but I will vote for Terry Crews because I enjoyed his show. I think he loves his family and is a good father….

    • Evelina… hiphip horray! How positive is BCK with it’s postings all day today!! I LOVE IT! Representing not just our men, but good Daddies being good people and being positive. Evelina I love it. I just love BCK especially when they have features such as this. So uplifting.

  20. No doubt our President has illustrated what a father is all about!

    Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!

    • I agree! BCK this poll is hard to choose from don’t know if I’ll be able to vote. Oh and why no Boris Kodjoe? I know you had to keep the list down or it’d go on forever. :)

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