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Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown a.k.a “Mel B.” was spotted picking up her daughter Angel Iris,3, at a local summer school on June 29, 2010 in Tarzana, California. Angel is preparing for kindergarten by taking a Discovery School Blast Off to Kindergarten class.


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Angel is carrying “The Wiggles” backpack, which is available at Amazon.com.

Photos:Fame Pictures

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  1. Mel-B does have a dinomite figure. All I know is that she must have not wanted Eddy M because he must have been out of his mind to let a fox like her go. I am sorry but I did not get the whole story whether or not they were going together or just got together to create Angel-Iris. Does anyone have the scoop on that? Feel free to shoot the breeze, if so. Thanks.

  2. Nowadays I see Angel-Iris is looking more happy than she used to look. I think Mel-B has been reading BCK commentaries. That is good if she has. With three children, one has to give each one of them undivided attention due to their diffrent personalities. Three is a handful. I am so ecstatic that Angel-Iris has a big beautiful smile on her face in most of BCK’s photo’s of her.

  3. Why do people assume that because Angel’s hair is straight that it has been relaxed or that Mel put a perm in it? Why not assume that maybe it is not relaxed and she straightened it with a hot comb, like my Mom had my grandmother do.

  4. Ok, that’s it. I am hitting the gym. No more excuses. I want Mel B’s physique. She doesn’t dress it worth a darn, but she clearly works out/ is eating right. Angel looks so cute as usual, she is looking tall in these pics. I thought she was letting her hair grow out–guess not.

  5. I hate the Wiggles with a passion! Lol. I can’t explain how much they annoy me. Angel is a cutie and I love her shoes with her pink leggings!

  6. i love mel and angel, but is it just me??? I mean no harm when I say this, but angel’s hair looks so unhealthy. I sincerely hope that mel did not relax the top portion of that baby’s head. I don’t know…to each his own, I guess.

    • “Not your kid”…hence, the reason I wrote “To each his own”. Additionally, I never said Angel didn’t look happy; she is an adorable kid, however, I was stating MY opinion on her hair. #thatisall

    • Mel B, please do something nice to your daughters head! braids with a couple of pretty bows until it grows to one length. this is sad.

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