Anthony Anderson, who starred in NBC’s Law & Order, was spotted with his son Nathan (left), wife Alvina, and daughter Kyra (right) at Epcot center on Monday. Anderson and his family are vacationing at Walt Disney World this week .

Click here for archived pictures of Anthony and his family

Photo: Gene Duncan/Walt Disney co.

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  1. You all need to drop this race “retard’ness” that comes up everytime somebody brings up a simple observation, do you all realize no other country with ppl of African descendant behaves or feel this way regarding race, no where else to this extent, yes ppl have their hang ups but has a race of ppl again no where else!. But has Mj would say start with the Man in the Mirror !!!!!!!!!!… ridiculous geesh.

  2. I too for some reason though he’d be with a woman of the other variety. He has a beautiful family though. I wouldn’t have known the daughter from the wife without reading the captions. Niiiiice. I will keep my thoughts on black males and other variety relationships to myself, as this is a nice family site. For the ladies who are put off about the rape charge, the lady admitted that she was lying and it was extortion. Sooo you can breathe easy, he never touched he, she was just a crazy evil manic.

  3. @anon-I know the majority of everyday Black men do marry within their race, but thank you for informing mem on that subject. It’s Black celebrity men that most of us are referring to on this site that seem to go for more ‘EXOTIC’ women. Just my & many others on this sites observation.

  4. @h-town boss- Contrary to what many sisters seem to believe, the overwhelming majority of brothers are married to black women.

    • “Exotic” lol. Well it’s true, we’re not crazy or close-minded!

      BCK readers have been noticing an exponential trend on this site in this regard. So this post makes Anthony Anderson, what, the 2nd African-Amer. man in Hollywood to MARRY and procreate with a brown African-Amer. woman?

      I wonder REALLY why this number of men appears to be so low, psychologically speaking, not just superficially (or “racially”)? & Why does it bother us so much as African-Amer. women? Let’s get to the bottom of this already.

      Just throwing this out there, food for thought…

      • I guess some of those men feel that they’d arrived in life, so they can afford to ‘upgrade’ their choices of mates (so to speak). I have no problem if it’s a genuine love relationship, but it’s the ones that flaunt their non-black or mixed mates like a trophy, while proclaiming that black women aren’t good enough, that earn a side eye from me.

        Another thing that few people want to mention is the influence of their home life on mate selection. People want to blame the media for putting mixed and non-black women on a pedestal, but no one wants to talk about the black mothers constantly fawning over light-skinned/light eyes/curly haired children in full view and hearing of their black sons and daughters.

        • Mmm. Interesting thoughts, especially about Afr. Am. mothers… how true!!

          But when these men “arrive” & “upgrade” their women, it seems like ALL Afr. Am. men would trade in their Honda for a Maybach, so to speak, if the opportunity presented itself. When will men in general begin to realize that Maybachs have been coming in chocolate and mahogany for years?! Can I get a Hallelujer!!!! lol

          I think most Afr. Am. men, & women for that matter, need to re-invent the definition of an “upgrade”.

      • He’s one of the few comedic actors who doesn’t have to go over the top for laughs, in my opinion anyway. Still chuckling over his role in “Me, Myself and Irene”.

        He seems like an involved father, which earns high points in my book.

      • From what I heard from the brothers who do date white women. White women are more tolerant of their antics & behaviors, while black women is always demanding respect. They are also more open w/sex…like involving others & doing other things.

        To be honest, I stopped caring about black brothers marrying white women. As long as it doesn’t affect me & mine…it’s whatever.

        What still gets me is when a white women say, “I can relate to a black man better than a black woman.” I actually said to one, “Would that be before or after you were called the N word?” Amazingly, she did not have a response.

  5. Whoa! I didn’t even recognize Anthony. Yes, he sure is slimming down. Good for him. They are a nice looking family.

    • Oh gosh so now every dark skinned woman will “favor” Pauletta Washington. She looks nothing like Pauletta Washington. The only thing they have in common is the dark sin.

      • What makes you think it’s the dark skin that made her say she resemblems Paulette?

        Maybe it was the smile, the chin, the eyes, the nose, the height or all the above.

        Everything is not about skin complexion.

    • I was just saying to myself that his wife resembles someone. Her and Pauletta do resemble some, but it is someone else as well that she puts in the mind of but it’s not coming to me right now. Lovely family. Anthony has kept the weight off.

  6. I’ve been suspicious of Anthony Anderson ever since his rape charge…even though it was dropped. But I must say that whenever I see him with his children or hear him talk about them, he seems to be a loving father. I really respect loving, involved fathers. And he looks great by the way, he is definitely slimming down.

    • I have to admit, the rape charge tarnished his image a bit for me too which was unfortunate because I found the man funny most of the time. I try to look past it as I don’t know what really happened, and yes, I do like seeing him having fun with his family. Nice pics.

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