Musician Alicia Keys performed onstage, sans her shoes, during the 2010 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. It was her second performance of the night.

VIDEO: Check out Alicia’s “barefoot” performance now!


For her first performance, the five-months pregnant star dressed in a purple Dolce & Gabbana minidress, performed a medley of her greatest hits.

VIDEO: Alicia Keys performs a medley of her hits at the BET awards

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  1. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails
    with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people
    from that service? Bless you!

  2. You guys can surely exaggerate, she crawled on top of the piano, reading the comments posted here I thought she hurled herself carelessly on top of the piano…Geesh gimme a break. Great performance it was

  3. That was a Nice performance! you did a GREAT job ALiciA! :)..now waTch that be the babys fav song..lol..hehe..

  4. I just saw the performance AK did.

    You guys are tripping over that?

    All the hooplah over this, I thought she hopped up on the piano, stood up & these dance grinding/girating moves before begging someone to get her down.

    Imagine my disappointment when I saw her crawl across the piano, lay on it, sat on it & someone walked over to help her get off.

    Her singing was a bit forced (she probably tired) but she paid homage to Prince very well.

    The highlight was the look on Prince’s face when she did that. He grabbed the hands of the person next to him & looked around like, OMG do you see this? He loved it…so there it is.

    • Guuuuhhh, me too! I was watching and waiting on the Alicia Keys performance expecting to see her do some crazy jump onto the piano… They really blew that one out of proportion.

      • Well you know, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. I thought it a wonderful tribute to Prince and she sounded great to me.


  6. She is sure going to get big in this pregnancy, I can see. She’s not even that far along and she’s already a thick girl to begin with. I gained more than I would’ve liked with mine and I can just see where she’s going to go!

  7. I really like Alicia’s performance including her display on the piano. If you look she kept her legs closed, feet together as much as possible and even crossed her legs at the ankle. I think she was very classy in trying to give the female rendition of Prince. Know how accomplished an artist Prince is, his expressions alone and his standing ovation shows that he enjoyed it too.

  8. @Brooklyn: Yes she is having a little girl. And I hope she looks just like Mommy!

    @Scorpio88 & Kena: Since Chris performed, Rihanna was not allowed to be in the building (per the judge). Therefore Jay was not going to be there either. Which of course meant Beyonce was going to be a no-show also. But yes, they also definitely seem to not want to participate if they can’t be headliners……they are a trip!

    • thanks for that info. I had just asked the question above. Because I didn’t remember seeing anyone from the Jayz crew there. Anyway, twas their loss. That show was the best I’ve seen from BET Awards since they honored Diana Ross.

  9. Alicia looks pretty in the purple dress and I love how she matched up with the red pumps that somehow add a nice twist to the look.

    I missed the awards ceremony–darn. I have to agree with everything Teri commented above regarding both MJ and Prince. Especially Prince. He is a beautiful man inside and out as well as immensely talented and creative. Hope I can catch a rerun of this show.

    • Uhmm..She is barefoot in the picture and she is pregnant. I think BCK is playing on words here. Wow, i think people read too much into things.

  10. Alicia did good.Loved the peformance on the piano. Some of yall acting like she was jumpimg up and down on the piano or something.

  11. go on u know where and down load or bet site, I agree you have to see the enire performance to appreciate the tribute she and all the others did Patti, Monae, that other girl (sorry dont know her name)just awesome, emotional individ performance

    • Esperanza is her name. Don’t know if I spelled it correctly but she fierce on that bass. She performed for the White House concert specials.

  12. I was very pleased with awards. I was shocked to see Keyshia Cole. OH… A.Keys was on point. Julie stop hateing!!!!

  13. I thought the Chris Brown performance and the tribute to Prince were the hits of the night. I truly am glad I tuned in, I would not have wanted to miss either.

    • @Khrish – I have to say “amen” to your comments. They were the highlights of the evening. I would’ve watched it just for those two performances.

    • I’ve been a fan of Prince since 1978. I LOVE him. He and MJ are/were truly geniouses in their field. In my opinion, that word cannot be thrown around to describe many of today’s artists. They are truly musicians that studied and honed their craft. Prince is still around after decades in the game. How man current artists will be able to say the same?

      I had mad respect for him when he admitted that he had made many mistakes in his past and that he didn’t want anyone else to make the same ones. He is such a humble man.

      • So am I a loooog time fan. My daughter first introduced him to me and I was “what kind of woman would name her son “Prince”; then he got to me. My children ended up coming to me to borrow the new Prince releases. LOL
        I forgot to mention that El Debarge was pretty good himself. It was good to see him and I think the title of his new CD is a good one. BET made it a most enjoyable night to me.

