Remember this classic photo from last year? Well, now Kiyan,3, and Kim Kardashian are back with more funny faces, but not as funny as the first.

Kiyan’s mom, Lala Vazquez, recently celebrated her birthday with a weekend long celebration of fun-funny faces that is! Check out the pictures below.

Photos: IamLala.com

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  1. Yeah, these others are NOT as good as the first.

    Love it.

    I don’t mind Kim. She’s cute, but she ain’t known for much.

    I know she suppose to be dating Reggie Bush, but how does Laila Vasquez tie in? Is Laila Vasquez Reggie Bush’ sister? She don’t really look like Reggie…. maybe in the eyes. I guess she wears contacts.

    • i take it Kim knows Lala from them running in the same circles and maybe knowing some of the same people. i know the 2 times i was forced to watch the Kardashians show, i was surprised to see Adrian Bailon and one of the ghetto twins from the movie ATL hangin at their house lol! i woulda never thought they all kicked it, but i’m not in that world.

      and i think Reggie and Kim have officially parted ways. last i heard, anyways. i don’t keep up with them.

  2. i LOVE how his name is kiyan carmelo anthony and his dads name is carmelo kiyan anthony, so cute and congrats to mr and soon-2-b mrs anthony

  3. I feel the same way about the Kardashians. Where did these chicks come from. How do you get famous with a sex tape. Paris was already famous, her sex tape made her infamous.

    I digress, Kiyan is so cute just like his dad. The cake was pretty.

    • haha “Kiyan ain’t feeling the “Auntie Kim” routine” funny and true. He’s probably like…why is this lady always around me? yet mama Lala’s like smile Kiyan…smile with Auntie Kim. Fine! but i ain’t calling her Auntie lol

    • LMAO what does she really do? what exactly is she “famous” for? I know she got a lot of publicity after her sex tape with Ray J…THAT SAYS A LOT. I get tired of seeing her, Koutney and Khloe in every magazine.

      • Her late Father Was a Well Known Lawyer in the business…much so known for being O.J. Simpson, & Kims Career started as her being Paris Hilton,Eva Longoria,Victoria Beckham etc. Wardrobe designer etc. Than lead on to A Model. THAN came the Sex Tape!

    • I feel the same. It’s sad how a sex tape can make one’s career. She definitely knows how to stretch her 15 minutes of fame.

  4. Wow are we sure this isn’t a baby shower? That’s a s*** load of balloons. The cake is cute. I like Kiyan’s Ralph Lauren Polo :)

    • I doubt it’s a baby shower. LaLa had a VERY difficult pregnancy with Kiyan. I think they are planning to adopt after they get married.

      • I know it’s not a baby shower i was just saying that’s what baby showers look like with all the balloons and the specific colour depending on the sex of the baby. It does say Happy Birthday on the majority of the balloons… especially the one Lala and Kiyan are holding.

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