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“The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question.”

Last month on ABC’s “Nightline” with journalist Martin Bashir, Sean”Diddy” Combs defended giving his son Justin Dior Combs a Maybach for his 16th birthday.

“I think its appropriate to give my kids whatever I want to give my kids,” he said. “I feel the way I raise my children, I don’t have to explain to you or anyone else, ’cause nobody knows the way I raise my children. So nobody knows the lessons that I’ve taught my children to understand, if they are mentally ready for that.”

Now a month later, the music mogul says he regrets having done the interview with Bashir and says that Bashir’s question about his son’s nearly $400,000 gift was downright racist.

He says in the August/September issue of Vibe magazine, “There were times in the interview when I had to give him an ultimatum. The questions weren’t being handled the right way. In hindsight, when I saw him I shouldn’t had done the interview because I know the style of interview that he does . . . The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question. You don’t ask White people what they buy their kids. And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible Bentleys and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you. And I’m not saying that consciously he’s a racist. But he probably don’t even realize that he would not ask Steve Jobs that. He would be like Steve Jobs has that money and that’s the gift his kid is supposed to get.”




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  2. As much as Diddy irks me with his showiness and extravagance I have to agree with him here. It is not blatant racism. Perhaps Bashir himself doesnt even realize what is being implied (or he is a jerk so maybe he does but I will give him the benefit of the doubt). The fact still remains he would not have asked that of any white family from old money (say the Hiltons), especially not in the condescending way he did. Deny it all you want but it was not SIMPLY a question. Take note of HOW it was said.

    And for those of you who believe racism is not very much an issue in present day society please open your eyes, its everywhere though not limited to just black people. The fact that people like Angelina and Julie can make such outrageous comments and be so insensitive to the reality of a whole race of people is just a testimony to the very fact that racism is alive and well.

  3. My friend and I have been just discussing this specific issue, she actually is normally endeavouring to prove me completely wrong! I will present her this particular post and additionally rub it in a little!

  4. Oh hell no!!!!

    don’t throw the whole race thing in it if ya don’t like the questions they’ve been asked. Giving a young boy, a car like that…..I don’t even think his kids know what hard work is……please…….this has nothing to do with race, being black bla die bla die bla……..

    Get out of the colour!!!! and think before you say something stupid again!!!

  5. I hate it when people talk about the “race card.” It shows that they are ignorant racists themselves and/or people who accept disrespect from whites. Racism is rampant. Why do some people hate those who point out wrongdoers?

    Diddy is right.

  6. That’s the point Diddy is trying to make. So many other white stars are constantly seen flashing expensive clothes and jewelry and cars or whatever, and never get questioned. But as soon as Diddy does a show with his son it’s a big deal to buy your kid a car. Other stars are seen everyday living a lavish life and it’s not questioned. So why should Diddy be any different?

    • I understand what he’s saying. But, had he not given a child who can’t even drive such an outlandish gift, that wouldn’t have been an issue. Did you actually see the episode? Justin said ‘He was never going to work. He was going to live off his parents forever’. Some people will undoubtedly say, well, if he can do it. That’s why I love Rev Run.

  7. Grow up Diddy it’s a valid question since you live a public life. Being rich has nothing to do with it, it’s about values, I can’t imagine Rev Run buying a car like that for Diggy.

    • And despite all the values he was taught, Jojo was still caught up in a drug bust in a customized BMW and tried to escape the police.

      There isn’t a formula to producing the perfect kid.

  8. I’m conflicted as to whether this question was racist or not.
    I think that it is possible that had Bashir asked someone with ‘old money’ he wouldn’t have asked whether it was right for them to buy their child a Maybach. Neither would I. I would ask Parish Hilton what she does for a living definitely. But because it is wealth that has been garnered over a period of time, most except that their child will have outrageous cars. On this level, it is a question of not ‘outright racism’ but of implicit racism as to why these old money people are always white and why Diddy has had to work from the bottom up.
    Bashir represents this acceptance that the white man who is rich can do what he wants. This is an acceptance that both white and blacks have. So it is racism but not as ‘black and white’ as diddy is saying. It’s a disease in racial society.

    But I also agree with @shesh1nes in that if even if I were rich I would not buy my child this Maybach because it looses the value of what it means to work hard for what it means to work hard especially for black people who have to work hard and aren’t born into old wealth.

