Legendary Tennis player Boris Becker was joined by his family as they hosted a party celebrating the 25th Anniversary of his first win at Wimbledon. Pictured are (LtoR) Noah, 16, wife Sharley Lily Kerssenberg, 10-year-old Elias and Boris.

Boris and Lilly welcomed their first child together four months ago.


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  1. I find it so hypocritical that some are commenting that Becker’s wives aren’t black but mixed. LOL, whatever happened to the rule that if one has but a drop of black in his/her blood, they are automatically black. I suppose that some just can not handle the fact that there are white men out there that find “black” women attractive and desirable. I guess it depends on the circumstance whether or not one can be regarded as black. LOL LOL.

  2. who cares what color the children’s mother is. There are no pure races of ppl anymore. You could be as white as the clouds and still have ancestors of another race.

  3. NYC says:
    July 24, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Just for the record all of Boris’ kids are 75% white and 25% black….all the women he’s dealt with are all biracial (half black-half white)…

    NOT true—Boris’ ex wife Barbara was a BLACK woman whose father was in the military. They were stationed in Germany but both her parents are Black.

    • Wrong Moni. Barbara Becker’s mother is German. Her father (Harlan Ross Feltus) was an African-American photographer. Her mother (Ursula) was German and a teacher. So it is correct that Boris Becker’s kids are 75% white.

  4. NYC says:
    July 24, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Just for the record all of Boris’ kids are 75% white and 25% black….all the women he’s dealt with are all biracial (half black-half white)…

    NOT true—Boris’ ex wife Barbara was a BLACK wonman whose father was in the military. They were stationed in Germany but both her parents are Black.

  5. Just for the record all of Boris’ kids are 75% white and 25% black….all the women he’s dealt with are all biracial (half black-half white)…

  6. These children have an interesting look about themselves. They will be well cultured I can say that. Their looks are going to have to grow on me. Sorry.

  7. His daughter’s mother lives in London, she is a Russian woman who is also Black, you really should see a picture of mother and blond daughter together, it’ll make you realize how strong his genes are.

    Daughter is now a young fashion model

  8. Teri

    I am actually i am a black women :) very dark skin one. I am with a white guy and we have a son. He is mixed it would be strange to compare him to a black child beause the differents would be noticed. He looks european just like his dad but has wavy hair with carmel skin he does not look like me at all so there is a differences when it comes to appearancea

  9. Teri

    I am actually a black women myself. I am just stating the truth certain man like mix women that have european look to them there is nothing wrong with that. I am a very dark skin black women that is with a white guy and he does not care but some men do. I know majority of blacks in the americas have mix blood. I think there is a different because there is.

  10. So no one wants to comment on how close Noah’s hand is to his stepmother’s behind? No? Okay then. Moving on…

    Boris is an okay-looking man, but he has some doll babies for children. I’ve only ever seen the first three, but they are sooo cute. Noah is some jailbait. I said I would stay out of posts with him in it lol.

  11. Surely, you can’t be this inept, you have 100% Black ppl who were lighter than MJ’s children and who could pass for White.

    Ever hear of “passin?”

      • What is black and what is white Lisa? Looks like you prefer one over the other? Not that I care, just an observation in the way you emphasized in your statement.

  12. Actually he likes mixed black women not black women which is a big differents. His first wife is the same skin tone as halley berry and she is mix not black big differents.

  13. Boris has some strong genes! All his kids look like him. Especially his daughter, I hope she has started to grow into her looks. His boys are handsome!

  14. Prince Jackson has Vitiligo!

    A freind of Michael spoke about it in 2001. 8 years BEFORE Michael died!

    The debate about Princes vitiligo has been going on before MJ died. Fans saw it on Prince’s neck and fingers

    Only 1%-2% of the WORLD POPULATION has vitiligo.

    There’s a 30% – 40% chance that a child will inherit VITILIGO from a parent or a relative.

    A sperm donor with an auto-immune disease e,g VITILIGO CANNOT donate sperm!

    Michael Jackson had to be the unluckiest man in the world to pick a sperm donor that had the same disease that he had- We have to take out women and kids from that 1%-2% of the worlds population- So the percentage would be what?

    We have many geniuses here, do the equation!

    Don’t bring that tinea versicolor excuse because you can get rid of it with selsiun Blue or medication. The Jacksons wouldn’t have made it spread like that!

  15. Prince Jackson has vitiligo. A friend of Michael spoke about it in 2001.

    1%-2% of the WORLS population has Vitiligo

    There’s a 30%-40% chance of a parent or realative to pass down Vitiligo to a child.

    Sperm donors with auto-immune diseases CAN’T donate sperm!

    MJ had to be the unluckiest man in the world to pick out a sperm donor with the same disease that he had. Keep in mind we have to take away the women and kids from the 1%-2% OF THE WORLDS POPULATION WITH VITILIGO.

