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Jada Pinkett-Smith appeared  The George Lopez Show on Monday and spoke about everything from her daughter Willow’s hair to her nude Essence cover.  Here are highlights from the video:

Jada on Willow’s hair:

“I’m lucky that’s all she shaved, because my mother’s hair is that length and of course, I had my hair that length when I was pregnant with Jaden, and it was blond. So she decided, ‘I want my hair like my grandmother’s.’ I said, ‘Willow, grandma has no hair.You gotta have some hair.’ So she said, ‘Mom, I’m really tired of the hair. I just really feel I’d like it to get in the pool. I want to just swim. I just don’t want to be bothered with the hair.’ So we got permission from Will to finally just let her shave her sides.”

Jada on Willow’s music:

“Let me tell you, she’s 9 years old. I don’t know where that voice came from. She sings like she’s a grown woman, like she’s been around. I’m like, ‘where does all that experience in your voice come from?’ I have no idea, but she’s something. Music is her thing.”

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  1. 雑になったわよ。昔《むかし》は台風だって津《つ》波《なみ》だって、来るまではわかんなかったものよ。なまじわかるから食べ物の買いだめをしたり外出をとりやめたりろくなことないわ」太郎は黙《だま》って聞いているが、母のこういう

  2. ない?」「生憎《あいにく》、満席でございまして。しばらくお待ちいただければ、席もあくかと思いますが」「わたし、待たされるの嫌いなのよ」麻美はグッチのバッグから一万円札を抜きだした。ギャルソンの目が動く──札をギャルソンに

  3. You said Willo would be heading to bald. Well there it is live on BET,,,, KNOW ANY GOOD LOTTERY NUMBERS…

  4. yoi willow this is your boy shaheem i put this name because i didn’t feel like putting
    my real name out there people don’t know me no more because i’m in washington dc but im coming back in new york friday

  5. It is just hair. That is why there are so many overweight Black women walking around because they can’t be bothered to sweat while exercising or get their hair wet. Yet you see them in the nail salon spending all kind of money on fake nails. Big,big embarassment!

  6. I think she look like a little boy.Jada should have said hell no. She just nine years old. when she get 14(high school age) maybe then. ENTIRELY TOO YOUNG. Thats what wrong with these kids these days, rich or poor.At this rate she will be out of control in another year.

  7. I absolutely luv Little Willow. I love that her parents let her be free to express her own style. Luv it, luv it, luv it.

  8. I’m not surprised that some folks were going to comment on Jaden’s hair being the “better” grade of hair. It doesn’t matter what your background is (your hair is a mixture of your parents anyway). If you take care of your hair and have really effective methods in detangling and styling it then your hair will be long. Most of my ancestry is African with 1 white ancestor (I took the test) yet everyone in my family has different textures of hair and different lengths. It just depends on several factors not exclusively racial genetic factors (not all Africans have so called ‘nappy’ or kinky hair). I get tired of hearing people say “he got that good hair becuz his mama got cheerokee and creole in her family.” I always thought that was suggesting that Native Americans just laid on their backs since everyone (black and white) wants to “claim” some ancestry. Yet there were so few of them against a lot of Africans and Europeans. Tina Turner thought for the longest that she had some b/c her grandmother’s facial features. She took that test and found out it was just African and European. I don’t see why most Americans wont accept the fact that there are few Americans with Naitve American ancestry. Most of us are African and European. *shrug*

    • I saw the show that featured Tina Turners genetic makeup. It is amazing to me how we always credit other races with our beauty. “I have good hair cause I aint all black’. Yet we expect respect from others. We are the only people on this planet with ‘hair of wool’. We should LOVE it.

  9. I guess it’s just a shock that there are some black people who are not obsessed with having weaves and so called ‘good hair’. I’ve always respected this family. While some celebs are out buying their little fools 1/2 million dollar cars, This family only owns ONE T.V. that they must watch together. LOVE IT!!!

    • yeah, I think she had cheek implants. Or hopefully just BAD cheek makeup. It would be SHAME for her to get plastic surgery EVER, she’s go that Lena Horne thing where as she ages, she’ll continue to become more and more outwardly beautiful. Surgery makes most folk look WORSE, not better most of the time, they mess up their faces. Not that ANY of this matters in the long-term. When we die, how we looked won’t matter, and if we live to old age…we won’t CARE about how we LOOKED, so I admit I am shallow in admiring her outer beauty (hope that she didn’t get any surgery though, I hope it was just a bad make-up choice).