        • @Khrish – that was funny. Prince has been in the game for a long time.

          How could I forget El. It was so good to see him out of prison and back to singing. I’ve been a fan of his and the DeBarge fam since day 1 too. Old school was the greatest, wasn’t it?

  14. man reading all these comments makes me sad that i missed the awards this year lol but alicia looks beautiful, i love that purple dress

    • Don’t worry. You know BET will show it again and again and again to the point that we will all be tired of looking at it lol!

  15. didn’t watch the awards last night, but heard about it. including this little jump on the piano bit that she did lol! all i know is that first pic of her all sprawled out on the piano is not flattering in the least bit lol!

  16. why waste your time writing negative comments about someone you don’t even know one person hatin on mz keys aint gonna make her miss any meals…. she don’t need you support so how about don’t even post at all.. okay??

  17. I was a little worried too when she hopped up on that piano. If we were scared imagine what her mom might have been thinking!!!

    Anyway as always she looked beautiful and sounded good. SO happy for her

  18. I wasn’t scared for her I was shocked. I’m sure Prince was shocked too by his looks lol. Hopefully that will be the first and last time she climbs pianos while pregnant…

  19. BET actually did there thang this time…Excellent show..I was luvin Alicia Keys all over again but I was a little scared for her and the baby when she was on the piano but man she put on a great show. I was really loving CB (Chris Brown) and its so great to see him make such a huge come back…and as always the Queen did her thang…Now this is what an award show should be about not the awards but the talent that got you that award….I wonder why B and J was not there to accept there awards….hmmm….but anywhoo every one did such a great job…

    • I feel just like you. After last year I had planned not to watch, but when I heard they were going to honor Prince, I had to watch. I thought it was a thousand time better and much more respectable show this year. I loved the little girl singin Alicia’s song; her voice is fantastic. Alicia was a hit and Chris brown, I had no idea he would be there. His was really a tribute to MJ. I hope he’s back on track with his career. And I do hope that he stays far away from Rihanna, Please. All and all I think that BET did listen to the viewers about last year’s show because this one was much more professionally done.


      • I wondered if that whole crew was absent because of Chris Brown’s performance. I can’t remeber seeing any of the main stars with JayZ’s set. Was it just me or did anyone else notice? Did anyone see Rihanna?

      • Why should Beyonce have showed up when they ripped her off? Her cd sold 2 million more than Alicia’s and produced 5 top ten hits, yet she lost Best Female R&B Artist…..

        • Isn’t that the CD she made last year? She turns them out so fast, I can’t keep up. It looked more like the absence of “the family” because of the presence of Chris Brown. Doesn’t mean I’m right, just my take on things. Her husband received an award. I could be wrong, it’s just the way it looked to me.

        • Beyonce doesn’t do R&B. She does terrible, terrible pop. And the award is not for record sales. The award is voted on. If quality is really judged by record sales, can you say Rihanna (for instance) is better than Anita Baker or Sade (for instance)?

          • Another Beyonce hater… Beyonce is r&b, crossover yet still r&b… And no one said that quality is based off of sales, but record sales are important or else award shows would be filled with the hundreds of soul singers who make great music but who don’t get play. You don’t see those artists nominated because they don’t have the sales!

  20. I’m sorry I’m not feeling any of her performances and when she got up on the piano, Prince was like WTF?!!!! A lot of flash and show but no substance.

  21. You dont have to stop your life just because you’re pregnant. Alicia is staying active and having fun and she should. She looked great and her outfits were on point this time around. Her performance was outstanding!

  22. The BET Awards was sooooo good! I was not expecting it to be good but from begining to end it was a HOT show. I loved it so much I could have watched from begining to end over and over again. Eveybody that performed were awesome.

    • @mena, yes I agree! It was awesome and I wasn’t expecting it to be so good considering past shows. Nobody disappointed. Even all those performances w/ nicki minaj and diddy not really singing were hott!

  23. I thought Alicia’s performance was excellent both times. I had to do a double take when she landed on that piano but she nailed that performance! Even Prince had to crack a smile at that. AK gave it to him pregnant and all!!! Love her!!

    This was by far the better BET awards.

  24. I was afraid when she jumped the piano. I was on edge until that performance ended. But, she did an excellent job all evening.

  25. Alicia has lost her mind. I really did like her when she came out but now she seems to be wild and out of control. I never seen her act this way and the fact that she is pregnant made me jump up from my seat like WHOA!!