  9. O.k. I hope this overworked pc doesn’t double post, but anyway… Why is it we always bring up ‘white people’ to justify something? History has proven they lack morals. I think the parable ‘It’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven’, was made especially for them. Although I do like the one white girl on sweet 16 who asked her parents to make a donation to charity instead of giving her a gift.

  10. What Diddy is right about:

    1) He certainly CAN buy his children he so chooses, especially if he teaching them values of hard work that he is suggesting he has.

    2) Martin Bashir would not have asked that question of maybe an “old money person” like the owners of Johnson and Johnson or the Hiltons. And those peoeple certainly do and would buy their children a maybach amongst other things that they did not earn (e.g. – Paris Hilton’s entire life)

    What Diddy wrong about:

    1) Just because you have the money to buy your children whatever you wish and should not be questioned about it, doesnt mean that you should. For those of you who watched “Making the Band: Season 2″ These people already had the talent, he didn’t just give them a record deal. He made them work for it at least to give her some perspective of what people go through who try to pursue a career in the business for their entire lives.

    2) No matter what values Diddy tries to instill in his children, buying them a Maybach will certain screw up their perspective on what hard work and owning their accomplishments means.

  11. Racist? Naw i don’t think the question was racist,because there are plenty of black people who thought the gift was over the top for a child so young. To me if Diddy didn’t want anyone to say anything about the gift he gave his son then he shouldn’t have had it showcase to the world.
    Most people with money don’t have their kids bday party all on MTV and everything. He loves the attention just not the criticism.

  12. Hmmm..Steve Jobs bought his kids expensive stuff??? I wouldn’t know because he is not flashing it on shows like My Super Sweet 16.

  13. I agree with Diddy!! This guy should work for FOX News. He single handedly ruined Michael Jackson’s life. I thought Diddy was crazy to go on the show. As brillant as Diddy appears to be, that was a stupid choice. It is apparent that Brashir doesn’t like black folks with alot of money. This reporter just reaps wickedness! If you want to see what a Devil look like, look at him.

  14. Doesn’t Diddy have to worry about his tax problems instead of a Maybach? Diddy should have expected the questions, just because who he is, and how the Maybach was given.

  15. Wow, Diddy is crazy! That question is NOT racist. Bentley’s and Porches my butt! My parents have to feed me and my brother and pay for other essential using £55 per week which is like $80 or something stupid – a pair of Diddy’s jeans probably cost more than that! I’ve lost all respect for that guy.

    Jonas, 16, UK

  16. I have to agree. He should’ve never done that interview with him, looking at his history. As much as we’ve come to be exposed to kid-socialites from way back when Tommy Hilfigers daughter and her friend had that show in MTV (which I liked) and the phenomenon of Paris Hilton, I have never seen anyone come at their parents like that, particularly with the “you have some explaining to do” tone he took with him.

  17. I don’t like Martin Bashir, he did the same thing to Michael Jackson when he interviewed him. Asking him questions that he felt incomfortable about answering. He’s always trying to portray people in a negative way.

  18. People should just stay away from Bashir. I don’t think he was being necessarily racist, but he has a way of portraying celebrities in the way he wants. Look up the footage of his MJ interviews that Michaels cameras took on youtube, that Maury later did a special on. Bashir totally cut out certain points, and then added his own views that contradicted what he told Michael. Thats why it’s now surprising he would try to frame questions to make Diddy seem bad.

  19. @ Angelina you should get it, It is not about racism its about the fact that if George Bush or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs bought their kid a Maybach or a million dollar lamborghini nobody would think anything of it. It would be just the same if the bought their kid a KIA, everyone would talk about it as to why they couldn’t get a better car or a swankier car for their child. Bashir was asking the questions in a judgmental way, You could tell from the interview that he had already made up his mind about Diddy. Yes he has multiple baby mothers but guess what so do a bunch of people Jennifer Aniston has slept with half the men in hollywood but nobody’s calling her a S%&5. Boris Becker has several children by several different women nothing said about him. No Diddy is not my favorite person , yes he is flashy, arrogant and many other bad things but his children are never far from him and he does take care of all of them and really the only reason this is a big deal is because it was Diddy that gave his kid a Maybach, nobody makes a big deal about the Saudi Prince whose son wrecks his lamborghini every 3 months and gets it replaced that could buy 10 MayBachs

    • Yes they would, which is why Bill Gates has already stated his obscene wealth will/would not go to his children.