    • I’m here. But just as how some people are tired of the hair argument, I’m tired of the MJ paternity argument. Bone tired.

      The only part that irks me is when they say that they’re Klein’s children. They may not look much like MJ, but they sure as hell don’t look like the product of an albino gecko/bull frog hybrid either. Insulting, if you ask me.

      I will have some pop corn if you’re offering, as I do feel rather hungry.

      • Leo I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I believe they are Mike’s biological kids but this argument needs to stop.

      • That’s what’s best about bringing the popcorn & chairs.

        You sit back, watch & munch as people argue over an idiotic mute point over & over & over.

        It’s like Laurel & Hardy, The Three Stooges…etc. No content, just laughter.

  16. Noah & Elias’s mother is Barbara Feltus. However, she is not African American, she is a Black German born model. Her father is African American and her mother is white. Lily, Boris’ current wife is Dutch.

  17. I love Elias’ shoes they’re unique and cute…Noah’s a pretty fresh too. I also love Elias’ Ralph Lauren pink Polo and shirts…you can never go wrong with Ralph Lauren, he’s my favourite for kids clothes. BTW Elias is a beautiful name :)

  18. Notice how 16 year old Noah and 10 year old Elias are 100% biological brothers and they really don’t look too much alike. The oldest boy looks more black/mixed and the youngest more white/mixed. So their mother is African American and their father is caucasian, just like Michael Jackson is African American and Debbie Rowe is caucasian so can somebody please tell me WHY it is not possible to many that Michael is the biological father of his children? Boris Beckers young son is just about the same coloring as Paris and prince Jackson and his hair texture is not that far off from theirs either. Also Elias Becker does NOT have too many African American features. Same as the Jackson children.
    Yep, Michael IS most definitely his kids biological daddy!
    Ps… Dont even bother commenting that this post is about Boris Beckers family and not MJ’s! I am already aware of this but when I saw this picture of Boris Becker’s bi-racial children, it just reminded me of how ignorant some people are in regards to MJ’s kids and genetics.

    • The arguments for why the kids ARE biologically MJ’s are just as tired as the arguments for why there are NOT biologically MJ’s. Give it a damn rest and stop obsessing over it!

      • @PlainMean …what are you the d@mn comment police? I can write WHATEVER I want! If you don’t like it just let your eyes keep on moving along untill you can find something that you do like! And by the way, just so you know, you don’t scare me with your responses or tone because I am actually MUCH MORE meaner than you. I just have class on here and don’t let my ignorance show!
        Get a life!

        • Lmao! First off, no one is trying to scare you! If you’re afraid of someone over the internet… Well, I don’t know what to say about that. And yeah, your class and ignorance really show in your dumb a#@ comments! Just as u can post as u please, I can do the same because I am entitled to my opinion.

          My Opinion: People like you who feel the need yo bring up Michael Jackson’s kids every time biracial children are shown – should line up and go jump! It’s tired, it’s stupid, and it’s annoying… JUST SAYIN!!!

          • @PlainStupid …oooppss, I mean PlainMean. If what I write is such an irritant to you then why do you even bother to read it? Just keep it moving or are you just to slow to even comprehend that?

          • Lmao! I comment because this is a public forum and when you post it is up for public debate. Now if you can’t handle someone disagreeing with you then maybe you shouldn’t comment. You question my comprehension, but honey this thread was CLEARLY about Boris Becker and his children! So were you too stupid or slow to realize that when you brought Michael Jackson’s children into it??? As far as ignorance… Oh how i’d love to show you!

        • Look, don’t pay any of these ppl any mind. They can’t fathom the idea that Michael was normal man who liked having sex, which he did. MJ was no stranger to sex, he did it early and he did it often.

          Secondly, pls don’t listen to Macy she isn’t in the field of genetics, it’s entirely possible for MJs children to come out looking the way they did. No one ever questions Seal and Heidi’s kids’ colors, because they are all pretyy much the same color and they all came from the same woman, my point is that if Debbie did produce all three of these kids it’s entirely possible for them to have come out as light as they did. but since we all know Blanket has a different mother, it’s certainly possible for MJ to turn out 3 kids who don’t have prominent Black indications. If you ask me those children have a lot of Black features.

          Fourth, Prince has vitiligo, the same RARE disease that was confirmed by the coroners that MJ had it as well, that disease is HEREDITARY; this proves he is MJ’s son, point blank. Also, Latoya said this a while back but no one believed her.
          These same ppl going around claiming Mj didn’t father these children are probably the same ones who thought MJ bleached his skin. I believed MJ when he said he had vitiligo and I believe him when it comes to his children. There was no need for him to lie. MJ loved being Black, he couldn’t help his skin disease and he loved women, lol

          A lot of you don’t know that, MJ LOVED women, it’s just he was low key and respectful


      • *sigh* That debate will never die, Plain Mean. Even with a DNA test, it. will. not. die. >_<

        Not to mention that the Becker boys are darker complected than the Jackson 3, even with a bi-racial mother, but I don’t want to get into it. MJ raised those children from the day they were born until the day he died; that’s enough for me to say he’s their father. Hang DNA.