    I thought she was a classy girl, now she seems to be going down hill.

    I was pregnant and some of that stuff just isn’t Okay for a pregnant lady. Your suppose to carry yourself with class and grace, not jump on pianos like your a stripper and not wear clothes as if your not pregnant.

    The BET Awards was a disgrace this year.

    • How old are you?,(I think their is some other issue you have with Alicia) your comments seems a lil displace their was nothing disgraceful about Alicia performance, it was done in taste she was expressing the music has she felt at the time at times i think it became personal, you have to love music, arts to get it, “but to each his own” but nevertheless I think it was a great performance

      • I’m in my late 20’s but that’s besides the point.

        Again, Alicia was not acting right for a pregnant lady, getting on that paino thrashing like a wild woman is not lady like and not okay for someone who is pregnant. I don’t and won’t ever support that because my mother taught me to act with class and being pregnant should make you humble yourself any more.

        God Forbid she would have gotten on their and thrashed so hard she feel, the look on Princes face was not one of happiness, I think he was in awe at the pregnant lady up there.

        Again, Alicia has lost all of the class I thought she had. This recent thing with this married man and now her acting like a plum fool goes to show me , she is not the humble person we thought she was. She could have easily played the song on the paino and left it at that.

        Clearly she shouldn’t have been up there, if she need help getting down. I would have let her figure out a way to get her pregnant butt off of that paino, she did get herself upthere.

        I’m not hating, I just felt that the people and the award show was a hot ghetto mess. No one was worth watching and I will never support BET anymore.

        They have gone to the dogs, We’re a modern minstrel show.

        • How is a pregnant lady suppose to act exactly?

          Back in the day, they didn’t work; they stayed home & was taken care of so they wouldn’t hurt the baby.

          Now a days, they work, exercise & even run while pregnant.

          I didn’t see the performance but she looks beautiful in the picture w/the purple dress. The white outfit was nice as well. Not feeling the black outfit on her, but I believe she rocked the performance as she always does in every performance she does.

          Alicia Keys is humble in her works & is a great performer. Not matter how people feel about her in her latest situation, they cannot dispute that.

          • Their suppose to act with class and grace, not jumping on top of painos, thrashing wildly.

            Maybe I’m of a different background than you. I believe that women, especially pregnant women, should carry themselves with class. I’m unsure of your social background but I’m sure it’s okay for women who live where you do to act that way.

          • The woman performed on stage using a piano. I’d understand if she was dancing on a stripper pole or out in the club humping every dude that walked by her. She performed well & that to you equates lack of class & grace? Do the pregnant people you know allowed to squat on the toilet? Why don’t you get pregnant, get a singing career & show her how it’s done?

            Sweetie, I am truly not the one, ok? If you can’t handle people disagreeing w/you, get the hell off a blog site.

            I’m not sure of your social background but I’m sure it’s ok for clueless people like yourself to speak out of their asses.

          • Don’t get all “ghetto” on me now.

            I just thought that Alicia was a classier girl. She spoke with intelligence and wasn’t the type I thought would be acting wild on a piano. She never did that before, why start now when you’re pregnant?

            I clearly come from a different social class than you and I feel a pregnant woman should conduct herself differently. She resorted to the piano for a number of performances and managed to do so without dancing in them.

            What would have happened if she got up there and got too wild with the thrashing and fell?

            She couldn’t even get down from there! You don’t need to be up on a piano if you’re pregnant butt can’t get down from one.

            She was out of control and I have lost a lot of respect for Ms. Keys. First it’s the Mistress Role, now she’s possibly have a baby out of wedlock, now she’s lost all the class I thought she had by acting like a intoxicated singer thrashing on a piano.

            As I stated before, that is no way for a lady , especially a pregnant lady, to conduct herself.

            I’m disappointed in her and the number of black women on here who find this entertaining. Clearly Class doesn’t run through here.
            The state of the black community. (eye roll)

            Just for the record, the BET Awards was absolutely horrible. The best Tribute hands down was Chaka Khans’ in 2006.

          • @Julie SMH! Some women who have nothing better to do with their lives sure do like judging people. Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around someone else’s. What Alicia did is her business and has nothing to do with you. I agree that women period should act classy but I do not see anything wrong with Alicia’s performance. She did it already so why the eff are you tripping about it now? Go read a book or something since you’re so classy. Oh btw if you have a problem with BET don’t watch it….there are plenty of other people that do so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t care. You really need to watch what you say because throwing the race card out on a website that’s CLEARLY called BLACK celebrity kids is just dumb. So don’t be racist…especially if you’re going to do it from behind your computer. Typical “internet gangster” and “hater”. You said “the state of the black community”? What purpose did that serve??? #fail

          • Did this little nitwit attempt to insinuate I was being ghetto?

