Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz get married![MissInFo]

TI and Tiny have officially tied the knot and are celebrating in three cities![USMAGAZINE]

Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana speaks about making it in the “industry”. Daddy is not going to be proud!  *Graphic content for the 18+ readers only*[CARLTONJORDAN]

Singer Chilli talks about dating as a single mother[MOMLOGIC]

Take a behind-the scenes-look at Lala and Carmelo Anthony’s wedding[IAMLALA]

NBA player Lorenzen Wright, father of six, found dead[ESSENCE]


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  1. I blame the parents. Ditto at Maryamb and AplMacLady,very well said. She is only 18, parents have to take responsibility for their kids and she is very much still a child who clearly is very misguided. And that is not to say her parents blatantly abused her, misled her or neglected her, one may never know what exactly happened to cause this type of behavior but believe or not something went wrong somehere. They should all go to family counseling, she is seeking something she didn’t get at home.

  2. Prince Nasir, i hope this is the last wedding you have to attend where your father plays the role of the groom. PN looks so smart in his suit…why didn’t daddy take a fashion check from his 9 year old son? I would have been nice if Kasseem Jr. came, but i guess it’s still too soon. I only care about the welfare of these children and the unborn “swizz keys” baby…GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN!

  3. Congrats to T.I. & Tiny, and to Swiss & Alicia!

    Some of the celebs [who I’m guesing were in attendance] were probably stretched thin this weekend…with both of those weddings! LOL

  4. T.I. and Tiny look so happy! I wonder was their clan of six their, and if so what did they where?? find out for us BCK…LOL

  5. Congrats to Tip and Tiny’s on their marriage! This has been the season for a lot of celeb weddings! They are doing some major celebrating. I know they’re having a blast!!!

  6. Its So sad, clearly this young lady is crying out for attention! Something is clearly wrong and Laurence is failing as a parent because the job is not over as soon as your child reaches 18! She needs therapy!

    • @OhPlease – I hear what you are saying because a parent will forever be a parent, but once a child reaches the age of accountability, what more can a parent do? They can highly suggest their child takes the high road, but their hands are kind of tied, don’t you think?

    • @OhPlease – let me rephrase that last question, “Don’t you think a parent’s hands are tied once the child becomes an adult?”

  7. That child is clearly acting out. Yes she is still young and doesn’t understand the effect her actions will have on her in the future. She will grow to regret one day. Like when she has her own kids. The most telling thing is when she said daddy won’t be happy. She is trying to get his attention. Bad attention is better than no attention at all. It truly is sad. Monique was clearly being funny. She was making a reference to Chris Rock stand up dvd. I think it is a multitude of issues for this child. She wants to follow in her daddy’s footsteps without being in his shadow, She wants him to notice her & She is too immature to know how to do this constructively so she let so handsome smooth talking dude talk her into doing it destructively.

  8. I get what you were saying Monique. Here’s my laugh: hahahahahahahah. You guys can’t take a joke. Lighten up people.

    • Being that we are talking about someone’s child wanting to be a porn star, how was anyone supposed to know that was a joke, especially since inflections can’t be decifered on the Internet?

      • When she made the Chris Rock reference. If you have seen this video you would have gotten it immediately. I think she was just trying to lighten the mood in a bad situation. Could be wrong just my take on things. It is something I would do. Not everything in life is meant to be taken so seriously.

        • @maryamb – since I didn’t see the Chris Rock skit, it went right over my head. Silly me. I agree, not everything in life is to be taken so seriously, but I think a young girl, who you wuold think has every opportunity in the world, but decides to become a porn star is a bit serious, but that’s just me. I guess that’s another reason why I didn’t get it until it was pointed out. 😉 No shade.

  9. I googled this article to see if the info had reached any predominantly white sites. It has and boy are they having a field day. You should hear the disgusting things being said about her and her father. Da—- MONTANA!!

  10. And after he did such a good job raising Tre. The Black man has no business in the army or your 18yo daughter. That’s still a kid to me (sex life or no sex life), just really sad. Next issue: Why pick the guy who likes smelling feet and underarms? Was Justin Slayer not available? This sista has got to do better.

  11. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dealt with ‘boys’ like him. I attended catholic school from fifth grade on up. Black boy’s from so called good families are NOTORIOUS sex fiends and a–holes. They can be downright mean and intimidating. It is sooo sad. She looks just like her dad. Clearly this is a cry for help. Look in her eyes. There’s nothing there.

  12. This stems from not having a strong male presence. He either wasn’t present enough or he didn’t do enough to instill in her what she’d need to resist these types of situations. In other words somehow or another her choice is directly correlated to her relationship with her father as with most porn stars and women who allow themselves to be used by men. They don’t know what they are worth and a lot of them do it because they have low self- esteem. Even in the pic posted you can see how unhappy and insecure she is. He didn’t do his job too well, sorry to say. She wants and needs this attention and unfortunately it’s going to cost her.

