This mom has got style and pizazz. Guess who?


Singer Solange recently spoke about why she abandoned her naturally cropped hair for an afro:

“When I was recording, I was staying in a house with five guys and two showers. I knew there would be a shower wait everyday and with my natural cropped hair, it’s mandatory that I wash it otherwise it gets stuck to my head like glue! I wanted to get something that I could literally roll out of bed without looking nuts. I watched so many Chaka Khan YouTube videos and became sort of obsessed with her during the process. I went to my stylist and said ‘Give me the fro.’ I walk differently now, sing differently; This hair has spirit and soul.”

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  1. @Teri-you directed your comment directly to me. & btw no! There is nothing you can say/write to offend me so don’t flatter yourself. I will continue to express my opinions as I’m sure you will also. Toodles!

  2. What in the world? that is just plain nazzy. Then she have her child with her, omg. Beyonce plz show your sister how to have some class. I think Solange is just looking for attn now. Still in a state of shock.

    • Solange Knowles, net worth, $5 million dollars…Mathew Knowles, net worth, $50 million dollars. I have to look up Tina under richest designers, I guess.

  3. h-town boss says:
    July 1, 2010 at 8:21 am
    @Teri- I really wasn’t referring to your comment, but thanks for clearing that up for me. (side eye)
    @h-town boss – while one is on a blog, it’s a free-for-all. Did I say something offensive to you or about your comment? BTW, you are welcome :-)

  4. Yes that is from a photoshoot. I saw the pics yesterday on another site. They are really good pictures. And as “outside the box” Solange is, I doubt she would just be walking down the street like that with her son.

  5. @Teri- I really wasn’t referring to your comment, but thanks for clearing that up for me. (side eye)

  6. I find nothing wrong with her outfit.. I think it is cute.

    Although the hair may be a weave it is done so well it looks like hers.. It is beautiful!!

    I loved her last album. It was perfect.

  7. Now get your sister to lose all that weave she uses. I hate weave no offense meant to my weave wearing sisters.

  8. Why are yall so concerned about clothes because of children? Some people in some countries are absolutely nude and the children are turn out fine and loving.

    I’m pretty much a nudist in my own household, but my teens are NOT hammering to get out their clothes. While there’s a chance you can catch me in nothing but dralls on a hot rainy night in my backporch, my kids have grown to be a bit more modest.

    Please, you need another excuse.

    To be walking down the street in GP, I thought ‘prostitute’ because that is what that outfit struck me as. It’s not even an ‘outfit’ – just a shirt and underwear and heels. Only if you was trying to sell some poontang would you just walking lazily down the street in such an outfit. The kid is gonna be fine, but for her… not a good outfit.

    The fro is nice, and I believe it’s hers. She cut her about last year or 1.5 years ago, so that’s enough time to grow a fro. Looks like about 6-10 months of growth to me. I’m really like it. I like the shirt too actually, she just needs some pants, shorts, or some longer dralls.

    • I can’t speak for others, but I don’t care if she is with her son or not the outfit is still inappropriate.

    • Nudity is better than being skankily-dressed, clothes hanging off, bra showing in a suggestive way, thong flossing through the butt, with heels. People in native countries may have on less clothes, but they have dignity and class. She looks like a prostitute here, with the clothes and setting. Her son looks out of place.

  9. nOw that phoTo of them two is a “CLASSIC!” very beauTifuL. I really hope its a photoshoot though lol.. and Mr JueLz is getting soo big.. he kinda Looks Like Kiyan (LaLas son) from the back.

  10. That’s a wig or weave. Solange is just as fake as Beyonce. An afro that length takes about a year to grow and she had very short hair last month. And who paid for the house she stayed in? Solange never had to work and has no idea what it takes to find oneself for real.

  11. That is Solange with her enviable legged self, her and her big sis, I hate them and their legs–lol. She looks nice with the afro, wig? That next to nothing she is wearing is likely just for a photo shoot with son. I doubt if she was going around town like that, but if she was?

    • With her 5 yr old son walking next to her?

      What would your reaction be if you saw a regular female walking down the street w/a small child dressed like that?

      Mine would be WTF? Just like it was when I saw this picture.

    • No she’s not in a thong. There’s more photos, where you can clearly tell that she has on high waisted khaki shorts.

  12. I love afros in general,but this is a wig! It is cute, but some one earlier mentioned “she’s just keepin’ it real”. Where? Her hair is fake just like the rest of hollywood. Don’t let the afro fool ya!

    • @h-town boss – I think she’s more “keeping it real” as it relates to her personality. She’s not going to be following behind someone else as it relates to style or who she is as a person. She can be very direct and she seems to be the kind of person that speaks her mind whether people like it or not.

