(L-R) Celebrity kids Kaienja ‘Kai’,20, Quincy Brown,19, Lil B. Sure and jewelry designer Monalisa Okojie attended rapper Soulja Boy’s Birthday Bash at The Highlands club in the Hollywood on July 28, 2010 in Hollywood, California.

Also in attendance were singer Mishon,17, and actor Kwame Boateng,18.

  • Birthday Boy
  • Quincy Brown and his brother Lil Al B Sure, sons of singer Al B Sure
  • mishonsouljaboy
  • Singer Mishon
  • Actor Kwame Boateng
  • kwameboateng
  • Kai(daughter of actress Lisa Raye)
  • kai
  • brown
  • brown5
  • brown2
  • celebkids




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  2. I noticed that Quincy & Kai look good together also. I just love Kai anyway she is so respectful! Lisa did a great job with her! Lil Al B. is his first born, although he doesn’t look like his father to me, alot of men like to name their 1st born son’s after themselves. Plus everywhere you see big Al B. usually lil Al B. is not far behind. They are probably just alike. Whereas I’ve heard that Quincy doesn’t get along with big Al B. to well. Probably cause the look so much alike!

    • @mztia2you – I was thinking the same exact thing that Quincy and Kai , make a very keyute couple. So, you’re definitely not the only one. They are both beautiful people period! You’ve got a GREAT eye! :)

      Lil B. Sure! & Quincy are such handsome young men! Very talenetd too! Look for BIG THINGS to come from these 2.

      To all the rude & inconsiderate people:
      Not understanding why Lil B is always attacked for his looks! I’ve seen him in person and trsut me, he has charm and personality as well as a handsome face. Some people do not photograph well. BUT, he’s handsome period! So very rude for people to always comment on his looks. What gives?
      His mother is absolutely beautiful, SO YES, he does look like his MOTHER!!! And he looks like his POPS too! You peopple are just looking for him to resemble Quincy or Al B. Sure! to the TEE! Sometimes, genetics do not work like that. Everyone can’t popl out and be an exact replica of their parents. Altho, I swear, Al B! made Quincy alone without Kim’s help.

      And yes, I ride for my FAMILY all day, every day! 😉
      ABS! LOVE


  3. Quincy,is very out going christain is probably going to be the same.The twins looks so sweet and quiet when I see them

  4. that monalisa okojie lady is nigerian!!!!!!!!!!! && that kwame boy is ghanaian!! uh oh africa in the house, we’re taking over lol JK but um ya everyone looks nice lol

  5. those tats are gonna make soulja boy look terrible as he get older, and it’s about time to change his name as well, soulja boy? lol he’s grown now and i wouldn’t be calling my self soulja BOY. i think he should drop that name and use his real name.

  6. I remember when soulja boy first came out and I thought what a handsome young guy, he’s gonna be a really nice looking man one day. Now a couple years later looking at all the body & face tats I think, well damn, guess I was wrong.

  7. Lil B. Sure is a very handsome young man. But even more importantly, he seems to have personality-plus, just like his dad. And a beautiful smile like him too.

    And he sings out of this world..an amazing voice.

  8. Nothing wrong @ all w/ the way Lil B. Sure looks. He’s a very handsome young man. But most importantly, he seems to have personality-plus, just like his dad. And he has a beautiful smile like Al as well. And Lil B. can sing out of this world. Amazing vocals!

  9. Nothing wrong with the way Lil B. Sure looks. He’s a very hansome young man. But more importantly, he seems to have charm and personality-plus just like his dad! And he’s an amazing singer. Vocals are off the chain.

    • LMBO!! The dude in the back of everybody in that group photo looks like a straight weed head. LOL! CRAZY!!

      • PhotogeniclsMe..I know! And in the picture of the brothers down below their lips look cracked, dry, and in Lil B. Sure’s case, black, like people who smoke weed for a long time.

        Only God knows and their groupies what else they’ve done with their young lips and where they’ve put them so far in their lives. 😉

  10. hAhA..Look Like SouLja Boy “PreTTy Boy Swaggin” for once!! lOl.. this is the cLeanest hes Looked in a while though.

  11. Lil B Sure need to give that name to his brother! He must look like his mom. Lisa Raye’s daughter is gorgeous as usual. And that damn Souljah Boy….. Lord, I won’t go there!

  12. Funny how he calls himself Lil Al B. Sure, when Quincy’s the one who looks like Daddy’s clone.

    How old is Souljah Boy anyway?

  13. Lil b sure does look rough, like hes living all wrong, Whats wrong with his neck why is it always cocked to the side like that? And I know for a fact he aint got that b sure curl, so why is he putting that kit in his hair? too much

  14. Lil B. Sure looks terrible.

    How’s Quincy looking better then the birthday boy?

    SIDE NOTE: I just saw pictures of Kendra and Hank Baskett’s son “Hank” he’s so precious cuter then any other baby on here to date lol. BCK, get that boy on this site.

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