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Christina Milian and her daughter Violet Nash were spotted in LA yesterday and guess who they ran into?

Celebrity mom Melanie Brown(Mel B)!

Fendi Baby Carrier-$395.00

Fendi Baby Carrier-$395.00

Christina is carrying Violet in a Fendi baby carrier.

Photos: Norman Scott

  • Fendi Baby Carrier-$395.00
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  1. I think Christina looks great high heels and all! I still step out with my 3 year old in tow with high heels (not all the time, but when I feel like it) and never miss a beat. She’s not going to drop her baby…*eye roll* And baby Violet is super super cute! So precious both of them!

  2. she is such a cute little girl!!!! to bad her daddy is a dufus!
    good for christina – don’t sit around crying over that tacky ass man you had the misfortune of marrying.

  3. She is too darn cute. @ Amerie you are absolutely correct. I know when my deadbeat and I seperated girl I had to look my best at all times especially if I knew I was going to see him at family functions.

  4. aww so cute. my baby has that same dress. Target!! Love to see celeb babies with everyday stuff that my kids wear. makes me feel like I have expensive taste.LOL

  5. Violet is to cute!!
    U commenters are a mess. LOL mothers cant wear heels u can trip and fall in sneakers and flats just like u can heels…. and that to me is definately not club attire i wouldnt wear that to the club. Its just jeans and a tank top geesh

  6. at first when it read ‘guess who they ran into’, before i scrolled down, i thought for a split second it mighta been the Dream lol! but i don’t guess that would have been a good meeting. :-O

  7. she need to stop walking in broad daylight like she about to hit the club….can we say LOOKING FOR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geezzz you can still look good dressed casual, as long as its elegant.

    • Have you ever beenthrough a bad break-up it messes with your self esteem especially if there was cheating involved.Maybe this is her way of making herself feel better.I know after a break up I like to pay extra attention to myself and look good…I dont know maybe its just me

  8. That baby girl is absolutely gorgeous, adorable, cute, precious..what else lol.

    Christina looks good too,looks happy. She kinda favors Lark Vorhies in the first pic where she’s looking over her shoulder.

  9. How many kids don’t look like their fathers? some folks tripp me out with that. As if the child isn’t cute because they look like daddy. Violet is absolutely gorgeous and mommy looks fab.

    • i was thinking the same thing……i would be so scared of walking around in heels holding my baby.. no matter how comfortable i am in heels>

  10. She is soooo cute! I want to pinch those cheeks & thighs lol…That baby carrier is something serious,(Style & price) lol

  11. All that preciousness is just too much. Look at those cheeks and big thighs. Lil Miss Violet rocking that hat too. She looks like a little adorable button.

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