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Hint: Their dad is an R&B singer who comes from a famous Gospel family. Guess those celebrity kids or their parents!

If you guessed that these are the kids of singer Mario Winans, then you are right!

Click here to see Mario and all of his kids

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  1. This is STEVEN WINANS “The Hoodlum” Lol

    @Julie- I actually have very nice hair, Ill take a pic and post it so you can see for yourself.. My hair might be better than yours.. And that false statement you made basically saying black people dont have nice hair is far from true.. I have nicer hair than most Dominicans I know

    @Everyone else- Thanks! Appreciate the love.. Im 19 by the way! And I rap, Im thinking about cutting my hair after I get my deal. My hair symbolizes “Grind Time”

  2. Mario is blessed to have these 2 beautiful kids. God bless them. The boy is gorgeous and the lil girl looks like a doll.

    • People like you and i, with sense, know that he isn’t, but “some people”, really it’s just the one right now, will say he is a hoodlum and doesn’t come from a classy family ‘casue Will Smith got his money as a rapper… stupid, stupid, stupid.

      Julie says:
      July 2, 2010 at 4:09 pm

      No, they do always look like hoodlums.

      I would never expect a boy with braids to come from a classy family. If they are “rich”, there dad is probably a rapper, sports player or another kid of hood person who obtain a few dollars.

  3. I heard years back that Mario had a child with the singer/artist TruthHurts back when she came on the scene. Is the oldest one, this same child?

  4. The boys not his real son.. Skyler is his real daughter and her mother is the mother of steven from her first husband…Mario would have been 14 if that were his real son…coincedence they look kinda alike but nah

    • Ya I thought so I’ve seen them in pics together I just never knew his name. And he was on his episode (justins) sweet 16

  5. @ Julie, okay so you say it’s no longer cute. I agree that this style needs to be retired but for different reasons, to me it’s just played out and is as you said, no longer cute. With that being said, what is the big deal? It’s not as if there is something negative about braids themselves. It’s not anyone’s fault what non black people think/feel about cornrows. That’s just ignorant.

    Anyhow the young man is very nice looking. Just my type, suddenly I have a thing for red, yellow dudes. They’re often so cute.

  6. The kids are cute but the young man is too old to have braids in his hair. Why must we put these in our children’s hair?, it’s no longer cute but rather stereotypical of Black People.

    • You think its embarrassing when black ppl corn rows in their children’s hair? Are you kidding me? Well the Euro-centric way of living must be really eating at you then because I see nothing wrong with it especially because his hair seems healthy and well groomed. Stop thinking about this young man’s hair, there’s an oil spill problem in the US. I suggest you rant about that.

    • In my opinion, let me put it out there, i think your comment is silly. Julie, do you know how old he is? There is nothing wrong with braids and seeing that this boy isn’t you or your son your thoughts don’t matter or count. I strongly disagree with you. I think braids at 45+ make older men look silly, but it doesn’t mean i think men or boys shouldn’t wear/ rock it. Julie, should he have rocked a ponytail with all that hair he has?

    • He has facial hair so he is old enough.

      Even young boys (ages 12 and under) should have their hair cut low. It looks cleaner and it doesn’t make the child look like some hoodlum.

      As for “rocking a pony tail”, his hair texture wouldn’t allow him to have a neat ponytail, unless he got a perm of some sort. I think that young men should have their hair cut short.

      • Facial hair? do you mean that peach fuzz on his chin? The boy is probably 15 or 16.

        I agree that short hair on boys does look a little cleaner, sometimes. Some boys with the right textured hair and grease can look clean in braids. Boys and men with braids don’t always look like hoodlums. Boys and men with braids that wear specific clothes and act in a specific way can, sometimes, be called hoodlums on a case by case bases. You shouldn’t use that term so loose. a Hoodlum refers to a young thug or ruffian…how does this boy and many like him, clean and fresh, look like hoodlums?

