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Happy Birthday, Malia Obama! Today is the first daughter’s 12th birthday!The first family will celebrate Malia’s birthday as well as the 4th of July by hosting a celebration for members of the military and their families, complete with a barbecue and fireworks.

Click below for pictures of a young Malia!

Click here for archived pictures of Malia and her family

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  1. Happy Birthday! You’ve got the cutest clothes…trust me, I would know! You should consider a career in fashion! (You’ll excel in modeling.) Well go to Harvard like your parents of course. Don’t let me direct me towards your future…leave that to your parents…(they’re probably like, uggh, more responsibilty!) Well Good Luck! :) :) :) :( :) :) :) :)

  2. Happy birthday Malia! You’re gorgeous like your parents! (And very smart!) HaHa! :)
    Good luck with your dad’s campaign this year! :)

  3. She looks like a lovely young lady. She could grace the cover and pages of Vogue, easily. Happy birthday Malia and many more.

  4. Aww happy bday malia. yeah she does look alot like her mom on the pic with them together. her hair looks longer on some of the other photos with out the twist. I wonder did she cut her hair at some point. anywho why are some people concerned about her teeth on her birthday blog. I thought that was something rude to point out. if there is a prob with her teeth coming in trust her mom and dad will handle that. like someone mentioned everyone is different, so her teeth will not grow in the same pace as no one else.

  5. ONLY 12 years old?!?!!! Geesh! I thought for sure she was 14 or 15. Not beause she looks or dreses “grown” or anything, but I just thought for sure she was a teen by now with her height and the fact that she “seems” mature. Well, happy B’Day Malia!

    • that pic was from her birthday last year (when she turned 11) and if i remember correctly, canines are some of the last to go as baby teeth.

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