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Willow Smith,9, poses at a photo shoot at Place de la Concorde in Paris, France.

The trendy tween was seen sporting a painted ear lobe while on the shoot. Perhaps little Willow will soon start a new trend?


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  1. as for me i think that the Smiths are great parents well as for what i see on the TV..i know id have to know them inside out to judge but im just saying i disagree with those who say that they are pushing the children into the limelight because they appeared on a show over here in britain and it seemed like these kids have their own voice and that well whatever mistake or breakout they make their parents are just there to support them through and through…willow seems to be a little fashionista already aged 9 and she seems confortable in that…the kids always look happy so do the parents so i say they are a stable black american family just supporting their children for better for worse :)

  2. I knew this girl could model her fashion said it all. Again with the painted ear lol she’s starting something. Great look!

  3. Sorry, But I agree with the other readers. She’s too grown, I”m 16 and I dont even dress like that nor would I want to

  4. Quit putting extras on this little girl. She isn’t model material. Will and Jada need to let her stay a little girl as long as they can.

  5. I’m NOT buying her album for my kids. I don’t like how she acts /dresses grown, particularly in interviews, plus Jaden even called her spoiled and that she get away with everything so why even bother telling his parents. I don’t want my kids hearing a 9 yr old act grown. Just like I didn’t buy Miley Cyrus cds bc she was the same way.

    She won’t appeal to many parents if this is her image and she want ppl to buy her cd. Parents look at image and what kid entertainers have to say in their songs. I don’t think this image will work with many parents.

    I bought Cymphonique bc it was age apropriate. As well as KeKe Palmer cds.

  6. I don’t know why they want their kids in the limelight with all that the celebrities have to go through nowadays-no privacy etc. I just seem to be too much to deal with nowadays.

  7. I’m over how she dresses it’s just for publicity now. Just to keep her name in ppl’s mouths until her album. When I was Willow’s age I wanted to play piano. After my parents started making me go to lessons I felt pressured 2 go even when dat interest died a year later and I wanted to dance. Kids change their minds alot so maybe Will nd Jada shouldn’t be too invested. After a while in the middle of something they might wanna quit nd move on to something else

  8. This is a 9 yr old. And yes she has money but if this was a regular g9 year old on the streets , all kind sof thoughts would run through our heads but since she has money it is ok. I think she dressing and acts too grown.

    Im not saying she isn’t cute and can’t model one day but why not be 9 years old for now.

  9. I think it is a cute outfit. I just think it would be nicer on a much older girl or woman. Not a 9 yr old. Kimora dressing her girls age appropriately.

  10. Oh my, they are creating a lil monster. I just think she is growing up too fast. Nice pics for a teen model or above that age. She is pretty but I think it is just too much for a 9 yr old to look so much older and dress s much older. I know she like to do it but I think it is too excessive.

    Kimora girls walk the run way but they still look like little girls. I think that is how little girls should dress and look. Not too grown.

    Don’t mean to be mean. Just my opinion.

  11. This girl is growing up too fast, in my opinion. Why can’t she be 9. She looks and dresses like she is a teenager or grown. I like the Smiths but I don’t understand this at all.

  12. goo head lil Miss DivA! WiLLow is totaly rocking this shoot. I gaurentee you her parents arent PUSHING her to do any of this. Besides you can see it in her photos that she Loves to do things Like this! :)
    And how the Heck can she want the same spotLight as Jaden when they’ve been doing the SAME thing since Like 4 or 5! come on ppL..put ya head togetha.

  13. you can watch willow,jaden,jada and will smith interview on the one show on youtube and this interview gives you a could example of what Willow is really like a real diva but quite humerous to. the interviewer even said it was like he was talking to a 26 year old.

  14. I really think that Willow is well beyond her years. How old is she, 9 years old? The hairstyle is too grown for such a little girl even though she’s very cute.

    She has her own stylist already and is in talks to have her own fashion line as well as bring out a album!

    What the hell. Yeah Will Smith and Jada may be good parents but i really think they should wait/waited till both Jaden and Willow were old enough to really be able to cope with all the fame and sucess.

    Whats all the rush to do it now? Yeah, they may be talented but Will Smith will still be massive in about 7-8 years time, so why doesnt he put his kids in Hollywood then?

    I dont think this will do them well, mark it on the wall.

    • Maybe she is screaming out for attention, like Solange Knowles because Jaden gets all of the attention from the media, etc. I like the outfit but I don’t know why, this don’t seem right for some reason.

    • While I think she could be talented one day, I disagree with the direction Willow is headed as a 9 year old little girl. What is the rush? And I say that about alot of regular kids as well as celeb kids. Enjoy your childhood, you have time to model and sing when you are older or at least 16 and above.

  15. I think they’re going overboard with Willow because Jayden is obviously blowing up as a little actor. He’s already had 2 starring roles in major movies. They probably just want to show the same attention.

    • i was thinking the same thing. they’re over there promoting Jaden’s movie. so uhm, why is Willow the one doing a photoshoot? what has she done as of late to be photoshoot material? besides the clothing…

  16. Dang! Would it be terrible for one member of this family to not be a celebrity? They are pimping this little girl like there is no tomorrow. I would bet anything that this photoshoot is for absolutely nothing at all. Its just another way to, draw attention, shove this child down peoples throats and make her a star come hell or high water. Why doesn’t she just give her a role on her show and be done with it? This has become more irritating than the making of Beyonce. SMDH!

    • i have to kindly disagree. Will and Jada seem like good parents and would not force their kids to do NAYTHING they didn’t want to do. Remember Will’s son Trey? He claims to be shy(he said that on his OPRAH appearance) so he says he stays behind the scenes. But Jaden and Willow want to be in the limelight

      Lets give the Smiths some credit: They seem like good parents. We see them a lot because of the movie and that Willow has a new album coming out.

      • I hearf Willow has an album coming out but honestly what do a 9 year old have to sing/rap about. She is rich and never been through any struggles, nor lived in the ghetto, she is too young for love, don’t attend school. I am just curious what her album is about. I could see if she was a teen, then maybe she could at least sing about having a crush or liking a boy like KEKE Palmer. I just wondering…

  17. I love the Smiths but I think Will & Jada are pushing those kids too much. Personally I think they need to cut back on the kids workload before they have another Lindsey on their hands.

    • The main difference between the Smiths and the Lohans is that the Lohan parents want to be celebs as much (or perhaps more) than their children. The parent Smiths are already celebs so they don’t have to trade parenting for publicity.
      The Smiths seem to have a firm grip on their primary role as parents and aren’t using their children to garner attention for themselves. In addition they seem to support ALL the children’s endeavors. Be it attending Trey’s football games or Jaden and Willow’s premieres these parents are there.
      I would say it’s a little early to put Jaden and Willow on the Lohan kids path or to put Will and Jada in the same category with those crazy Lohan parents.

  18. looks like a little willow could have a career with modeling, i must say for 9, she has her own sense of style and works the mess out of a camera!

    ..as far as the painted earlobe, i think its actually kind of cute! looks like it just may be a new trend (:

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