        The boy (Stephen as he’s being called in other comments) seems to have a nice texture of hair…i’m not sure what you’re seeing. We, the viewers, can’t even see how long his hair is. From this picture he looks like he has a nice length and it can be put in a ponytail for sure.

        • No, they do always look like hoodlums.

          I would never expect a boy with braids to come from a classy family. If they are “rich”, there dad is probably a rapper, sports player or another kid of hood person who obtain a few dollars.
          The fact that he has facial hair shows he has hit puberty and that’s enough to get rid of those disgusting braids. He is not 10 years old and clearly looks in his teen, if not older than that.
          Therefore they should be gone.

          As for his hair texture, I do highly doubt he has great hair to pull of a wonderful ponytail. His hair is braided and “greased” so it makes it look nice but once you take all that out he probably will have the afro like hair.

          I believe his name is “Luckdollaz”, it that’s not a ghetto hoodlum, I don’t know what is. Plus he’s a rapper so I highly doubt he will be any good guy.

          • You know what? I find it funny that ppl complain about men and boys of African descent wearing their hair out but no one complains when the straight haired males of other races grow their hair wear it out. Its what we’re used to seeing so we take it as “how its supposed to be”

            If you’re black cut that hair off but if you’re white, hispanic,indian etc. you can grow your hair and just trim it because your hair isn’t course and thick like africans’. We’re always shaving off the lil boys thick hair but growing out the boys hair with curls like Jaden Smith and Johan.

            You’re being controlled by society, its double standards and its negative connotations towards african americans and our culture. You are a very judgmental person. You just stereotyped this young man as a “hoodlum” because of his hair style. That says a lot about your character Julie.

            You’re superficial, stereotypical and judgmental. Not good character traits if you ask me.

          • Rude hater aka Julie,

            You need serious help based on the comments you’ve made about “rich” black males, hair texture, braids and categorizing hoodlums. Please get that help that you so desperately need, Julie. “I would never expect a boy with braids to come from a classy family.” I would never expect a person who writes/ believes the stupidness you’ve written to come from a classy family. See how rude that is?

            I think you’re either a racist white or non black individual or you’re a prejudice black individual, so which one are you ’cause you are definitely one or the other.

          • You’re very ignorant for your comments. He’s a child, why are you commenting soo harshly about a boy’s hair? Like others have said, he is not a grown man sporting braids. He is young so let him have fun. He seems to be clean and well kept and his hair is (no matter the texture) is not disheveled. Sooo keep your negative, and self hating comments to yourself.

          • You have a very Euro-centric ideal of beauty, Julie. Are you black?
            We have to learn to LOVE our hair.
            A lot of what you posted a black person should be ashamed of saying, so I’m hoping you’re not black.
            Cus guess what? If you don’t “grease” your hair, flat iron it, perm it or WHATEVER you do to treat it it’s going to be it’s natural texture. You can never run away from that. You’ll always have to change it.
            Unlike other races, we have to go to extremes to change our hair.
            If he wants to wear braids, he should continue to wear until HE himself doesn’t want to wear them anymore!
            We have to do better.

          • @ Julie

            I cannot believe how ignorant you are coming across!!! You are very narrowminded. Please step away from the keyboard!!!

      • His hair texture? Oh jeez. Seriously what are you doing on this site. This is BCK, so more than liekly the kids will have black hair. And no there is nothing wrong with a black male wearing his hair in braids or whatever other hairstyle. Do you have the same issue with white men or insert other race wearing their hair out? Probably not…. SMH

      • Wow…hair should be cut low so the texture is hidden? Julie I’m going to take a guess and say your 50+ and come from an era where you were taught to hate your hair. There is nothing wrong with a teen wearing braids. Get over it.

  7. I actually knew this one but what I didn’t know is that Mario had a son that old. Well with kids these days he could be only 13! LOL Either way they are both good looking kids!

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