      • @PlainMean …and your point is …. POINTLESS because even though Barbara Feltus is Half German/ Black she STILL looks 100% BLACK!
        This is what I mean about genetics! No one truly knows what will and can occur with bi-racial individuals by way of features, skin color, hair texture, ect….

          • @Riley … it is what it is therefore there is no need for me to reach.
            It’s amazing how well some people’s ignorance shows in even the briefest of sentences ….

        • @JustSayin you sound so ignorant. just begging for those kids to be MJ’s. Like PlainMean said just give it a damn rest. They’re not his. end of story. Hopefully one day the undeniable truth of those kids not being his will be told. Probably you still won’t even believe which is sad. I’m in the field of genetics. It’s impossible for all those kids to be his and come out looking the way they came out. It’s possible for one to come out looking more caucasian but not all 3. For that reason, one of Boris son’s came out looking nmore caucasian and the other came out looking obviously mixed. PlainMean also made a good point. The two boys’ mother is mixed with black and white. MJ is not half white but yet against logic and genetics he magically ends up with not 1 but all 3 kids looking entirely white. You’re not too smart. And no the boys aren’t the same “coloring” as MJ’s fake kids, nor is the hair similar. You’re going to see anything to substantiate your own belief. I’m sure if God himself told you that mJ’s kids aren’t his biological kids you would try to argue with God too lol.

          • @Macy …mind your own business! PlainMean is nobody important just as you are NOT! Like I had stated previously, I didnt realize that the damn comment police was on duty yesterday evening! I can say what I want to say! I am really sick and tired of folks on here acting like they the BCK in charge! NOT!

          • @ Macy
            Fair enough MJ’s kids have nothing to do with this post.
            But I do think they ae his kids biologically esp Blanket. Now know really knows the truth including you, so I think people should just leave that topic alone. Its no ones business but Michaels.

          • We are all entitled to our opinion and I don’t think MJ’s kids should have been brought up. I do believe they are his.
            That being said I don’t think you are in the field of genetics. If you were you would know that one event (1st child) would have nothing to do with another (2nd child etc). If the 1st child is a son the probability that the 2nd child is a son is not correlated to the 1st child being male.
            It is very possible for all 3 children to be fair. Genetics is just that funny. I know a black woman married to an asian man. Her 3 oldest children look 100% asian, while her youngest 2 children look like they are mixed (blasian). If I used your reasoning then her oldest 3 children aren’t hers.
            Many question MJ because people think he hated himself. I don’t think he hated himself but none of us know him well enough to say if it is true or not.
            I do know Mike was personally teaching his “fake” children (as you call them) African & African American history. I hope you do the same or MJ’s “fake” children will know their “fake” history more than yours know their “real” history.
            Question: Are Angelina Jolie’s children fake as well?

        • Only geniuses like you look at a biracial child and says “THIS PROVES THE PATERNITY OF MJ’S KIDS”! Wtf, does Boris Becker’s children have to do with the Jackson children! You open up a can of worms then go crazy when ppl respond as you knew they would! Chick get a grip!

    • For the record their mother is half Black American (father) and half German (mother) making Boris’s kids 3/4th German and 1/4th Black American. I believe they live in Florida with their mother now.

    • Just saying, first of all all of boris’s wifes are biracial/mixed whatever you wanna call it, so when biracial women like me for instance have a kid with a white dude for example, are kids may not look that black, so thats why you see boris kids with straight hair or curly hair etc but again, his wife, all of his wifes are mixed so the kids technically are 1/4 black, not 1/2, NOW Michael on the other hand is not mixed, i mean im sure he has white blood in him but his dad and mom are black and i can see maybe one of his kids coming out like boris but all 3? and he’s not even mixed?
      Understand now?

      I mean if people see me out white guy they may not realize im actually half black like some of boris’s wives but even though I look more black the baby will have less black and it will come out in the genes, not all the times but some of the times, hopefully you guys that kept saying how those kids were not Michael can understand.

  19. Mena are you kidding!! I take it Tennis is not an interest of yours. Boris Becker is a German Tennis player.

    Boris is not Black but his kids are half black and are very beautiful especially the little one. His ex-wife, the boys Mom is very much a black woman and Boris does seem to have a liking for Black woman.
    Lovely Photo! Love the way he loves his Kids.

    • His children are half black and that’s not their mother, just so you know. He also has another daughter not picture who is also half black with a Nigerian model I think. They’re all featured in previous BCK articles.

      • The 3 mothers of his 4 children are with black women. Just like Robert DeNiro.
        Noah and Elias are the children from his first marriage.

    • The two boys are Boris Becker sons by his ex-wife an African American women, Barbara Feltus. The woman in the pic is new wife. She is African and white. Lovely Family..

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