  20. I didn’t get what’s so racist about it… black people have to make everything into a race issue!

    • You wouldn’t understand because you are NOT African American and haven’t experienced NOTHING “we” have gone through so don’t make comments like that.

      • I agree. Black People will never get anywhere throwing the race card around.

        ITS EXPIRED!!

        Let it go people! Being “African American” has nothing to do with it smart one because West Indians and Latinos arent “African American” but they are still black people who face the same issues as you! So Angelina, your right and don’t let these women get to you! They need to hate on someone when they have no one to love them!!

        • Julie, are you black? If not, how the h*ll do you know what black people are experiencing? If you are black, you are delusional, but that’s not uncommon amongst my people. Did you know that whites are trying to take over all the natural resouces of Africa as we speak? They are attempting to get rid of all the people so they can take it over. I dare you to visit Stormfront and tell them not to make race an issue. I’m sick and tired of people blaming racism on blacks acting like race is not longer an issue in this world. If a person believes that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d would not sell to you, but give it to you for free. Why don’t you call out these racists on their dirt. I dare you to go to TMZ and talk this nonsense over there to those white people who ROUTINELY make racist comments. Girl, bye, with that nonsense!

          There were people like you back on the plantation (white and black). Okay, let me stop before BCK bans me.

    • You are stereotyping African American about an issue you have no idea about. No ALL BLACKS don’t make it a race issue. You don’t have a clue about this country. Anyways Ms Hernandez, I would suggest you to open your eyes to what is going on in Arizona, as a clue to how this country treats ppl that aren’t white. I am suprised you would make such auntrue statement when your ppl aren’t wanted in this country by MANY whites.

      • so because she said that it wasn’t racist,that means that she doesn’t have a clue about this country or African American?and what does whatever is happening in Arizona had to do with anything?but since it’s been brought up,it’s not about not wanting immigrants here since most of us are immigrants anyway,it’s about being here legally….i was born in France and came here when i was 15 legally,i’m now a U.S citizen and agree about doing things the right way,in any other parts of the world,you will be in jail if you are caught living there illegally,so it’s not about not wanting anyone there and it’s not about Latinos only,it’s about everyone coming here illegally.I’m also not white (i’m actually black with both my parents africans)and haven’t been treated wrong,maybe it’s because i’m not expecting anything from them,but working hard to make my way in the world…bashing someone just because she has an opinion is crazy….stop expecting anything from ‘white people’ or expecting them to treat you a certain way…

        as for Diddy,yes it’s his money and can do whatever he wants with it without having to answer to anyone,but people were curious about it,i guess that’s why the question was asked,i don’t know(i didn’t watch the interview)…his life,his money,his kids

        • Since you brought it up, I just got to say that I agree with Vicky on the immigration issue. I work with international law & I’ve read over the documents involving the new Arizona law & compared it to the current federal laws on illegal immigration. They are virtually identical to one another, the federal ones are simply not being enforced in any way whatsoever & that’s why this state law seems like such a shock to people. And Vicky is right about immigrants coming here the right LEGAL way. My family did it, I have worked with numerous families who did it & immigrants still continue to do it. My family fled horrible conditions to come here too, but they did it legally. I used to get angry about the incidences of racial profiling here in the US too, but after working in international relations, I’ve discovered that we’re not near as bad as a lot of other countries. Nowhere near as bad actually. And that all of us Americans are pretty damn spoiled compared to a lot of other countries, some of which I’ve heard being praised at times by others. But I could right a 100-page essay on that, so I’ll just shut my trap here. :)

          And on Diddy….well, he decided to flaunt it on television, which makes questions such as this fair game. Anyone in public relations would know this. There’s a reason why Bill Gates & many of the other millionaires & billionaires of the world shield their kids & personal lives from the public eye & that is so that they don’t get asked questions like this. If you actually look down the Forbes list, most of those names aren’t even recognizable because they avoid the media like the plague. Well, that & a lot of them aren’t even American. But hey, it’s Diddy’s money, so he can spend it how he wants, but if he shows stuff like buying a Maybach on television, then questions are going to pop up.

          • I gotta agree with Annamaria. I haven’t seen the interview but from what I’ve heard if the guy is racist than he’s racist and maybe Diddy shouldn’t have done the interview with him, and he probably was trying to be rude towards him. But the age old saying it’s not what we say but how we say it comes into play, so how dude asked the question was racist but the question itself was not racist. It’s like my mother used to tell me when I’d be talking all loud in the street about our business, LOL, everybody’s business is nobody’s business, but when you broadcast your biz all over the tv and internet and whatnot, it becomes everyone’s business and it leaves room for speculation. That is the reason why most and dare I say all of the rich millionaires and billionaires of the world keep their family and personal lives away from the public.

