L to R: Ashley Reid, Deja Riley and Aaron Reid,20, are pictured at The President League and Marquez Rankin’s event last week in Atlanta. Deja Riley is singer Teddy Riley’s daughter, while¬† Aaron Reid is record executive L.A. Reid’s son.

Ashley and Aaron’s mother is singer Perri “Pebbles”.

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  1. 1st of all, y do ppl continue 2 put ppl weight on blast? Ders nun wrong wit how he look. N y is paternity da 1st thing blacks think bout wen it cums 2 situations like dis? Its a pic ppl, look @ it n move on. Dey have gr8 parent n gr8 morals, learn 2 b proud of a strong black fam, n stop bein so quick 2 ? n judge. A.R n Ashley r doin der thing, dey have gud careers n gr8 futures ahead of demselves. Black ppl, learn 2 not judge n focus on ya own lives. Yall can’t even say anythin nice bout ya own race, always hatred.

  2. I never knew that Pebbles had a daughter…I just thought her only child was with LA, Aaron. Find out something new everyday *LOL* !!!

    • Wow is he really obese. He just looks a bit “thick” on this pic. Why are ppl so concern with others weight.

    • Just for clarification, L.A. wasn’t “messing with” Pebbles- she was his WIFE! L.A. is Ashley’s stepdad… LOVED Pebbles back in the day, don’t care what anyone says:she was the original Halle Berry.
      Sn: Another site claimed that Aaron and Deja are dating…

    • When you say “messing with” do you mean “married to”?

      I’m not 100% sure though pretty certain that Ashley is Perri’s daughter that L.A. Reid adopted and treats like his own.

  3. I just watched My Super Sweet Sixteen about Aaron. He was a brat, conceited, and spoiled. The girls look nice though

    • I think that has more to do with his dad than his mom, whom I’ve been around more than a few times. She’s very nice, living for God and has her own ministry in Atlanta. But as you probably know, his dad however is one of the biggest men in the music industry. He has grown up around the biggest names in the music industry. I’m sure at 16 your head can swell up a little because of that (not saying that it should or that it’s right but I’m just saying). Anyway, even back then from the very few times I was around him, he still seemed like a good kid, maybe a little arogant/conceited/whatever, but a good kid and hopefully he’s grown up by now.

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