  10. I’m all for teaching our children especially our girls about loving themselves,self empowerment,and self love,but i still don’t think getting naked on the front of a magazine is necessary to get those messages across.

  11. Either way, she still has to wash the hair on top of her head if she goes swimming. But thinking back, when Willow first got the cut, it wasn’t completely bald on the sides. It was shaved pretty low, and only on one side. Seems to me, she’s working her way up to bald lol. But, that’s Will and Jada’s kids, so they can do what they want with their own kids!

  12. “Mommy you look so elegant. I want to be like you when I grow up” Really Jada? Maybe it’s just me but there’s something about her that is sooooooooooo fake.

    Love Will though.

  13. What hair?plzzzzzz, neva was long anyway. If you have to go on television and justify your actions, then you know they aren’t right. She is 9yrs old, shouldn’t be wearing a hairstyle like that anyway. I am sick of some of you trying to justify it because she is Will and Jada daughter. Not even gonna get into nudity. Thx goodness Trey have a different mother. Jaden is such a cutie though, saw him in Karate kid. How did the boy turn out with the long beautiful hair?lol, still baffles me.

    • It’s true Willow never did have a long length of hair, like Jaden’s, but when she was like 5 it was a nice length in pig-tail puffs it seemed to be the same texture as Jaden’s is now…what happened to it?

      Jaden definitely got the “better” hair, but even in The Pursuit of Happyness without product it looked different, like a typical black child’s hair. i think people are always a little surprised by Jaden’s hair, but with his mom being mixed with West Indian, Creole, African-American and Portuguese Jewish ancestry it’s not far-fetched.

    • She’s not justifying the hair. She is a mother!Stupid mf’s are talking about her baby! Of course she’s going to respond. Justify..As if she did something illegal. Please

  14. Hair grows.
    More than likely, Willow will want a different hair style in the future.
    For now, she’s being allowed to express herself. So much of us were forced to repress our feelings and she has parents who want her to find her own idea of beauty. She doesn’t have to give exactly into the American ideal of what a beautiful woman is.
    That should be a thing to CELEBRATE. =)

  15. SO they’d rather she have a mohawak then have a short hair cut? Jada’s mother is NOT bald. Also, why is this a different story from the one she told on Oprah?

    • She told Oprah the same story, except she went into more detail on George Lopez. I don’t know how the story is different. Willow wanted to cut her hair and she did?How’s the story different??She just didn’t tell Oprah that she wanted to cut it because of her grandma

    • err, i had the same question(s) as you. when i read that Jada mentioned her and her mother’s cut, i’m like but wait, neither of the cuts is ‘bald’. yes, very low and short, but not bald like what the sides of Willow’s head looks like. but i guess, however you wanna spin it.

      • come on people think. obviously shaving just the sides was the comprise. will didnt want his daughter to have a short bald head like grandma bandfield.

        • i am thinking actually. i’m thinking the people she wants her hair to look like are all adults. no one under the age of 21. she is 9 and does not need to be using adults to model her hairstyles after. no one said she needs plaits and barrettes all over the place, but if your 9 year old came home and said she wanted to style her hair after one of her teachers (for instance), i would think something was a bit off. just thinkin ;-)

  16. but does anyone agree with the fact, that shes less marketable as a child actress now her hairs like that.

    • I tink in a way you might be right but then again, not the average child actress parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. So she’ll be fine. Lol

      • no not really if someone wanted to use in a film commercial or movie they do have a makeup team that can make her the look to promote whatever they neec

    • She could always wear a wig. I doubt a mainstream Hollywood film is going to be casting a natural-haired black girl any time soon, so the shaved head shouldn’t be too much of a problem to fix.

  17. I want to cut my hair but I’m not into all the dresses and skirts, things of that nature. Plus, my sisters and my mom said they’d disown me. Yet they’re always complaining about me not combing it.

    Kudos to Willow for having the courage to cut her’s off.

  18. “So she said, ‘Mom, I’m really tired of the hair. I just really feel I’d like it to get in the pool. I want to just swim. I just don’t want to be bothered with the hair.’”

    That was me throughout high school. Loved swimming, but hated having to deal with wet relaxed hair afterward (yes, I did wear swim caps at every class).

    There were times I wished I could shave my own head bald, but my mother wouldn’t let me.