    • Diddy had a point and if you watched the program on tv you would have noticed what the reporter was trying to say. You made it a race issue by saying what you just said.

    • Do ALL Latinos eat tacos? Are all Latinos here in this country illegally? No, right. Well why would you make a statement like that stating ALL Blacks like to play the race card. No we don’t but when something is wrong, we stand up for ourselves and fight for what is right or say something about it. That is how we got this far Ms. Hernandez! We will continue to do so. How dare you say something so racist. When half your ppl are here illegally and white ppl don’t want you here and treat yall just as badly. Give me a break!

    • Ms Hernandez,

      Like someone already said you need to worry about whats going on with Arizona. Trust your concerns should be whats going on over there, cuz from the likes of it the Police Chief ain’t havin it. He want people to have their papers.

      You know what i mean.

        • @err – if she’s black, then SHE’S the ignorant one. You see, people like her and Julie are probably not black because if they were, they wouldn’t make such snide remarks about a group of people. In case they haven’t lived on planet earth in awhile, race has and always will be an issue, and as long as white supremacy exists, and it exists in more ways than the average person even realizes, they need to take their racist b.s. over to Stormfront.

          In the words of comic Paul Mooney, and I paraphrase, “The race card couldn’t be played if it wasn’t in the deck.” Now the trolls here need to munch on THAT. I doubt they will because usually people that talk out the side of their mouths are cowards that drop and comment and then run because they either can’t face their detractors or they can’t defend their argument.

          • I think she was being flippant and I think it has a lot to do with making THIS into a race issue.

            Considering, if you look back at old BCK comments, most of us were asking the SAME thing Bashir asked, why are we easily swayed to make this about race? You don’t flaunt you wealth on television and then get mad when someone asks you about it. I’m shaking my head at anyone that would seriously agree with Diddy.

            It’s about being a celeb. Being on television. Being DIDDY. Giving your kid a Bentley on TELEVISION during a recession.

            You can give you kid what you want but folks can ask about it too.

  21. what an ignorant bastard…you don’t want to answer cuz you know that you buy your children’s love with material things and money…i hope that satisfies both you and the kids…

  22. I agree with Diddy for once! No one would dear ask Bill Gates why he gave a Bently to his 16 year old. It would be expected. Have you ever watched Teen Cribs on MTV. Come one…really?? Even my sweet 16 has white people on there giving their 16 year olds expensive gifts!! No one ever questioned them.

  23. It was a very disrespectful interview overall and while watching it, I wished Diddy had of went a little harder than he did. Bashir tried his best to exploit Diddy.

  24. Oh Please, everyone wants to play the race card when things don’t get asked the way they want them too or the question is one they don’t want to answer.

    I side with the guy! How many of these kids are on TV SHows also? Come on! There boys and girls arent on Sweet 16 shows throwing money around either! Get REAL Diddy! Your on a show and you wanted people to see what was happening for him, he has the right to ask.

    A lot of people were wondering about it also!!!

    • Stop being jealous of a black man that makes his money legitimately and doesn’t feel the need for validation from a white woman.

  25. @luvbug, the Monarch does not have the type of money you think they do. They live off a stipend allotted to them by parliament and most of their assets are centuries old castles and building, jewelry and stocks and bonds So even if the Queen wanted to buy a Maybach , she does not have the physical money to do it. Either way everyone is concentrating too hard on the cost of the gift. Nobody talks about the money they donated to charity the 10,000 Justin donated and the money Diddy requested to be confidential I bet that was more than a maybach.

      • OhPlease is correct, being a British black myself I can speak a little on this subject. The people of Britain would have a fit if the Queen spent that much money for a car on one of her grandchildren because it is taxes that pay the salary for the monarch. There definitely would be some type of protest. Again, the money is not readily physically available.

        • Forbes said its estimates of the Queen’s wealth included unspecified property in England and Scotland, fine art, gems and a stamp collection built by her grandfather George V.
          But much of the assets associated with the Queen are not her personal possessions. Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Collection are instead held in trust for the nation.
          The Crown Estate, the royal lands dating back to 1066, generate around £110 million a year which is handed back to the Government in return for a £40 million payment to cover the cost of running the monarchy.
          The true value of the Queen’s private property, which includes Balmoral, Sandringham, a smaller collection of jewellery and some paintings has never been disclosed. She also derives a personal income of around £12.5million a year from the Duchy of Lancaster.


