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  1. o’k not has bad as i thought… but still ignorant on the child coloring wow ppl..sooo proud we have gotten better on race wow..lol

  2. o shucks jump off (I purposely didn’t read any of the comments) BUT I CAN JUST TELL WITH FORTY COMMENTS AND ABOVE PIC of a athlete with a white women, its about race the black man left “us” they find white women more beautiful..blah blah sick & tired of u all b.s. so ta ta as in bye refuse to be a crab in the barrel syndrome (let me scroll and see what forty comments are about!..smh

  3. She was wrong for what she said. (Julie) but just because someone is 3/4th “white” doesn’t mean that will be the dominant side showing. Nahla is also a Quadroon, yet she is as tanned as her mother.

  4. can everyone see how dark Jason Taylor is yet he’s biracial so why is it that ppl have a hard time believing Michael could have kids that light? Anyway, gorgeous children.

    • It’s because they believe everything the media tells them as if the media never lie to fatten up their pockets. Besides, his boy Prince inherited his vitiligo. I hardly think MJ would lie about his kids when he openly admitted to having a doll collection! Also, you don’t have to be bi-racial for your kids to look white, you just have to be black. Look at Donna Summer’s daughter Mimi. Genetics is a complex science.

  5. No, the daughter isn’t an Albino child, my son is Albino and has zero coloring, you can clearly see that Zoey has color on her arms and legs, and Albinos do not tan. Zoey is a little darker than her brother in the white hat and a little lighter than her brother wearing the navy cap.

  6. This little girl is hardly albino. She has a golden brown color and albinos have no color at all. The children are a blend of both parents.

  7. The children are interesting looking, and the girl does look albino. Therefore, don’t get mad, people have different opinions.

  8. When these chicks hook a baller, they seem to more often than not spit babies out one after another in succession. Wow.

    • Kids are where the money is & the more you have, the more you get. You may get alimony but it’s gone once you get married. But if you have 3, 4 children, you are guaranteed to be “paid” till the last one finishes colloge.

  9. One of Jason’s best friends is Zach Thomas another Miami Dolphins football player and the brother of Katrina. He introduced Jason to his sister because he thought they would make a good couple.

  10. I don’t follow football, so unless he’s a mega football star, I don’t know who he is.

    The children are cute though & the family looks great.

    • He use to be considered a really big deal years ago. His career went downward after he did Dancing with the Stars and was traded to the Redskins. He did absolutely nothing for the Redskins and went back to Miami a year later. Now he is in NY.

    • I googled Jason ’cause i’ve never heard fo him. I think Isaiah is the brown skinned son…if so he is a year older then Mason. Isaiah (7), Mason(6) then Zoe (4 1/2)

  11. Dont even respond to her ignorant a–. She’s just down right stupid and I doubt that she’s even one of us.

    JT family is gorgeous and I wish him success this year with the Jets.

    • I was just about to say that. She does it to get mess started.

      Don’t waste your time responding to her comments & she’ll disappear.

  12. @nicole S. ignore that julie person. I believe she is really another blogger who used to stir-up similar controversy. Ignore her eventually she’ll go away & come back under a new name. I’m ‘not buying it’.

    • They all have scooters. I think Jason Taylor is mixed, so his children have more white in them. Zoey doesn’t look Albino she has too much colour in her skin and hair.

    • Why can’t he be Jason’s? Because he’s lighter? Seriously? Both boys look just alike. And I really don’t think the little girl is albino.

    • For the record, Jason Taylor was born to a white mother and an african-american father. Those are all his kids, grandma’s genes are very strong…

  13. The boy in the NY hat and Star Wars top(Isaiah?) is gorgeous. The other boy (Mason?) looks like a lighter version of him…twins?

  14. Isn’t it weird for him to have relations with a woman who has his best friend’s face. I mean she looks JUST like her brother. Freaky. Cute kids though.

    • Jason has played for the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and now the New York Jets! After Bill Parcells came in, it was a rap for him in Miami.

  15. His kids are adorable! It’s amazing how genes work! They love scooters, I can see.
    Side Note: I saw Jason and thought it was Jason from ‘The Game’. Lol

    • The littlw girl has a unique look to her, she’s cute though…Maybe they made Jason’s character from the game from this Jason, who knows lol. But they do resemble each other a little bit

      I know off topic, but did anyone else hear about Lawrence fishburne daughter doing porno now??? Its crazy and sad she would do something like that, when her father is such a big actor.

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