Having authored book Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break, Sherri Shepherd knows firsthand that guilt comes with the territory of parenting. However, the mom of five-year-old Jeffrey says that she does not allow herself to be consumed by guilt.

“There’s no [parenting] manual. Every parent I’ve asked has a different way of raising their child. I’ve stopped asking my family [for advice] because apparently I’m doing everything wrong, especially according to the ones down south. I know that I love my son, I have the best of intentions, and that if God didn’t approve then Jeffrey wouldn’t have fallen out of my uterus. I’m trying to do the right thing, and I’m not going to fall into the guilt — especially living in New York. Trying to find Jeffrey a kindergarten and listening to parents say, “Oh my son speaks French,” I’m like, “My son has a ball and a stick,” and that’s good enough for him. For me, I’m just glad my little miracle baby is here.”

Sherri says that  her biggest parenting challenge is “getting over the fear of if I’m doing it right. Jeffrey was born at five months, so his odds of survival were very low. And even with survival, they predicted he was going be severely retarded or have cerebral palsy — none of that has come to pass.”

She adds, “He has learning disabilities, and sometimes I don’t want to put too much on him, but I have to challenge him because kids only go as far as you expect them to. I have to get over that Jeffrey is not a tiny little baby who can fit in my hands with tubes coming out of him. The thinking, talking, running — it [goes against everything] the doctors said, and it’s okay if he falls off the swing. I just don’t want him to get hurt.”

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    • No one said she had eloquent speaking skills. She’s a comedian & maybe she was trying to be funny. I don’t know but she actually meant it literaly.

      Her uterus opened on its own & her son “fell” out, she didn’t go into labor nor pushed, he just came out.

      Don’t know why I’m defending her, I’m not a fan of anything she does. Guess I can relate to having given birth to a preemie.

  1. She needs to go back to school for one and also, God had nothing to do with Jeffrey falling out of her uterus, that was sex!!!! God gave us the ability to procreate but that does not mean he meant for every child to be born. In that case, all the ones she aborted/killed were not meant to be? I don’t think so!!

    • She literally meant fallen out of my uterus because her uterus dilated on its on, resulting in her son being born at 5 months gestation.


    • Well she has this baby now. Why do some always go back to the abortion?. If I had one I would never tell anyone because of people like this.

  2. My niece has me hooked on Yo Gabba Gabba lol. Sheri is a trip but she seems very sweet and down-to-earth; she’s trying.

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