  26. I think P. Diddy is telling the true. Alot of white ppl buy their kids way more expensive cars and no one say anything. P. Diddy has the money and can buy his kids whatever he chooses. Also That reporter is a jerk. I remember when he interviewed Michael Jackson JAYz and a few other Black ppl and he ALWAYS ask them out of the pocket type of questions. That reporter never does that to white ppl. So Im going to have to agree with Diddy on this one. Speak the truth.

  27. Well we sure know what you are teaching them and that is no morals. Because if Mr. Puff Daddy had morals he wouldn’t have all of these out of wedlock kids by different mamas running around. I don’t care how much money he have, he is a dayum fool. Giving a child a 400000 car that he can’t drive and a country in need only 10000. Puffy have nowhere near the money that Prince Charles have. Did you see the Queen or Prince Charles give his sons at that age expensive car? hell naw. That is why so many white people keep money and stay on top of things and so many blacks go under.

    • @luvbug – hun, white people often overindulge their children as well. The sad part is that many parents through material things at their children in lieu of love, time, and attention. I’m not saying that’s the case with Diddy, but it’s sad because some children would forfeit all the wealth just for the love of their parent.

      • “The sad part is that many parents through material things at their children in lieu of love, time, and attention. ”

        so what do you call what he’s doing? you honestly think he spends every waking moment with one of his six kids? stop defending diddy, i’m sure martin bashir would have asked whether he was indian, black, white, or hispanic…he’s just mad that he got asked…

        • @ariana – I don’t know Diddy so I have no idea what he does. Of course he can’t spend every waking hour with all of his kids, especially if they live in different households.

          Who said I was defending him? My point is that I’m sure he shows his children love IN LIEU OF just throwing materials goods at them.

          If you can find an interview in which Martin asked anyone else that question about how much they spend on their children, you might have something. If not, you don’t have any idea whether he would or wouldn’t.

          P.S. I think it’s foolish to spend that kind of money on a car for a child, but that’s me. He’s not my child, nor am I spending my money. Let Diddy deal with the outcome of such indulgence. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean it’s wise to do so.

    • You missed the point. About Prince Charles sons, they do have expensive cars and more. P Diddy can do whatever he want to with his money. White ppl buy expensive cars all of the time on Sweet 16 for their kids. It is not true that all white ppl are ahead financially. Many are in debt and have to file bankruptcy too.

      About him having multiple kids with three women have nothing to do with what he is talking about. If you followed this reporter and watched the difference on how he interviews Blacks from White ppl you will see what he is talking about. I have watched that reporter ask vougar, mean and out of pocket questions to Black ppl and he is wrong for that.

      Diddy has a point.

      • You’re comparing him to the real head of a Monarch? Come on now, put things in perspective. What Prince Harry and Prince William have wouldn’t be compared to earn wealth.

        I’m starting to think black folks just love using the racist term because no way is it racist to ask someone about buying their kid an expensive car if they’re on a freaking pop culture television show INDULGING their child with one.

        You won’t see Prince William getting a car on MTV. Shush it, Diddy.

    • @luvbug
      I’ll have to agree with Teri on this one. A lot of wealthy white poeple indulge their children; most of the time it doesn’t get reported. I’m sure the clothing that Prince Harry & William wear costs more than my salary for 10 years. They have traveled in private jets and stayed at ultra upscale hotels ($5,000+ per night) from birth. The prince’s are driven in upscale cars everywhere that they go. Trust me they are not taking the London underground. Practically all of their expenses are paid by the British people. At least Diddy earned his money; granted he is SHADY but he earned it.

    • @luvbug-white ppl have to file bankruptcy and is in financial debt too. Not to say that all ppl are like that. You can not just say that they are so much well off than anyone else, when the truth is , they are not. I was watching Oprah a few nights ago and she a many white couples on her showing talking about how far they were in debt.

      As for Diddy having multple baby mothers, that has nothing to do with what he is talking about now. He is stating that he has the money to but his first born son a 400k car and he did (even if he can’t drive it in NYC, he can drive it in his suburabn town where he lives with other rich kids and families). So what. Many white families that have been on Sweet Sixteen brought their kids way more than that. And their kids had awful behaviors. At least Justin gave his money away to The Haiti Relief fund. So don’t say that his kids don’t have morals.

