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  1. WTHECK is upp with BLack peopLe and this HAIR thing!! Like omgg.. get over it. Most White peopLe wish they had/or even embrace the uniqeness of our hair..so why is it that BLack people are still ashamed of it!! smh.. im donE!

    -Anywayy Lou is very BEAUTIFUL and i LOVE her hair weather if its curLy or coiLy! :) -thnx.

  2. They wouldn’t post my other comment… or it hasn’t gotten posted yet. So I’m just gonna say that baby is gonna have some nappy hair. GOOD!

  3. lou looks like so much johan she is gorgeous. the samuels are the 4 most beautifull celebrity kids on this earth. leni and lou are two dolls.

  4. Little Lou is too cute. The one pic of Henri in the sun is soooo adorable. I love his hair and if I could get mine like that (love the color too), I’d doll it up with a band/wrap and go.

  5. look at the cheeks on baby girl Lou! she is just too cute! looks like the girl version of Johan. funny pic where Henry and Johan pulled down the stroller shades lol! maybe to hide from the paps. although Henry and his long legs looks like he’s barely able to fit in the thing.

  6. Oh No!!!!!!! The baby got that coarse thick hair like her bothers. Poor thing. She is going to have a fit when it’s time to comb it out. They need to start like now…detangling her hair with some Detangle shampoo and conditioner on a daily.

  7. Some children hate to ride in a stroller when they see the other children walk,running, and have fun. 6 is too big to be in a stroller.

    • I totally agree…..a six year old girl in the stroller….puhlease…lol….I even think Johann is too big for a stroller….of course unless they walked a marathon….anyhow….beautiful family

  8. Leni and even Johan (imo) are both too old to be in a stroller, but hey I wish I had someone to push me in a stroller sometimes! For some reason, I find it strange to see a mother walking on the side while nannies push her kids around in strollers… Something about it sort of turns me off… Not sure…

    • I dont know PM, Heidi cannot push 2 strollers at once & hold Henry’s hand so better the one’s getting paid do it.

      It’s very difficult to manuever 4 children under 7 in a public place like NY. If 2 gets tired, then what do you do w/the other 2? I prefer they are safe than not & if she feels being in a stroller is safe, then whatever.

    • I think 4 OR 5 is the usual cut-off, but yes, I am with you. If there was an adult size stroller WITH someone to push my big ol’ arse, then…

      And you best believe if I had a nanny, she’d be pushing my kids dang stroller too (at least a chunk of the time), especially that twin contraption–lol.

    • i guess it really depends on the outing. this is the 1st time i’ve seen the older kids in a stroller, so it’s not a norm for them. maybe they were somewhere that the kids got tired of walking?? i know in the past my dau was in 1st grade still riding in an umbrella stroller only b/c we visited disney often….and she walked hella slow!! :) she’s 15 and still walks slow!

    • Hi Khrish. Haha at your comment. True, but she’s still cute, huh? Seal’s stamp is all over Heidi’s kids. Dominant strong buck, isn’t he? 😉

      • @ pisces: This commnet: “Seal…Dominant strong buck, isn’t he? ” IS NOT PC. It is racist and disrespectful. Please dont ever say that to anyone.
        Pisces says: June 29, 2010 at 3:55 pm
        Hi Khrish. Haha at your comment. True, but she’s still cute, huh? Seal’s stamp is all over Heidi’s kids. Dominant strong buck, isn’t he?

        • Likunta….I’m genuinely sorry if I upset your sensibilities. Being a black person myself, I did not mean any un-PC remark…just another way of pointing out Seal’s obvious virility as a man. No harm meant.

          Seal is all those babies Daddy…for sure. No mistaking that, and that is a GOOD THING! No DNA scan ever needed in these cases.

          • BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ Sherley! Lmao! That’s the same thing I was thinking! Lil Kunta – Lol that name is offensive! If someone called me Lil Kunta I think i’d be inclined to fight! Lmao!

          • SHERLEY and PLAINMEAN… I’m you two’s girls biggest fans, too! Thank you and I luvs ya all the time! xoxoxo!

      • Hi Pisces, good to hear from you. I do miss you a lot. It’s always good when we can joke together. This political scene is too hot and I try to get to this board but usually get hung up on the politics board.

        • Hi Khrish. I think it’s great how involved in politics you are. I’m glad you still write here, too, though. You are insightful and fun! Take care.

          • Pisces: Have you checked out that Omarosa show on TVone?. I had no desire to watch it until the saturday before the 4th and they had the marathon of it up to present on. I really got into it. Not for Omarosa but for the fact you get to listen to the men and what they talk about when they are on their own. first reality show that I have truly enjoyed. Check it out. LOL Hope you had a happy 4th

  9. Wow Henry is so tall! Only 4 1/2 and look where he comes to compared to Heidi, and she’s a tall lady.

    You can’t see Lou too well, but I can see how cute she is with her little face all scrunched up. :)

    Now bring on the comments about how Leni shouldn’t be in a stroller at 6 years old. Henry’s even in it too, in one photo. I’ll defend them beforehand: Leni’s so tiny the fact that she can even still fit in the stroller is reason enough for her to be in it, if she’s tired. It’s all right for Henry, too. 😀

  10. Lol, Leni’s the oldest one yet she’s the one getting pushed in a stroller vs. Henry who’s younger than her. Cute family pics though. :)

  11. She’s already 8 months?!? Soon she’s going to one and running with her brothers and sister. I love this family.

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