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Lexington Brielle Jermiah Gordon(born April 8th 2010) and her mom London “Deelishis” Charles-Gordon strike a pose.  Lexington(dad is Orlando Gordon) is Deelishis’ second child.  The reality star also has a ten-year-old daughter named Jasmine(pictured below) from a previous relationship.


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  1. Awwwww!!! She is soooooooo cute!!! And she’s relevant because she has been ON television (whether it was the Flavor Flav show or not) and you havent. Period.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and I can’t tell much about older daughter, can’t see her. Why isn’t more pics posted of her? Is Deelisha the one with big ole booty that was posted on magazine last year?lol.

  3. Thessse PICSS are just GORGEOUS!! OMggg.. Lexi is soo pretty and she is seLLin them outfits @ age..3months! mmm mm..lol :)

  4. She is too adorable. Both of her daughters are beautiful. I love the little hat and tank top set. Lil mama is styling. London (I cannot call her that other name lol) is really nice looking.

  5. She is cute..but know idea why she is on this site because this is suppose to be Black Clebrity Kids, and Deelishis isn’t a celebrity nor a star.

    • not sure what constitutes a ‘celeb’ these days either. but if it’s being on Flava’s Flav’s reality show or being on Charm School with Monique (wasn’t she on there as well?), then i guess she’s famous lol!

  6. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEE! I just want to eat her up she is so freagin cute….give her to me!

  7. She needs to be nominated for a “Most Beautiful Baby Award” or something…..gorgeous. I dont like her many names though.

  8. She’s a cutie! Oddly enough I like the name Lexington, it’s nice and different, and I’m sure they call her Lexi for short. I love the little blue and brown dress.

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