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  1. hi there friend

    this is certainly one of those unusual posts that you really find that actually is practical

    now I am happy to realize that you seem to be shifting up the major search engines results at the same time

  2. Hey thats my cousin! Never thought i’d see her on the internet -___- And dont talk about my uncle like that he’s cool people

    • No reason to be rude, I volunteered for this. My parents didn’t force me into this. And I’m not a “child”. Not when I took the picture, and not now.

  3. Boy are my people narrowminded and out of it! NO on H8(HATE) is about prop 8. They are supporting the right for consenting adults to marry another consenting adult regardless of gender. To deny them this is forcing your religion on another person. Church and state are supposed to be separate. A lot of churches still don’t believe in mixed marriages. So 80 percent of BCK’s babies wouldn’t even be here if those churches( or american law not to long ago)prevailed.

  4. I knew this one from the hint it was pretty easy. I used to love A different world (actually I still do) and Chante Moore ugh I love her voice. Sophia is a cutie too

  5. I knew this because I’m the biggest Chante’ Moore fan. Rare you get 2 see pictures of her because Chante’ does not like her being in the spotlight. But she does look just like her dad with her mom’s eyes

  6. I didn’t get this one. I think if I saw her mouth I would have had a better chance. Lol. She has beautiful brown eyes.

    • I know right. Were they even married. All I remember is that song she sung “Chantae got a man at home”. and it was Kadeem.lol

      • @Mel, yes they were married. LOL @ you referencing that song. I liked that song. Girlfriend can saaaaang.

      • I thought she was referencing Kadeem in the song “Bitter”, but what do I know(lol). Anywho, Sophia is a pretty girl, I remember when she was just a baby.

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