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  1. Baby Knight is Beautiful. Im sure if Nas had N E doubts about Fathering Baby Knight He wouldve definitely gotten a DNA test! With all the $ He was ordered to pay, so yea. But erybody goes thru thangs & I hope for nothing but peace & understanding for all three! Not sure N E 1 can Judge the situation but God.
    God Bless

  2. Don’t feel sorry for Naz that’s what he gets for trying to turn a bore into a house wife. Never works.

    Stars should marry regular people not other start. It’s a rear twist that don’t work 90% of the time. Look at all the ones who married out of the line light the marriages works out better.

  3. Beautiful little boy.

    Also, a baby does not have to look like either parent for he/she to be their biological child. Come on now! Let’s not be ignorant. My daughter does not look much like me and I KNOW she is my biological daughter.

  4. For those don’t understand spousal support, when you are married to someone and they maintained a certain lifestyle for the faamily, you are entitled to that upon divorce. For those of you who don’t understand or agree with kelis situation, I wonder if you felt the same way when michael strahan had to pay his white wife like 10 million dollars! We as a ppl have serious issues with black men taking care of blk woman. We deserve to be taken care of just as white woman are.

    • we all deserve the money, black or white, but the amount of moeny the judge awarded kelis was a bit outlandish. I think he ( the judge) wanted to send a message to rappers he might not like them, etc… I also dont want an african american man to go broke trying to pay kelis. i’m sure she can survive off 25,000 per moth instead of 50,000. An amount most ppl including educated make per year.

    • What does race have to do w/ anything? I’m so over people throwing race into every little thing. Michael Strahan has/had money. I don’t know the story but i doubt his wife worked. Nas doesn’t have money to support the lifestyle Kelis wants. Kelis works. She’s doing concerts and showing up to events. She’s bring in an income. So you can’t compare the two. Michael Jordan had the most expensive divorce & he was married to a black woman. So a black woman is being taken care of like a white woman (your words). It seems like your scarred smh

        • Had to tell someone off for playing the race card when news broke that Nicole Richie had her probation extended; they claimed the system was out to get her because she’s black. Why was it extended? To allow her more time to complete her required classes, instead of throwing her in jail if she had been an ordinary Josephine. Gee, how racist. *eyeroll*

          I know there’s racism alive and well in this world, but not ever situation calls for the race card.

  5. Lol I still think he’s a cutie! He looks just like his mommy and I still love his name Knight Jones. Sounds like a black superhero!

  6. Kelis and the baby both look great! I have always loved to see what new style Kelis is wearing. I don’t think she gets enough credit from the media because she is a Black woman!

  7. Oh goodness. That is not even a clear shot or even a good one at that. He is making a weird face like he is about to cry or something. Of course it won’t be super cute.

  8. I think he is a cutie. Kelis has some stuff coming out soon. She has two videos out now. I like them. Hopefully she can start bringing in some more money so she wont have to heavily rely on Nas for spousal support. But he should still be responsible for helping with little Knight.

  9. Cute little boy. As far as their mess, hmmmm……..Honestly, I don’t believe that I ever understood the rationale behind alimony and palimony. Once the relationship is dissolved, then that’s it. Outside of child support if needed, I don’t think I really get it. I don’t know.

    • It is necessary if the husband/wife depended completely on their spouse for financial support. I’m not sure if that is the case though with Kelis… she had a career before she married Nas and she is still making music. Why should he be required to continue to support her? Child support, sure but hundreds of thousands of dollars is a little crazy but who am I to judge. I hope Nas has his money right.

      • Right Reese, there are also a few others things that are taken into consideration and the duration of the permanent spousal support varies. I think it’s an interesting phenomenon for sure. Hmmmm………. I don’t think she depended completely on him, but he clearly made more than her.

      • I said the same thing before when it first came out that they were divorcing and he had to pay her 50,000 dollars in child support alone. I’m don’t excuse men or sometimes the women who have to pay child support for their children, you created them, take care of them, and you should want to take care of them in every way possible anyway. Now when it comes to spousal support that’s something different. I know there are alot of women out there that really need alimony to help them out, especially if before they were divorced they depended solely on their husbands money before divorcing, But she can make a living for herself, and in my mind its like why would you want to live off someone when you can provide for yourself. I just believe in being fair yes Nas made some money in his day but he’s been retired out of the music business for some time now, if you keep giving out money and giving out money every month and not taking any in, AND still have to pay for the house you living in every month, the nest egg you save up starts to dwindle quickly. All of these other celebrity dads that pay big child support payments still have jobs and investments that pay, and most had wives that really did have only them to depend on monetarily.

  10. It will be a cold day in you know where before I let a man throw me out on the street!!! Kelis needs to get it together quick fast! In my opinion she seems as if she’s heavily relying on Nas to support her, and he’s the puppeteer pulling,controlling,and cutting the strings whenever he wants. Smh

  11. OMG! such a beautiful boy. I sure hope his parents have gotten their act together so they can raise him in with peace and love:)

  12. I’m not trying to be mean, but I agree with KeeyshaJ. He was cuter as a younger baby. But babies change a million times and he might recapture his old look.

  13. Cute kid! I feel bad for Nas. He should not have to pay for her mortgage when he’s not living there. If she can’t afford it, then she needs to move into a smaller house. The judge who decided all of this, need to re-think it cuz the man is struggling.


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