  13. Yeah right Solange! Keep it real u with yourself girlfriend. This chick got so too much flack and negativity from the public about her wearing her natural hair. As long as she keeps it moisturized it should’ve been fine. These Celebes claims that what people say and think about them doesn’t affect them, but it does. They are human with feelings, and it’s sad that u can’t be yourself with someone else option affecting u.

  14. I don’t care too much for Solange but I do like her natural hair style. Easy to maintain and get up and go. I like her better than her sister Bey.

  15. I love solange and I think this picture with Julez was apart of a photoshoot I doubt that she would walk out the house like that. . . I mean I know she pushes the limit but that would be a little too much especially with her son

    • i really hope you are right nisha – because if this is what she dresses like to leave the house with her son i can’t help but wonder about her!

  16. I love solange, but this outfit is a no no!! she looks like she just rolled out of bed and we can see her underwears…not sexy! i mean you have a 5 year old kid walking next to you girl!was this an official photoshoot or???

    • Those are not her undies. There are more pictures (w/o her son, that’s why this website didn’t post them) where you can see that she has on high waisted khaki shorts. Solange may seem a little different but I highly doubt if she would do a photoshoot (yes, this was a professional shoot) in her undies with her son there.

  17. I like Solange. She sings to her own tune and doesn’t seem to like conformity. On another blog, they clown her so bad, especially since this new do. Oh well, you can’t please everybody so why even try.

    • I agree Teri, you cannot please everyone and shouldn’t even bother trying. I don’t know why people clown her. People are just cruel at times. Have courage, humility and confidence and accept and be yourself is what I say.

      • @Fashionedbygod – I don’t know why they clown her either. I think some people don’t like others who think for themselves and don’t live cookie-cutter lives. People complain when a woman wears a weave, talking about “go natural,” but when they do, people have something to say about THAT. They may not like her do, but she does.

        Girl, no. You can’t please everyone, and as long as they aren’t paying your bills and putting food on your table, I say, DO YOU! – as long as it’s legal :-)

        • i think Solange has been gettin flack long before she cut her hair. it’s just moreso now that she made a drastic change to her appearance. plain and simple, i think people didn’t and don’t take her seriously because they think she is just riding off the very successful coat tails of her sister Beyonce. they don’t think she is a ‘true artist’ who had to work very hard to get what she has. but she has always had this sort of ‘screw you’ type of attitude. where basically she says yeah my sister is who she is, but i’m just me and that’s all i can be. i love music and this is what i wanna do. i am not Beyonce the sequel. personally i love her music. she is so far from being like Beyonce it’s not even funny lol! i understand that she somewhat had the path paved for her and perhaps she didn’t have to struggle like many artists did in their early days, but i think she’s still talented. she does her own thing and at the end of the day, could care less what other people think about her.

          • @bck reader – I don’t really believe she wants to “ride on Beyonce’s coat tail.” Yeah, her name is associated with Bey, but I think she’s trying to make a name for herself. She just happens to have a famous sister. Hey, a lot of people use family members to get their names out there. You know the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s how you know.” A lot of people use family members for their advantage. It think it’s called nepotism. I think she’s trying to find a place to fit in, i.e. DJ’ing.

          • totally agree with you @Teri. i know she can’t help who her sister is. but it’s definitely nepotism. which i don’t have a problem with, because like i said i think she is talented in her own right.

          • i its a shame that she even had to explain why shes wearing the weave/ wig whatever, that just goes to show that she cares what people think at the end of the day its your hair whether it grew from your head or you buy it inna da shop its yours.

            i think her hair looks nice i like what shes wearing and i think her singing voice is wicked!!!
            its a shame that bck chose to show the picture that doesnt show her full outfit well…perhaps that was the intention??

            either way i think shes doing good for herself she doesnt wear crazy weaves that look over the top and she doesnt make/write records with the only intention of reaching the top of the billboards and so on shes the sort of artist that does what she likes that writes/sings songs that she enjoys ahe pleases herself and is not an attention seeker unlike some other artists we all know

  18. it’s only solange knowles and juelz….she is just so bohemian n i like it…..and juelz is going to be a heart-trob

    • I completely agree. Clothes seems to be optional.

      When her son gets old enought o date, I bet the double standard will come out.

      • @Sherley,

        I am with you. You already know about the double standard. Some are claiming it’s for a photo shoot (don’t really think so because she has a pocketbook) but if so, I don’t care either way. It’s not a nice look.

    • She has more photos, where you can tell she has on high waisted khaki shorts, but this site didn’t post them. So she does have clothes.

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