            Sweet Jesus, let me stop replying to this nat before I show her a full depiction of ghettoness.

            I’m going to take your definition of classy & squat on the toilet.

        • AS I SAID (LOL) IN MY PREVIOUS POST YOU HAD OTHER ISSUES WITH ALICIA.ANNNNNND NOW YOU’RE VENTING,clearly it was a emotional performance,will have individs who’re not familiar to her music… saying great performance, but from your post,I could tell their were other “held back” FEELINGS. and you kinda rambling on..(maybe because you’re upset with Alicia, but slow down while processing)..'”prince was upset but at the same time in awe of the pregnant lady” doesnt make sense)I’m sorry but you’re naive, when speaking of her performance, thats good what your mama thought you but this is performing arts where a individ expresses their self on stage, what “necessarily” they wouldnt do on the street, MJ wasnt walking around going he he. I hope this give you some clarity. you should separate the two issues her performance and her personal life.

        • @julie,I’m scrolling down and something is way off,..mmnnnn you’re European aren’t you?,fess up….don’t hide.BET was and never will be the Discovery channel, the E IN B-E-T stands for entertainment,get it? don’t watch it then you fall off but I’m pretty sure BET has their niche market without you,if the commenter is ghetto you’re the reigning Belle of MASA’S HOUSE(IN SNOW-WHITE VOICE: “MASA I’M BETTER THAN THEM, MAKE ME THE HOUSE SLAVE”)..SEE IT DIDN’T COME OFF CORRECT RIGHT?!, RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DEAR “YOUR ACROSS THE WATER” CALL ANOTHER PERSON GHETTO AND ALL SHE WAS DOING HIS EXPRESSING HER SELF,WHY GO THERE, YOU DISAGREE YOU DISAGREE B..YES I SAID IT !!!!

          • @Julie, what in heavens name is your problem? As a previous poster told you, this woman is a performer and a darn good one. You act as if she was on the street or in a porn film. She is a classy lady and a secure one. You sound like daffy duck, You know, he’s so insecure with his status in life that he can’t relax and be like bugs bunny who is so sure of his status in life he can do what he wants. I’m almost old enough to be your grandmother and I think you sound like a stick in the mud. I love to see women stop taking pregnacy as an illness. You need to grow up. While you may not have enjoyed the performance you don’t have to make this lady sound like a someone disgraceful. We all get the point that you didn’t like the performance and we, some of us did. When you have your baby, you can carry yourself like you want.

      • She was doing a tribute to Prince and he would often climb up on the piano and perform. Thats what that was. I just wished she had done it before the pregnancy. I was on the edge of my seat worried sick.

    • I was sacred too, but the look on Prince face was like did you see that.. priceless, but the performance was very emotional.This can’t be her last live performance, she has the Essence music festival to perform at.one last note did you all see the big hug Ms Patti gave to her.

    • Really??? Your acting like she was humping the piano. She was just laying there & doing a little jig. You shouldn’t disrespect her like that. Some people don’t take the phrase “barefoor & pregnant” literally.. She is an entertainer & has a job to do. I doubt she would of done anything to harm her child. & she had somebody help her off the piano at the end…overall she did good! I thought it was cute when she won the award & Swizz oldest son looked so proud of her & gave her a big hug.

    • clearly everyone who has something negative to say about her performance must be a wee bit confused….
      it was a tribute to Prince, and we all know how Prince gets down on the stage…. she was just doing some of his moves, thats all. and in my opinion she did a VERY good job!!

  26. I was surprised also but I loved it!! Get it mama!!! And she looks beautiful pregnant!! I hope it’s a girl!

  27. Yeah she scared me too when she jumped up on that piano! LOL But she performed her butt off both times I’m happy for her. They say that it was suppose to be her last live performance before the baby is born so I guess she was giving it her all and leaving us something to remember!

      • the first picture on here looks like she bout to go in labour….its a bad still shot of her, but as much as i love{D} her, gotta give her props…she is soo pretty.. thats all the props ima give her..o she can sing and is very talented

      • she was very excted about performing for Prince. She almost gabe birth on the piano.

        Alicia tone it down till the baby comes. overall she is a talented lady.

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