      • Most of people’s insecurities have to do with their development as a child, this one is no different. When a child is developing the first people she/he references are their parents, plain and simple, peers come later, if you have a strong foundation/familial upbringing your children most likely will not engage in these types of behaviors. Take a look around our community, lack of a male presence/love usually triggers insecurities in girls, they will now seek out this love from other men, subjecting themselves to things that think will make a man love them, this girl is no different. Some females are an exception and do well without having that male presence, and they might not engage in these types of decisions, but they might have attachment issues (CLINGY/NEEDY/DISTANT). Insecurities surface in different ways and are a primary and direct correlation to our parents first, peers second, but like I said even if you’ve had a strong foundation, familial wise, peers’ influence will easily wear off.

        We learn from our environments and we defend with what we’ve seen and heard and we search for what’s missing in other ways…

        She’s hurting and her comment about her father not being proud is an attack.

  13. Our culture has become completely debased. The pursuit of celebrity status without having any talent has led us to where we are. This beautiful young woman sees absolutely nothing wrong with being sexually exploited. There are many others just like her.

  14. Montana clearly is disturbed and has major issues.
    She looks absolutely vacant and hopefully her parents get her the help she needs.

  15. Just posted this on Danielle’s blog and I’ll say this again that this is sooo incredibly sad but it seems that she’s willing to do anything for fame. She’s showing a lot of traits of her mother, and grandmother, Hattie Fishburne. Here’s a very interesting article I came by yesterday. Sorta lengthy, but worth the read.

  16. Laurence Fishburn daughter situation…WOW! She’s so young & insecure. I only watched a few minutes of the tape & knew someone got to her. Hopefully w/proper intervention, she can be saved.

    Congrats TI & Tiny!!! Hopefully the commentors on here can stop w/the ‘when he gonna marry you girl’. *roll eyes*

    Sad about Lorenzo Wright. He called 911, the dispatcher heard shots & it took them 2 weeks to find his body? Something sounds a bit off to me.

    I still cannot get over Montana. As pretty as she is, the type of father she has, she could have done anything she wanted & this is the path she chose? WOW! I imagine Laurence Fishburn & her mother are having heart attacks.

  17. She looks like she’s being pimped by that “Pumper” guy! Sad. Her dad should get her and shake her real good! Congratz to Mr and Mrs Harris!

  18. Whhhaaaattttt??? I just watched the video links about Laurence Fishburnes daughter and I just want to cry. For real. Wow! She is so pretty, could be a LEGIT model, actress, anything but a low down porn star! Why? Why? Why? Wow again! This lil immature gal is going to have so MANY REGRETS! She needs a big hug and an immediate INTERVENTION! Wow, again and again. I’m going to pray for this young lady. *sigh*

    • Unfortunately, because of her name, this video is going to get more attention than it would otherwise. It is going to be hard to overcome not matter what she decides to do with her future.

  19. So sad about the NBA player being found dead, leaving 6 kids behind. I hope they find his killer and I hope the NBA pays decent death benefits out to those poor children.

  20. Montana is beautiful. To the superficial…this is an example that looks are no substitute for brains or good common sense. In other words looks aren’t everything. Hope she changes her path.

  21. How does this mean Laurence “failed” as a parent? His daughter is of a certain age and knows right from wrong and most definetly knows she can do better than this. So this is not Laurence fault because she is not a “child” per say. But SMH at her explanation for doing it.

      • i heard that kim k comment also. i wonder what kim k has to say about all of this?? anyways, i dont think montana understands that the whole “get famous off of a sextape” concept only works for white girls. montana, your black & a porn star, your not going to get far…..i hope she stops this soon.

        • Isn’t that the truth!! You would think a man wouldn’t want some used up sperm receptacle. But some black men turn white porn stars into their wives and the mothers of their children. Look at Kendra Wilkinson. Can you imagine being a child and some boys coming to school saying, ‘hey we saw your moms tape!’. A little girl could get raped!

        • That is the same thing I said. As silly as it sounds it’s the truth. This stuff only works for caucasian “socialites” as they call them selves and they pretty much can get away with it and are able to start businesses off the exposure. That could never for a black person.Smh, Not that any respectable person use this method to get a “jump” start any way.

      • Lol @ the Kim K comment. In Kim’s “defense” she made a sex tape with her boyfriend and they were together for a while… She wasn’t a porn whore! I still think Montana is on some sort of drugs!

    • @Monique – how did he fail as a father? A child can have the best parents around and still go awry. Once a child is grown, which she is, what more can a parent do? They are now at the age of accountablity. We can instill values and such in our children, point them in the right direction, but then they go on their way and make their own decisions, whether they are right or wrong. I can’t imagine he’s proud to have his daughter being a porn star. JMO and no shade.

      • I was referencing “Never Scared” where Chris Rock said the main job of a father is to keep his daughter off the pole.

          • In all seriousness, something had or is happening in this family we aren’t aware of. She’s using the family name and everything. Usually they nicknames. I somehow feel like she’s trying to intentionally embarrass the family. Plus, it’s sort of a slap in the face of her father considering how hard he’s worked to provide her with really all the opportunities in the world.

    • How is that his fault? Bill Cosby’s daughter Erin was a crack head. I am quite sure no one is hurting more than him. But, then again, what we see in public might not be who he is in private….

      • You mean you don’t see the pic of Alcia Keys and her stepson? Anyway, this site is about the parents so if they are getting married it’s important info., especially if there are kids involved. Also, Alicia Keys is pregnant, if you didn’t know.

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