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According to sources, model and TV host of “Project Runway” Heidi Klum is set to produce a new show called Seriously Funny Kids.

“Klum has partnered with LMNO Prods. to produce the show, which is about to be shopped to the networks. LMNO is well-versed in kids-themed reality shows having produced CBS’ Bill Cosby revival of Kids Say the Darndest Things, Seriously Funny Kids will go on location to where the kids are and document their reactions to various scenarios (Source).”

Below are recent pictures(from this week) of Heidi and her kids-Leni, Henry, Johan and baby Lou!-.

Photos: Fame Pictures/HeidiKlumOnline

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  1. Baby Lou is adorable. She looks like her brothers.

    And before anyone has anything SMART to say, sometimes siblings don’t look alike, so leave me alone. lol

  2. What is up with Heidi’s hair? Everbody’s got 2cents to say about the beautiful heads of hair of her son’s, but not this cut. I’ve seen her with more flattering dos in the past.

    Ups for Lou’s McClaren stroller. Me likes :-)

  3. black is black and I love what God made me. Yes, the majority of black americans have white ancestry due to the raping of slave women. When I look at my family I know this to be true. When I look at my cousins who have green, blue and grey eyes and we have the same grandparents all black, no of our parents married white people. My female cousin is very brown skin, with beautiful green eyes. I have a son and I and my husband are both brown skinned, he was born looking half white, and still looks that way now. I have had people ask me is he ours. Yes. You never know what will come from black people. My very good friend has a son who was born with the most beautiful blue eyes and he is a beautiful dark skinned young man who is 10, the teacher waited for his mother to pick him up and asked her why was he wearing contacts. She said he wasn’t wearing contacts, those are his natural born eyes, and that he got them due to the raping of slave women, and the teacher was in shock true story. you never know what you get when a black person has a child.

    Black people love yourselves, love your kinky hair, your straight hair, your weave, or whateva you choose. Believe me when I tell you that we are an envied people. Everyone want to be like us truth be told.

    • Amen. We see this in our family (extended, too) and we get questions like where did they get that blonde hair, ‘good hair,’ blue eyes, hazel eyes, light skin, freckles, you name it. I’ll take a page from your book. The next time someone asks such a question, I’ll reply, ‘Slavery.’ :D

  4. I love that we see Heidi and Seal’s kids in their clothes more than once. In my opinion the fact that they wear their outfits in public more than once shows how normal they are. Henry’s warn those shorts a couple times before and we’ve seen Johan in that top in the OUT AND ABOUT: SEAL AND HIS FAMILY post…I saw it in the “You might also like:” section i wasn’t looking for it.

  5. everyone thinks Leni and Johan are the cutest because they look the least black (thinner nose, less-matted hair, etc). sad. anyway, I loooove little Henry, and Miss Leni is growing to look just like him, with Johan’s hair.

  6. Wow…in previous photos i’ve seen i would say “look how cute Lou is” and that “she is Johan’s twin”, but although she still looks a little like Johan i’m starting to see Henry all over her face. I think Leni and Johan are the cutest, in my opinion.

    • not really, I know a lot of mixed people who look like our President, Halle, and yes, little Lou. Most don’t come out looking like the poor mulatto characters from “Pinky” or “Imitation of Life”. I like the warmth and softness I see when the “black” in these mixes announces itself. I also do appreciate all kinds of beauty.

    • what does Bi-racial look like? I mean that is really a white womans term, cause black people don’t really say Bi-Racial. I mean all black people are Bi-Racial if you want to know the truth. We just say mixed, and probably because the majority of black folk are mixed. We don’t look like the average African. Its because our blood has been tainted. So many of us have freckles, light skin, dark and light skin family members in the same family and its all in the blood/

      • what does the average African looks like?my mom is African and lighter than Tisha Campbell,she also has freckles,i also have lots of cousins back in Cameroon with lightskin and gray eyes(and no one in her family has a white parent)….Africa is the only continent that has all sorts of people(black,white,arabic and such)Africa has a lot of diversity,so talking about the average African look is innacurate….also in North Cameroon where the muslims population lives you will find many of them with your ”good hair’ and amazing skintone.sorry,i just felt like saying something as my parents are Africans and my husband is African/French and we do go from time to time in Cameroon and can say without a doubt that there is not one look in Africa but many types of beauty.

        • You are very right in your assessment of the “average African”. I think that people in America so ofter forget that the white man was in Africa as well and he is notorious for taking advantage of all women where ever he goes.

          • Thank You Khrish,and there are still a lot of white men there getting young women pregnant everyday…and leaving them to fend for themselves too.

  7. She looks like a mix of her brothers. Different angles make her look more like the one then the other. Cuteness!

  8. LOL! Yea, I noticed the Anti Afro-Hair Harpies are silent in this post. I guess that means that Lou past their ‘Good Hair’ test.

    Oh happy day.

  9. I think Johan is adorable! His hair should be kept up better because he looks like an wild man but that’s another matter for another day.

    As for Seals other two kids (biological), they are unique looking. I don’t think the daughter will grow up with the “super model” looks of her mother, compared to her other daughter of course.

    I do think that both Leni and Henry are too old to be in a stroller. I believe Johan is younger and his feet seem to operate fine. I don’t see why the older ones can’t use those feet also.

    • maybe the kids are tired of walking? i’d rather push them around at my pace than have them all tired and lagging behind. it’s ok if it’s every now and then. i’ve put a 7yr old in a stroller before, on special occasions. but not every trip to the park, mall, or grocery store. in this case she walked.

    • It is too early to tell what this little sweetie (lou) is going to grow up to look like. I’ve seen pretty average looking babies grow up to be stunning —Boris Kodjoe ring a bell. He was a cute kid, yes, but I thought he would be cuter when I saw pics of him younger–now, well you can see for yourself.

      And no, she will not grow up to look much like Mom? or maybe, because Johan looks like a black version of his mom to me and Henri looks like a lighter version of his dad.

    • OK, this is ‘ignant, but gosh those older babes look l-o-n-g in those strollers. Cute though.

      This is my first good look at Lou. She is a cutie patootie. She is leaning more towards Henri–the brows /eyes in the looks dept. She also does resemble Johan. Great mix of her sibs/parents.

      • Hi dizzle. Long time no see your writing. Glad to see you back. Happy Belated 4th of July. Hope you had fun. I’ll be checking for you as always.

        • Hey gal..Im from up in Toronto…we celebrate July 1st. But Happy 4th you. One love for my American neighbours!

  10. Lou looks like Henry, imo! She’s cute. And why lie, I love “reality” shows! I’ll give her show a chance, sure, why not! Lol.

    • While we see so much of this family, do we have to have another “reality show”. I would like to watch tv sometimes to escape reality. Those opportunities are becoming few and far between. Better step up my movie collection.

  11. now that i see these set of pics, Lou looks like a mix between Henry and Johan. never noticed that before.

    i don’t find the concept of Heidi doing a reality show with kids to be interesting. i think she should stick to what she knows…reality shows about fashion.

  12. Lou is a cutie pie! aaww i Love her aLready. :) im starting 2 reaLize how much i see HENRY in her now! woww.. this show shall be inTeresting. but if it gets corny im soo done lol..

  13. I like Heidi and her fam but I won’t be watching the show. I didn’t like it when Bill Cosby did it and I am tired of so-called reality tv-that really isn’t reality tv. i just want some real tv shows like how it was back in the 90′s.

  14. I’m curious as to what hairstyle Lou will rock..Kempt or unkempt? This just may be Heidi’s biggest fashion challenge to date. LOL!!

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