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Rapper T.I. and his fiancée Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and their kids- (L to R) Messiah, Domani, King, Zonnique, and the Omg Girlz Lourdes and Bahja- pose at the 2010 BET Awards on June 27th.

More pictures of the family below!

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  1. Recently, T.I was on Mo’Nique’s show and Hoopz was in the audience.
    T.I’s camp tried to say it was just a coincidence, but rumors are that he messing around with Hoopz again and that’s why the wedding was called off.

  2. For some reason Tiny reminds me a little of Mariah Carey-something in the features though I think Mariah is prettier.

    That boy looks like biggie smalls son. The other one son looks like a miniature TI. Too many kids so I am just random with it.

    TI looks nice.

      • I was going to put poor man’s version of Mariah, but I like tiny and that sounded a little insulting. good to see someone else sees it-lol.

  3. T.I. called the wedding off! If there was going to be a wedding Tiny would luuuuv to rub in all you T.I. fans faces. She’s trying to keep it together,but he’s got one foot out of the door & one foot on a banana peel! She’s trying to save face! Whatever works for her..I’m not a fan of either one of them.

  4. Domani looks so much like his dad, He has gained a little extra weight it’s all in his face. I guess being it’s summer time, he is not being as active and eating lots of junk food. They should watch it though, cuz even though he is so cute now he doesn’t want to be a heavy adult. The whole family looks beautiful in the picture.

    • Why even go there? Messiah has too, but, in my opinion, we can’t say why so we shouldn’t say it at all.

  5. I wish he would stop referring to that woman and the mother of his children as his “fiancee”. It’s like nobody today understands the meaning of that word. She’s simply his girlfriend!

    • Uhmm, they are engaged so that’s his fiancee. Am i missing something? They are getting married either end of this month or next month.

      • i will believe it when i see it!!
        she has been planning a wedding forever! she could have had the entire think knocked out when he was in prison – soon as he was sprung all the would need to do is make it happen! i really wonder why he has not married her yet. they have plenty of money to make things happen – just do it!

      • they were getting married before he went to jail too????? I don’t care whether they marry or not; with 2 children they have stepped past the “fiancee” stage as it’s used socially. She is his girlfriend (or common law wife) and the mother of his children. Not his fiancee.

      • Long engagements were once common in formal arranged marriages and it was not uncommon for parents betrothing children to arrange such many years before the engaged couple were old enough to marry. In 2007, the average engagement time in the United States was 17 months

    • Well they are engaged & she’s been planning their wedding. It has been a very long engagement that had people wondering if they were ever gonna get married LOL but they are engaged

      • they ave been together for 7 years plus and have 2 kids. They just need to go to the courthous and get married. T.I. obviously keeps stalling for a reason. sounds like a man trying to have his cake and eat it too.

        I hope that’s not the casee, but again 7 yrs and 2 kids. Come on black men- step up and do what’s right for a change.

      • whether they ever marry or not, my objection is the use of the word Fiancee. They have been together and proceeded to make and raise a family. that, to me, makes her a bit more than a “fiancee”. Maybe a girlfriend (common law wife) but the “fiancee” era they have long moved pass. As per his song “you can sing a lie as well as tell one.

    • While I agree w/you, I must add she may just be his girlfriend, but in his latest song..”I Got Your Back”, he said, “I know what I got at home & I’m aint never gonna leave that, them b@@@ch best believe that”.

      Doesn’t sound like he’s going anywhere. If he was leaving, he would have already. He can get his career back on track & show up to his wedding w/o breaking a sweat. No excuse, he simply doesn’t want to be married.

      That being said, as a female, if you settle for being a girlfriend/fiancee for years & years & do not demand more, than that will be what you get.

      If it works for them…..*shrugs*

      • You are so right. But the use of fiancee is really a term that they have overused. They’ve already had the children and the “fiancee” period has expired. But you are right if that what she settles for that’s what she will be…..his girlfriend and the mother of his children. Bet the other girl thought he wasn’t going to leave her after their two children. As per his song. you can sing a lie as well as tell one. What else must she do for him to make her his wife?

        • I think he wrote that song when he was in prison & he was seeing how she “had his back”. But once he got out…he simply forgot. Lol.

          My son’s father has a fiancee for 10yrs.

          My mom’s girlfriend has been a fiancee for 30 yrs.

          They both tease me for being single.

          I told them both, let me know when you become a wife.

      • what that sounds like to me Sherley is a man that is having his little thing with someone and letting her know that “he knows what he has at home” and that their little something is just that! he may not leave it but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t stray from home from time to time! as long as they have been together and the children they have made they don’t need a big flashy gangsta wedding!

  6. I agree Messiah looks a lot like Ti. Everyone looks great. I wonder where Deyjah and Major were. I liked the red hair on tiny better for some reason oh well its her head. But TI did a good job last night

  7. Messiah looks a lot like his dad. Hope TI gets right and stays out of trouble for good. He’s too damn old with too much responsibility for foolishness.

    • watch Clifford “King” Harris, III. in Roberto Cavalli :) Mommy’s male clone.

      I liked Tiny’s hair red, but i think she looks pretty here.

      Domani usually has that face on…him and Messiah really look like T.I.

      T.I. did well with his performances. I can’t wait to see Takers, which also stars Chris Brown…he’s done the BEST MICHAEL JACKSON PERFORMACE TO DATE and although i hate what he did to Rihanna i think it took a lot of courage to come to the BET Awards.

      • I agree that he did the best job of a tribute to Michael Jackson. I, too, think that he has paid and continues to pay for his actions as per Rhianna. He is still young and I do hope this was a wakeup call for him to change his ways. I an anxious for him to get his career back on track. He is a wonderful talent and I would hate to see him lose his chance by foolish and harmful actions.

  8. Messiah and Domani have gotten son big! Where’s his daughter(can’t think of her name)? Domani looks like Zonnique to me.

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