    • @Leo – girl, being bald, or almost bald, is so liberating to me. I recently cut my hair down to the scalp because had been damaged and uneven, so off it went. Girl, it’s wonderful. I feel so light and free. I’m going to keep it short and go natural. It’s not for everyone, but I feel great. I used to wear wigs a lot, but not anymore.

      • I hear you with the freedom aspect. My mother has been rocking a low cut afro since the very early ’90s, but would she let me cut my hair and enjoy the same benefits? *pouts*

        Amen for adulthood. Now I can do what I want with it. XD

  19. I agree. It’s just hair. Really. What’s the big deal? It’s like that India Arie song, “I am Not My Hair.” Most of the time, we place too much emphasis on the outside factor and not enough focus on the inside.

  20. It’s just hair and I’m sure when Willow is ready she’ll grow it back. Big ups to Will and Jada on raising these kids. They are smart, amazing, and talented. I love the way they are parenting them and letting them express themeseleves. I also see nothing wrong with Willow’s outfits. She’s fully covered, nothing hanging out (Can’t say the same for her mom lol) so what’s the problem?Go head do you Willow. It’s funny how people still bashed Willow when she had just the braids saying oh why won’t Jada let her hair go natural or whatever. Either way, they gonna always be talking about the Smith kids hair!

    • @aliya: good point. i liked when willow was wearing her braids.

      im glad to see jada in braids here ( though she still hasnt worn braids on mag covers. i have never even seen halle in braids. no briads on angela bassett( xcept in stella) nor loretta devine nor jennifer lewis nor vila davis nor zoe saldana nor kerry washington)

  21. I bet if she attended a regular shcool with other children her age she would not have wanted to cut her hair off. What we all have to remember is that these are privlaged children they don’t live by the same standard as regular children. But I am glad it was a family decision.

      • annie:

        we mean a reg school.
        new village is the school her parents own & run.

        honestly, trey, jaden, willow arent like us. they are rich. they look @ things differently.

        • Actually, I’ve seen a few daring “normal” girls with the side-shaved look. It’s not just for “rich” people.

      • Ridingfinest said a “regular school” – new village is NOT that. it’s curriculum is Scientology based! will and jada try to deny they are scientologists though.

  22. see i knEw this famiLy was sane! too many peopLe make assumptions about this family and their decisions..and there you have it! Coming riight from Jada and willOws mouth! :)

    -im not reaLLy too surprised that it was wiLLows decision to shave her hAir..but i dont undersTand why she still couLdnt have fun and get in the water when she had ALL her hAir! There are pLenty of wayys our hair can be protected w/o worrying about chemicals chLorine getting into it. but w.e her decision is still cooL.it Looks nice on her.

    • With their schedules she would spend more time with her stylist then enjoying herself. I remember being her age loving to swim and not wanting to deal with washingg my hair afterwards. Even with the swim cap my hair would get wet. We leave in a different age now – so I can understand why she would want to cut it. I want to go natural but don’t have the guts.

      • yeaa i guess thats true too. I remember as a kid I reaLLy didnt care too much about hAir eitheR..i jusT knEw it was on my head lol.. and Long cuz my mommY tooK care of it! =)

        -And Ms TRUTH..you shouLd go NATURAL! its the best. You shouLdnt Let fear get in te way of your decisions. just take risks hun. :) I was worried at first too..but then i reaLized how much styLing i couLd do with my curly-coarse hAir rather than my BoRing FLat ReLaxers! LoL..hehe.. but it takes time soo dont rush it.

        • ya’ll need to stop haten cause she better than you and she can sing and dance so stop trying to out bond williow smith she is ma favorite fan so sotp jocking on her line about her hair little gurl decues and buy

  23. I still don’t like that she let her cut her hair off. What if they got her a swim cap for her hair? Oh well, I guess Jaden and Willow will be following in their parents footsteps of an artist career since they both have talent that is in their blood.

    • It’s just freakin’ hair for goodness’ sake. I had hair past my butt all while growing up. Everybody else made such a big deal out of it, but I could care less. I grew up old school, and lived with my grandmother. She actually beat my ass for cutting it about 6 inches when I was in junior high. We black folks need to ease up on the hair thing. Having it doesn’t make us a better person. It just makes others think we think we’re better than they are. If you’re used to having it, it’s really not a big damn deal.

  24. I like that we finally know the reason behind Willow’s much discussed hair style. I like that Jada and Willow went to Will…it shows that the family makes decisions together, wonderful!

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