      That reporter that interviewed Diddy is a jerk. He treats Black ppl that he interviews with differently that the white ppl. I saw that personally in his shows. Diddy is right.

      Diddy takes good care of all of his kids.

    • @luvbug, you apparently dont watch sweet 16 on MTV. Majority are rich white kids who spend 10,000 in 5 minutes, who get custom made cars which cost more then that maybach, who go to Paris just to buy a dress or suit for the 16 birthday that cost about 5,000. Yes its wrong for Puff Daddy to have these kids by different women but there being taken care of and he is always around his kids. Also he took in someone else kid and treats him like he’s his own (Quincy) unlike alot of black males that go around having kids and dont take care of there kids and there definetely would not be taken care of some one elses kid. We dont know what values he teach his kids. So who are we to judge what he’s doing. He has to money let him do what he pleases

    • “That is why so many white people keep money and stay on top of things and so many blacks go under”

      i kinda agree with this part because some black people spend stupidly and then file for bankruptcy later.

      It’s important to be smart with your money. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying your child a car or fancy gifts…i just think it’s stupid to buy your child a $400,000 dollar car at that age. He could have given that gift to Justin when he turned 21 or on his champagne birthday, not 16…16 is such an immature age for the responsibility of a gift quite like that…who will pay the insurance and for gas? but then again we don’t know how much Diddy is worth…that price tag could have felt like he only spent $300 of his millions or billions. He probably didn’t even scratch the surface of his money with this purchase.

      We don’t know what he teaches his children, as he’s said. For all we know he could have told Quincy, Justin and Christian to get married before having kids and focus on their studies rather then fast ass girls and material things. We don’t know this family on a day to day bases, so we can’t question everything they do. We only know the Combs through pictures and videos and interviews, which can all be an act. Who’s to tell?

      Although it is better to get married (bible) it doesn’t mean that everyone has to or it would be a law. All these 6 Combs kids (including Quincy Brown) are not any less loved then you or even me because my parents were married before they had my sisters and brother…it just “looks better” to society and on paper (everyone has the same last name – mom, dad and kids) People love to say “oh do you Dina, Ricardo and Sabrina have the same mom and dad?” YES! or when you call somewhere and give names they’ll say “do they have the same lastname as you?” YES! people need to stop this not every family is the same, so unless your apart of that specific family you shouldn’t judge what they do. I was thought to get married first and that’s what i’ll teach my kids too, but if they have kids before marriage life will still go on and they shouldn’t be judge by anyone but GOD.

      • Is your comment about Duddy and his numerous out-of-wedlock children, or about the fact that you were born to married parents, and you and your siblings all share the same last name.

    • Puffy has the right to give his child whatever he wants. His kid doesn’t have to know how to drive a car because he has a driver. Similar to a chaufeur driven limosine. White people give their children overindulgences too. The point Puffy was making is that, what white folks do, is not questioned. White people go under too, but again, it’s the blacks poor money management that is exploited in the news and media. Racist to say the least. I am sure the Princes have their pick of whatever car, house, boat, plane etc. the royal family has – and they have people to drive them around too.

  28. Well diddy does have a point ..even if you agree or disagree with the maybach for a 16 year old at the end of the day ITS his kids…

  29. I agree with Puffy! If he has the means & that’s what he chooses to give his son, so be it. Rich ppl do this all the time. If he chooses to spoil his children then he will have to deal with the consequences just as anybody else who spoils their child. SMH at Martin B. Always trying to show Blacks in a negative light. Puffy no different from any of the other rich Hollywood cats! Just darker.

    • You are right. If I had his money and kids, I would give them the world and let them see the world, like he does. They (media) do try to bring us down a dn show us ina negative light aolt.

      • @Mena – I think there are celebs that teach their children qualities like learning how to make their own money because Mom and Dad may not always be around. As we know, being rich is not guaranteed. Kids, in my opinion, should learn to stand on their own two feet even if I had all the means available to them. Isn’t that what parenting is all about? Some kids are messed up by parents “giving them the world” and they regret it in the long run because the kids become spoiled little brats or adults who believe the whole world owes them something. I always believed that a parent’s job is the prepare their children for real world and to teach them independence and a strong work ethic. Anything short, in my opinion, isn’t good parenting, but that’s just me. Everyone has their definition of what a good parent is. I’m just saying.

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