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Model and philanthropist Liya Kebede, her husband Kassy, and their children Raee,5, and Suhul,9, attended the Jean-Paul Gaultier show as part of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 earlier this month.

Liya has her own “couture” line of women and children’s clothing called LemLem, which was inspired by her daughter Raee:

“As a model, I learned so much about clothes and the making of a garment. I’m from Ethiopia, and on one of our trips we visited local weavers working in poor conditions who didn’t have a market for their products anymore. I was in a position to try to give them jobs, keep their art alive and also bring the sensibility of a unique garment to the West. That’s the whole picture of how Lemlem was created. I started with children’s clothes because I love shopping for my children. It also gives kids here something beautiful that was made in Africa(Source)


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  1. @rae that doesn’t qualify her has a super model thing about it, naomi iman beverly tara are super model, being on a few cover doesn’t make u a super model, she was more a runway model by any means

  2. @ “Justme”: Liya may be rude but she is indeed a supermodel. I’ve seen her in magazines on several occasions & she is very well known in the fashion community.

    As far as this post goes, this is a beautiful family! It really is a shame if her personality is as bad as people say it is.

  3. I spent a month in Africa and had the displeasure of meeting Liya twice. Both times she was very rude and aloof.

      • She was rude to everyone who approached except a white lady that she gave an autograph to. She even threw up her hand to an Ethiopian man that was grinning while approaching her. He quickly backed off! The first time I met her at the airport and she had on a baseball cap. I was in front of her in line and asked if she was indeed Liya. She said yes but made it clear from her expression that that was as far as the conversation was going. I chalked it up to not wanting to be recognized with so many natives around. The second time however, there were only around 10 people at the store and she was just as RUDE. She is just too full of herself! She is not even a supermodel!

        • Wow thats a shame! I had also read a story similair to yours about how rude this woman is, a few months back on another blog.

        • @justme,

          let me guess u are from eritrea right ?i remember you mentioned that several times.i know how Eritreans Hates Ethiopians so just STOP spitting cheap lies about this WONDERFUL women.I know how Eritreans get M A D whenever they hear any good things about Ethiopia.just stop with those lies and hated against her and swallow the fact that she is one of the most successful african women.and i am sorry Liya’s huge success hurt your little eritrean feeling.

        • some stupid and untrue comments about liya.i think she is very beautiful respectful women unlike some somalian models like Iman and warris who stands naked infront of cameras

  4. her daughter sure have gotten bigger from the pics we saw in the past. ethopia and somlia have very distingush features i can point them out anywhere. the family is beautiful i love that little girls currly hair..

  5. Check out the dimples on that kid! She is SO cute! This is my 1st time seeing her son and her husband, they look like a nice little fam… Now the clothes are unique, but the prices…

    • Those prices are ridiculous!! I would love to know how much money is actually going to the people making these clothes.
      I would imagine a village could live a year off of the sale one of those shirts if the money was allocated properly.

    • Yes Liya and her husband are both ethiopian. Their family is gorgeous!!!! There is nothing like seeing a happy family congrats to them. =)

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