The two-and-a -half-year-old  son of retired NBA Player Randall Cunningham has died after drowning in a hot tub in his backyard.

PHOTOS:Click here for pictures of Randall and son from last year

Via Philly.com:

“The son of former Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham drowned Tuesday in a hot tub at the family’s Las Vegas home, according to reports in Las Vegas.

Christian Cunningham would have turned 3 in December. He was found floating in the backyard hot tub at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, friends of the family told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Police say they do not expect charges to be filed and this was merely an accident. Abuse and neglect detectives are investigating, the newspaper said.

“It appears that it’s just a complete tragedy,” Lt. Dennis Flynn told Fox5 in Las Vegas. “It only takes a brief minute for someone to take their eye off the child.”(Read More)

Cunningham and his wife, Felicity, are parents to three other children: Randall II, Vashti and Grace.




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  2. Julie do have a point, I was wondering why the child wasn’t being watched. Yes Julie a child can drown in a bucket of water, toilet,etc. All it takes it for your body to get wedged in and a child that small can’t get out. Just like I don’t understand how so many people claim to forget their kids in hot arze cars. I think all of it is a bunch of bullcrap. R I P little man, you left to soon, yet we know you’re in loving hands. It still tripps me out that in this day and time so many black children are still afraid of water. I think it so embarrassing to see white children jump/dive right into water, yet the black kids in shadow end on the steps.

  3. God Bless them during this trying time. Truth is we cant have our eyes on our kids 24/7 every min of every second, I have a 2yr old so I know. But at the same time it is our job to safeguard them. Anything can happen so I wont judge. Just pray God strengthens their hearts and minds.


    Sherley, don’t kill me with the “F L U S H” hehe

    • Not trying to kill you evelina…hang on.

      I read that & I’m like who the hell is this chick? What is her importance tnat I would remember her or her comments?

      Even the regulars: Leo, Pisces, you, GTSA, PlainMean, Teri: I may remember the names but not the comments.

      Anywho…that’s what I thought of when I read her comment so I said it. LOL

  5. woww i was just reaDing about this! I didnt know this person..but my prayers go out to him and his famiLy! :( Lil man is now in HeaVen. :)

  6. My prayers go out to the family. You also have to understand the the jets in the hot tub could have prevented him from having his head above water. It could have got ahold of his hair or even his hand or foot since he was so small. Either way I’m so sorry to hear about this poor babys death!

  7. I pray God will give randall and his family comfort to deal with this tragedy. Its very heartbreaking to hear a death of child.

  8. Black people teach your children how to swim. This baby may have only been 2 but he could still have learned. Experts say it it alright to put even infants in water now. Babies can learn to swim before they walk. The sooner the better. Every child in America should at least be able to paddle themselves to an edge of a pool or hotub if they fall in.

  9. Very careless on the caregiver’s part. Who would leave a 2 year old baby near a hot tub at all? Randall should sue someone!

  10. Julie How do you even know his parents were at home. My nephew drowned in a mop bucket when the his grandmother went to check on his baby sister.Please don’t judge. I pray that their faith strengthens them at this time as they grieve for their baby and deal with judgemental people.

    • I don’t know if his parent were home. I believe his father was out of town but they never stated where the mother was. My conclusion is that she was at home with the child since they stated that a number of family and friends were in the house.

      Nonetheless, The child was left unsupervised and there is currently an investigation going on about his death and child neglect. Clearly my comment has some truth is it, the parent(s) either didn’t watch him carefully or left him in the care of family and friends who weren’t able to watch him.

      He was only 2 and a half years old. He should always have someone watching an eye on him. He wasn’t an 8 year old, I think it’s very careless or the parent/guardians behalf.

      I’m curious though, how does a child drown in a mop bucket? Extreme, don’t you think?

      A mop bucket is not very tall and the baby himself would have had to been over the walking age to get to the bucket and if he was his weight would have knocked it over, thus him not exactly drowning in a pool of water but rather laying it. And if the “tablespoon ” that can possibly drown him did;he would have been heard since the bucket more than likely feel over.

      Carelessness if you ask me but God Rest his Soul. I’m sorry to hear he lost his life.

        • Why do you feel the need to comment on my post?

          I would gladly appreciate it if you stop worrying about what I need or don’t need.

          I don’t appreciate this harassment from you. Our conversation was in the other post and that’s where it should be left.

          Please stop taking matters into your own hands by replying to a post that was none of your business.

          I’m sure you can read so I shouldn’t have to repeat it again.

          • Sweetie, if you think I remember who you are or what your previous comments were regarding, you have been drinking way too much kool-Aide.

            In order for me to harrass you, I’d have to care about you & as far as I am concerned, you are nothing but a little turd. You want to come out so bad but once you are out, you get no acknowledgment.

            Read this sweetie, F L U S H! Now be gone.

      • Years later I just heard about this and I agree with you. There is absolutely no excuse for this.. a child that can’t swim left alone by a huge pool & spa is ridiculous. Uless I find out more details.. This one’s on the parents.

  11. NOOOOO! Please watch your babies around water people. My daughter is a teenager and I’m STILL paranoid about her going to the beach!! God please carry them.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear that.

    Rest In Peace Christian.

    I’m curious though, What was the boy doing in the pool by himself? He is too young to be alone in the pool. Very careless on the parents behalf, sadly it cost him his life.

  13. My heart hurts for them and any parent who loses a child.

    May the Lord be with them during this most difficult, heartbreaking time. I just can’t imagine the pain.

  14. God bless little Christian he’s with God now, but i know is parents/ family would have liked to keep him longer. I’ll pray for his grieving family. I can’t image the pain they’re in.

  15. wow. Prayers go out to the family. I remember my parents got a top to their hot tub when they got it when my oldiest niece were born.

  16. I remember Randall from his Philly and Minnesota days! This is very sad. I feel sorry for him and his wife. There is nothing like the lose of a child.

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